Dec 29

Embrace iStonsoft PDF Converter to Convert PDF to Image / ePub / Text / HTML in One Place

Two days ago, iStonsoft has announced the debut of its newly developed eBook software of iStonsoft PDF Converter, which can realize such an ideal digital dream to convert PDF to ePub, PDF to Image, PDF to HTML, and PDF to Text in one place for both Windows and Mac operating system users fantastically. In other words, iStonsoft PDF Converter is so multifunctional and versatile that can be act as PDF to ePub Converter, PDF to Image Converter, PDF to HTML Converter, and PDF to Text Converter powerfully.

Highlights of this 4-in-one PDF Converter

1. Convert PDF to ePub

With iStonsoft PDF Converter, defaulted text or image output mode can allow you to convert PDF to ePub for your favor. And after it has performed conversion process from PDF to ePub in direct and straightforward manner, you can read your PDF files on Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Sony Reader, Barnes & Noble Nook as the like using eBook Readers on the go.

2. Convert PDF to Image

With iStonsoft PDF Converter, your PDF files can be transcoded to JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF formats images at your option. And you multimedia life will be more enjoyable and convenient due to it utterly. For example, if you are eager to insert PDF file files into PowerPoint or Word documents which are more friendly towards images rather than PDF itself, iStonsoft PDF Converter can make it for you with ease with this user-friendly feature of PDF to Image.

3. Convert PDF to HTML

Are you also penchant for viewing your PDF content in IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera and many other browsers as you will? Please add collections of PDF file or single one at a time to iStonsoft PDF Converter firstly, and then click browser icon to convert. Right now, just two direct mouse clicks can satisfy your requirement to search and enjoy PDF files online with outstanding conversion speed amazingly.

4. Convert PDF to Text

Free from yourself of Adobe Acrobat Reader to convert PDF to Text in direct way can also be achieved here by such a magical PDF Converter. To be specific, iStonsoft PDF Converter can also enable you to enjoy and edit your PDF files on text compatible eBook Readers over your palm at any place and at any time freely and flexibly as well.

Surprising and fabulous, this iStonsoft PDF Converter is! So please be prompt to attain and obtain this powerful Converter to enrich your eBook life. Meanwhile,  if you are Windows users you can resort to  iStonsoft PDF Converter, and  iStonsoft PDF Converter for Mac for Mac users instead.

Dec 28

Figure Yourself out of iPhone’s Home Button Issue with Ease

Over time, your iPhone’ s Home button will be more and more dull definitely. Such the case being, you will be forced to press this button again and again. And sometimes, no matter how hard you have pressed it, it won’t be capable to receive any recommends from you at all. In other words, it is just one anguished headache for majority number of iPhone owners indeed.

Generally, we always claim this troublesome phenomenon to hardware problems, and deem it very difficult to figure ourselves out of it. As a matter of fact, follow the subsequent straightforward 1-2-3 steps, your iPhone’s Home button will be responsive again.
1. Open and run a defaulted iOS application in your iPhone, for example, Calculator;
2. Press power button without interruption till the indicating message of  “slide to power off” has been popped up to you;
3. Do Not remove your finger until such an indicator has gone away itself. Simultaneously, open app will be quitted as well.
Right now, your iPhone’s Home button will be more responsive and active to your orders with the abovementioned troubleshooting procedures again.

Have a try, your iPhone Home button problems will be guaranteed to be got rid of your digital life with ease!

Dec 22

Drive Your Christmas Trips with iPad

During Christmas, you cannot deny spending this delicious time to enjoy Christmas  trips with family members, but you also find it tried and boring towards so much time on the road when you are driving your car? So why not to bring your fashionable iPad or iPad 2 to add relaxation and happiness to your long and a little troublesome journey.

iPad music, light or gentle, radical and refreshing, can relieve your tention and flourish your high spirit in the air; With your kids in your car? iPad games can allow them to be in total indulgence so that they will not distract your attention; iPad videos and movies can keep your spouse or parents immersing in fantastic visual appreciation. By the way, iPad Video Converter can be also brought together to further enhance visual enjoyments for you beloved ones. Furthermore, don’t forget that, iPad can be intelligent to be GPS to navigate the right direction in case of being lost as well.

However, you just don’t to want to hold iPad over your palm or place it on your leg? Take is easy, car mount for iPad can relieve you from such a embarrassing situation perfectly. On the other hand, when you are to choose one car mount for iPad, you should attach the following things into attention: 1. Mounting units should be solid and sturdy, and can also be installed into you car firmly. 2. Car mount should be suitable your iPad or iPad 2 perfectly. 3. Most importantly, it would be better to be equipped with power charging function for your long journey. 4, A multifunctional car mount can be your best option to apply it not only in your car but also at home or workplaces.

Dec 20

Best Christmas Gift to Win Her Heart

During Christmas, your girlfriend would be natural to seek to be surprised your elaborately prepared Christmas gifts. So, seize this premium time to demonstrate your deep affection and love towards her with best Christmas. Here we have chosen three best Christmas gift to help you to win her heart, please read it to make sure whether she will like it or not.

1. Most creative Christmas gifts for her – Google Gmail Merry Christmas Calls trough Santa Clause

With the help of Google Gmail, your authentic and personalized Christmas blessings and greetings can be transmitted to your beloved girlfriend in the voice of Santa Clause during those days. So, go ahead to invite Santa Clause to make your genuine and creative Christmas callings via for your sweetheart, which will add magical and surprising atmosphere for Christmas Day between you and her.

2. Best Tablet for her – Nook Tablet

During this modern digital society, iPad has been the priority of Christmas gift for majority number of us without any reason. Therefore, you will take it for granted that your girlfriend will prefer iPad too. As a matter of fact, modern digital females have their own decisions – According to investigation from Meltwater Group, 59.6% of males want iPad, iPad 2 for Christmas gifts, but only 40.4 % of their counterparts do. Surprisingly, 64.43% females favor Nook Tablet more then iPad and iPad 2 indeed.

3. Most romantic gift for her – Engagement Ring

If you have ascertained that your girlfriend is the very person that you want to walk with throughout the rest life journey, engagement ring on Christmas Day will be one of the most unforgettable and romantic for her. And you should bear in mind that the engagement ring should be in conformity with her personality and inclination as well as her size perfectly.

By the way, if your girlfriend are eBooks followers, eBook Converter can be the best Christmas gift to enable her to enjoy all the digital files on the go at any place and at any place. And there is a surprising piece of news for you that iStonsoft promotion has provided a serial of eBook Converter on discount for your option during this Christmas season.

Dec 19

Couch Commerce Tribes, Online Christmas Shopping Deadline for You!

Christmas is just around the corner, and have you already finished your Christmas shopping for christmas gifts as well as merry Christmas celebrations yet? Still haven’t! Take it easy, if you belong to couch commerce tribe with iPad, iPhone and other Apple device, you have still opportunity to do Christmas order and have them shipped for you before Christmas day according to the following online Christmas shopping deadline list.


Mon 21st :Two-Day Shipping (Order as late as 8 p.m. PST; Varies by item) (Hurry!)

Tue 22nd : One-Day Shipping (Order as late as 4:30 p.m. PST; Varies by item)

Thurs 24th : Local Express Delivery (While available; in selected cities; Varies by item)

Christmas Day: E-mail and printable gift cards can be sent immediately (at any time)

Best Buy

Order of prior to 11am ET on the following date will be glad to be delivered to you by Best Buy:

Mon 21st – Standard Shipping

Tue 22nd – Expedited Shipping

Wed 23rd – Express Shipping

Apple Store

Order time of Apple store will vary with items; But generally speaking, order time of iPad, iPhone, Mac of standard configuration as well as Apple accessories are defined and fixed:

Sat 19th, midnight PT – Free 2-3 day shipping (Too late, sorry)

Wed 23rd, 10am PT – Next Day Shipping


Mon 21st, 3pm PT – RUSH ORDERED UPS Guaranteed 3 Day or FedEx Express Saver

Tues 22nd, 3pm PT – UPS 2nd Day Air or Fedex 2Day Express

Wed 23rd, 3pm PT – UPS Next day, FedEx Overnight

Think Geek

Mon 21st – 2 Day shipping

Wed 23rd – Next day shipping

Dec 16

5 Best Free Christmas Apps in iTunes

“You and your friends can download a fantastic selection of songs, music videos, apps and books for free. Each download will only be available for 24 hours. Get our special 12 Days of Christmas app to make it even easier to access your gifts while you’re on the go.”
OMG, 12 Days Of Christmas Holiday Promotion! But caution, exclusive to European customers merely.

But there is no need to be sad about it with majority number of free Christmas apps available in iTunes, which can keep your Christmas mood high as well. Subsequently, 5 best free Christmas apps in iTunes will be introduced to you for your grand Christmas season.

1. Christmas Countdown

Christmas is in the air, Christmas is around the corner. Therefore get your mind informed of how far Christmas is to make a perfect organization of your Christmas preparation with this free Christmas app showing the countdown from days to seconds. Most amazingly, notification bubble on the icon can even free you from opening this app to know the answer with ease.

2. Holiday Gift Guide

During Christmas season, majority number of parents and grandparents as well will find it not that easy to make right and wise decisions to please their darling kids. Take it easy, Holiday Gift Guide from Common Sense will help you to find the exact gifts to cater to your kids’ inclination and preference.

3. Fuzzle Christmas

In order to keep the board clean, five ornaments should be aligned next to each other to make them disappear. Simple and straightforward! And when another moves are forward, please make every effort to stay with the board not filled to the limit And addictive indeed! Even though not all levels of this free Christmas app are available free of charge, it is enough to flourish enjoyments with it.

4. Christmas Sounds

Keep yourself in Christmas mood in beautiful and enchanting Christmas tunes and melodies with this Christmas Sounds. With it, your ear can be flattered by Santa’s Ho Ho Ho, church bells, sleigh bells, popular songs such as “We wish you a Merry Christmas and many other diverse options wonderfully.

5. Christmasfy Me

Would you like to christmasfy you or your friends and family’s pictures for the christmas? This is a perfect Christmas app to allow you to avail yourself of innovative creativity to make customized picture with Christmas decor immediately. And please make your and your friends pictures ready for christmas with christamsfy Me right now.