10 Relaxing Apps for Stress Relief via Android and iOS

For people living in the fast-paced modern society, the pressure is always inevitable. Although stress is not necessarily a bad thing in some cases, too much stress may also have a detrimental effect on one’s physical and mental health. So, it is really necessary to get rid of the pressure and relax yourself. For stress relief, you can take a walk in the park, go fishing, or make some crafts. But for those ones who are busy, these options are not all available.

Thanks for the large amount of app selections, there are some relaxing apps can help the busy ones for stress relief via smart phones or tablets. Here in this post, I will mainly focus on 10 apps which are available on iOS and Android devices for stress relief. These apps will provide you a more flexible way to decompress yourself with your mobile device. Go ahead to check if there is any app can attract your interest now!

1. Let’s create! Pottery
If you can ‘t go to the work room to create pottery for limited conditions, then you can have a try on this app. It allows you to create your personal style of pottery using the many brushes, colors, and design tools. This app can help to cultivate you taste when relaxing yourself. By the way, thanks to the 3D printer, you can even turn your creation into a real pot.


2. Fluid Monkey
This is a particle simulation app with which you can see colorful fluid particles by simply touching the screen. You can also adjust many parameters, such as color, fluid thickness, friction, and other dynamics to gain more different collision effects. Via this way, you can achieve the purpose of stress relief on the body and mind.


3. Zen Bound 2
This is a sequel app of a very well-known logic game. The game aims to untie the ropes binding on a wooden sculpture. Different from those apps which have time limitations, Zen Bound 2 is an unusual app which has relaxing soundtrack to create a soothing sensation and help you relax yourself.

4. Etsy
Under normal circumstances, shopping can create a relaxing effect for some people. Etsy is rightly a shopping app which serves a virtual marketplace where provide many unique style of accessories or small objects. It is a good choice to browse the small gadgets at free time even not buy any.


5. 500px
This app provides you an image sharing platform. Via this app, you can look at lots of beautiful, inspirational, stunning photographs shot and submitted by talented photographers from around the world. You can travel around the world by viewing those landscape pictures. When you enjoy the beautiful scenery, you can save them as wallpaper so as to bring a good mood for yourself.


6. Doodle God
This is a funny little game app of creation. You can combine different elements to create a new object. In this app, you need to play God to create new and more advanced objects. The game contains over 200 kinds of elements with which you can enjoy the fun of creation. Even the game form is simple, but it is also a funny game you can unwind with.


7. Ambiance
This app provides up to 2500 kinds of ambient sounds to help you relax and unwind. This app will regularly add new sounds to help for stress relief. Before going to sleep, you can choose a soothing tune to de-stress yourself. With so many of soothing tunes, the app will help you focus or relax in times of stress.


8. Crayon Physics
This is a creative physics game which features a fresh pastel painting style. You need to draw objects on the screen so as to help the small ball reach the destination. The relaxing game style and soothing background music will let players feel pleasant and relaxing. But this is not a game with low difficulty. You need to give full play to your imagination.


9. Zen Brush
This app can be called as a calligraphy or painting app. You do not have to be an artist or have any painting or calligraphy talent. With this app, you can just enjoy ink brush on the canvas so as to release your emotions. You can just doodle random scribbles to access to a certain degree of relaxation.


10. Daily Yoga
For those who love yoga, you should not miss this yoga app. There are over 200 yoga poses with detailed instructions and step-by-step yoga videos contained in the app. These are really helpful even for the ones who are new to yoga. With this neat yoga app, you can practice yoga at home with your iOS or Android device so as to release all stress through physical exercises and proper breathing.


These are the instructions of 10 different kinds of relaxing apps. If you feel stressful in your daily life or working, and you have no time to go out for stress relief, then why not pick one app above from the app store to relax yourself with your mobile device now.

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