2012 Most Popular Christmas Book for Children

The book is a cornucopia of information. We would like to explore new world through books. Children are curious about the world and there are tons of funny stories they need to know. Book is the best medum for them to know all new things around them. As the Christmas is on the corner, sending a great Christmas book for kid is a nice idea. But what book is the nice choice? OK, this page is going to recommend you several most popular Christmas Books for Children. All these book are amazing are attractive. You may take them into consideration when you have no idea what book should be got as a gift.

1. Baby Santa’s Worldwide Christmas Adventure

Santa’s magic sleigh is broken when he is ready to send gifts to children! Baby Santa, the youngest member of the Claus family shoulders the responsibility to get rid of the crisis. What will happen? Can children around the world get Santa’s presents on time?

2. Mouse’s First Christmas

A little mouse discovers a sensory delights of Christmas Eve: candy canes on the table, lights on the mantle, and a jolly, red stranger in the chimney, etc. He doesn’t know what it mean until a whiskery and jolly guest arrives with a very special holiday message.

3. The Mitten

Animals in the forest find a little red mitten lost by a Ukrainian boy. They don’t know what it is and don’t dear to get close to it. All of a sudden, they realize that it’s rather cozy inside the mitten. They crawl inside the mitten one by one, even a bear. What will happens next?

4. Dream Snow

It’s December 24th, but there is still no snow! How will Christmas come? An old farmer dreams a snowstorm covering him and his animals. After awakening, he find it is snowy outsides. What happens in his dream?

5. Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas

Fancy Nancy, a cute girl, love all lovable things. Christmas is coming and she makes some preparations – get a Christmas tree with her own money to expert her splendiferous festival. Will all things go smoothly?

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