Nov 09

iStonsoft Mobi to Epub Converter Released

Mobipocket (Mobi) is one of the popular ebook format on the market. The Mobi e-book format is based on the Open eBook standard using XHTML and can include JavaScript and frames and it was developed for Personal Digital Assistant initially. It also supports native SQL queries to be used with embedded databases.

With the release of Amazon Kindle Series ebook reader, the Mobi ebook format is more popular due to the large user base of Kindle and Mobi is one the main ebook format supported by Kindle. However, other ebook readers such as iPad do not support Mobi ebooks in its official announcement. If you want to put Mobi books to iPad, you need to convert it to Epub, which is a native ebook format for iOS devices.

iStonsoft Mobi to ePub Converter is professional for converting MOBI to ePub files for reading on NOOK, Mobipocket, iriver Story HD, iPad, Sony Reader, Android phones, and so on. Moreover, iStonsoft MOBI to ePub Converter is very easy-to-handle and barely three simple steps can finish all the conversion job: import MOBI files(s) to the program, customize settings and do the conversion. Finally, what you need is transfer output ePub eBooks to your devices. Enjoy reading your eBooks. A screen shot of this program:

Nov 04

Free Music Player for Android

The internet is growing up so dramatically in recent years that it is hard to catch up its steps. I still remembered the days I used computer in the early days. There are not many funny and useful staff in that age, when I looked back, I still had some good memories as it witnessed the grown up of me and the online community.

I do not know how many people still had a impression about Winamp music player, one the best at that time and it was a must-have app on each computer. The interface was much simple, easy to operate. As the day pass by, many good alternatives came out and beat it hard, it seems there was no room for this classic music player. It seems no reason to give up these good ones, iTunes, Windows Media Player.

Today is the day for mobile devices. iPhone and Android are the hottest devices now and will be continued in the future. A few days before, Winamp Team released its Music player for Android, I am going to give it a try, go back to the old days. Download it at Android Market

Nov 03

Free Game Download Software

If you look at the PC you will find that freeware games or games developed by independent developers are on the rise in last years. While most games cannot be compared visually with full priced computer games, some reach the same level of quality in areas like gameplay or story. Especially flash based games have made a huge leap forward in terms of quality.

You can download games over the internet and in most cases we download games individually. As a game lover, there is a strong need to find a tool which integrates as many as possible games in one place, and then we find the latest games in much a short time. And if it were a free tool, then it was a big plus.

Game Downloader is a small open source download client with a server side library of games that are open source, indie or freeware. The portable application displays a listing of popular free games in various categories that can be downloaded directly from within the program’s interface. Many great free Windows games are listed here, from Battle of Wesnoth and Freeciv in the turn-based strategy game section .

Nov 02

How to Convert Scanned PDF Files on Mac

There are two types of PDF documents – those created from Office files, images, ,text, etc. to an Acrobat like PDF printer and those created by scanning physical paper like pages of a book, legal documents, etc, this kind of PDF file is often referred to OCR PDF.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a visual recognition process that turns printed or written text into an electronic character-based file. A document that is scanned and converted into a PDF document provides the basis for which character recognition software may interpret each character image on the PDF and assign it an electronic character-based file that can then be entered into an editable format, such as a Text or Word document.

Most of PDF conversion software on the market can’t deal with ORC PDF documents. Let’s say it is hard to find software to convert scanned PDFs to editable document. Wondershare PDF Converter Pro for Mac is a comprehensive PDF converter to help Mac users convert Scanned PDF to office PowerPoint, EPUB, Text, and HTML on Mac. Then you can edit, modify, or reuse PDF contents in Office formats easily.

The steps are simple. Install the program, launch it, drag the PDFs to the program, do some basic settings of output file, then wait it finished. The price is much lower than the expensive Adobe Acrobat. This is really a must-have tool for document conversion.