Feb 09

Easiest Way to Jailbreak Your iPod touch 4

Have your ever attained iOS 5.0.1 version to embrace your Apple digital life with more enhancements and advanced improvements? If you have, you must have found that bugs affecting battery life as well as with documents in the Cloud and more can be resolved now.

However, apart from the benefits mentioned in Apple official website, you can even jailbreak your iPod touch 4 with any problems when you have also upgraded your computer’s Drivers indeed. In other words, you can be free to personalize your iPod touch 4 as you will, obtain more options for application downloads outside iTunes App store as the like by having done so. Kidding? Please try yourslef, and you will get the positive definitely.

Before you have decided to jailbreak your iPod touch 4, please bear in mind by doing so will void warranty! Therefore, it is advisable to backup your iPod touch 4 files and content to another devices firstly.

Feb 06

iStonsoft PDF Converter Serial Has Been Updated to 2.8.0 Version with More Enhancements

Recently, the intelligent and powerful iStonsoft PDF Converter has been updated into 2.8.0 Version, which can not only convert PDF to ePub, Image, HTML, Text in one place restrictedly, but also be capable enough to convert PDF to Word and PDF to Word Mac in impeccable quality right now.

New functionalities of iStonsoft PDF Converter of 2.8.0 version:
1. PDF to Word Conversion
It is widely recognized that PDF as universal standard for communication and exchange has made a conspicuous contribution to our multimedia life. Nevertheless, to extract or modify PDF contents further for personalized needs and requirements is extraordinarily difficult to be achieved. To our delight, this PDF Converter can now allow eBooks users to convert PDF to Word and PDF to Word Mac as well.

2. More powerful and amazing performances of PDF to HTML

Previously, when PDF to HTML conversion of this PDF Converter is run, users will find it extremely frustrated to see that background pictures involved in this conversion process have been generated with blanks ones instead. Worse still, customizedly selected pdf pages will be converted to whole ranges of pages with those pages visible in respective html.file. Delightedly, this PDF Converter has been updated into 2.8.0 version recently, all the PDF contents can be converted to HTML in standard formats in perfect mode now.

All in all, with this 5-in-one PDF Converter of 2,8.0 version, your eBook life can be optimized with so many unprecedentedly amazing advantages with ease. And please keep track of iStonsoft PDF Converter, much more revolutionary enhancements will be dynamically updated in the future for sake of more flexible and enjoyable eBook life for its users worldwide.