Counterattack from Apple Fans: 10 Reasons to Love Apple

A few days ago, the well-known Apple blog writer – Philip Elmer-DeWitt uncharacteristically published an article on a website. The article was entitled as “10 Reasons To Hate Apple”, which contained many irrational complaint inside. For example, Apple is arrogant, Apple is greedy, etc. In the article, there are also some contents with personal emotional factors, such as, Apple’s stuff is overpriced, etc. All these can be said to be unreasonable complaint, which provoke the war of words from many Apple fans.

Hours later, another Apple blog writer – Ernie Varitimos countered the former by publishing an article which entitled “10 Reasons To Love Apple“.In the article, Ernie expressed that one published a radical article as Philip did would undoubtedly arouse the war of words and even unreasonable and unfriendly replies. There is only one exception that if all the readers attracted by the articles are the ones that hate Apple’s stuff. Ernie Varitimos has also satirized that the crowds hate Apple are the people lived in their closed little minded world.

In order to interact with Apple fans and the article, Ernie only list nine reasons to love Apple in his article. And he also appealed to the visitors to complete the tenth reason. Then, here let’s see what the nine reasons to love Apple are Ernie listed.

Top Ten Reasons to Love Apple

Top 1 – Steve Jobs

As Ernie said, the reason why so many Apple fans have still been following Apple after the death of Steve Jobs not only lies in their special preference to Apple’s stuff, but also because of their admiration and worship to Jobs life and his far-sighted vision.

Top 2 – The first Macintosh

Macintosh can be described as a subversive work among the private computers. It changed the PC experience for all human beings since its release. The MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac later are all convenient and useful in our lives.

Top 3 – iPhone

Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007 at the Macworld. This is another subversive product. There is no need to say more about its influence on our lives.

Top 4 – Apple Store

In the article, Ernie expressed that he believed the Apple Store is the most successful retail store for electronics in our modern day. This includes the atmosphere and feeling that the Apple Store provides for customers.

Top 5 – iPod

When talking about iPod, Ernie mentioned the classic advertising words – 1,000 songs in your pocket. Now the latest advertising terms for iPod is that Your Top 40,000.

Top 6 – iPad

Another revolutionary product to open the market for the tablet PC.

Top 7 – The Apple Vision

This is probably the source of all the hot-sale Apple products and revolutionary works.

Top 8 – Apple Advertising

Ernie said he bought his first Apple product after watching the ads. He thought that Apple’s popularizing ads and method were very persuasive.

Top 9 – iTunes

Ernie written in the article that iTunes has made the world of media accessible to the rest of us, not to mention the apps.

Overall, the article by Ernie is reasonable and very objective. Of course, there are also the contents that mixed up with his own emotions. But he is not so radical as Philip. After reading through this article, then what is the Top 10 reason in your mind to love Apple?

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