Apr 23

10 Basic Instagram Tips And Tricks

Nowadays, the world’s attention are focused on Instagram since the biggest social networking site Facebook announced that they will acquisit Instagram and the team behind with $ 1 billion. There are 33 million users for Instagram now, do you know why does the Instagram have such a magic power? Anyway, there must be many differences from the other social applications. Considering there are many people haven’t use the Instagram, here, we would like to talk about some basic Instagram tips and tricks as following. (Note: If you want to print Instagram photos or export Instagram photos to computer, this iPhone to Computer Transfer will help you a lot. For Mac users, you can try iPhone to Mac Transfer.)

10 basic instagram tips and tricks review

Instagram is actually a free application designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It allows users to share their photos through Facebook, Flickr, Posterous, Tumblr and Twitter. Following are 10 basic Instagram tips and tricks, hope they are helpful to you.

Part 1. Tips on How to Take a Good Photo

It is said that cell phone photography in the future will be more entertainment, fun and social. Instagram has perfect manifestation for that. Well, if you want to take a beautiful photo, it’s necessary for you to master some skills about it.

1. Composition

For the simple composition of cell phone photography is required, the rule of thirds, golden rule, diagonal rules should be understand simply, only in this way, you can find a correct view to take a photo instead of put the screen on the middile whenever you are taking a photo. Of course, it is unnecessary for you to adhere to those conventions at any time.

2. Find a view

Framing is not related to the screen horizontal line. You need to learn how to shot from different angles, for example, looking down, looking up, or to the subject’s point of view finder are worth trying (not recommended 45 degrees). Thus, it is more likely that you will take a good photo.

3. “Shift” effect

The camera phone does not have the same ability to control depth of field of professional cameras, however, using lines, overlap, the foreground and background space can realize this. So you can use the “shift” effect in the Instagram to make the photo has “depth” feeling.

4. Lighting

To some extent, the quality of the light determines the quality of photos you shoot. For example, you need to avoid the front of the top light and light shooting, and try to use the edge-lit or backlit, especially silhouette under backlighting will make your photos layering and beautiful.

5. Filter

To shoot a perfect photo, you need to use the filter of Instagram properly. The rich filter is always an important feature of Instagram app. Adding the filter effect on an original photo will hide out some small flaws in the camera phone. So it need you to try repeatedly and then choose the best one.

6. Borders

When you are using Instagram to take photos, you should remember cutting issues. Try your best to adjust it to 1 × 1 aspect ratio.

Part 2. How to make your photos gain attention

7. Create high-quality photos

8. Create popularity photos

9. Make full use of label promotion

10. Attention to other users

These are 10 basic tips and tricks of Instagram! Dear numerous iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, hope these tips can be helpful to you. Take your time and have fun with Instagram application!

Apr 20

Personalized Gifts for Mother’s Day to Let Her Feel Your Heart

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Do you have any ideas to show your gratitude to your mom? A bunch of blue carnation? A bottle of perfume? A new iPad or anything else? Maybe not bad! However, if you would like to spend a little thinking and use creative mind, the Mother’s Day could be perfect. Mother’s Day gift could be simple and not expensive, but it should have a heart behind it. Those personalized gifts for Mother’s Day must be fresh and impressive for your dear mothers!

Heart Stepping Stone
Imagine that you put some stepping stones with letters of “Mom” and your name plus your siblings’ names on in your garden, and every morning or afternoon you dear mother can take a walk on the path or water greeneries in the garden getting a glimpse of the sweet stones with a smile. The heart-shaped stepping stones are made of durable resin for years outdoors uses. You can put them on your mother’s favorite path, parterre, garden sanctuary and even mount on the wall to decorate your backyards. Any names and simple cutouts are available for you to make a personalized gift for Mother’s Day.

heart stepping stone for mom

Personalized Afghan, Linen Pillow, Canvas Tote, as You Like
All of the personalized gifts are specially prepared for your Mom! The handicrafts of first names and lavender thread that embroidered as well as some greens and pinks embellishments will make the soft tapestry afghan a perfect keepsake for your mom.

best gifts for mother's day

Hearts are overflowing with this back cushion! The refreshing, exquisite, and comfortable pillow is exclusively designed with heart graphics and your Mom’s special title adding your first name in the end to make your mom keep near with her sweetheart everyday.

best mother's day gifts - personized pillow

Also, this canvas tote can be a perfect shopping bag for your Mom! With your blessings for your mom and your families’ names embroidered on, the durable canvas bag could be a nice daily necessity, and your mom will have many chances to feel your heart every time when she takes the bag out for shopping. The bset gift for Mother’s Day!

best gifts for mom to let her feel your heart

Make Photo Frame, Gift Cards & Card Certificates for Mother’s Day
Select a beautiful or pleasant photo or two and make them into a photo frame by yourself. You can have some pretty color papers, woods, glues or some other materials at hand to make a cute or gracious photo frame for your Mom with her title and your names on. Besides, whatever gifts you’ll present, you need an exclusive gift card or card certificate to make an addition to the Mother’s Day. It would be the icing on the cake if you personalize your gift card on your own. (See: how to make gift cards for Mother’s Day with Picture Collage Maker)

make photo frame gift card for mom

Inspirational Heart Bookmark for Mom
If your Mom loves to read books, you can give this interesting bookmark for her to make things easy. Every time when she reads books, she can have the bookmark to indicate which page she’d begin the next time. The silver and sleek bookmark has a heart shaped embellishment allowing your first name to be engraved on.

best idea for mother's day gifts - bookmark

There can be more ideas for best Mother’s Day gifts. Whatever gifts is not that important as long as your mother has felt your heart and know that she is the most blissful mother in the world.

Apr 20

Make Gift Cards for Mother’s Day to Delight Your Mom

Mother’s Day is in the air and you haven’t any good idea about it? Well, take it easy! You may want to follow suit and show your grateful heart with a bunch of flowers or chocolates to your mom, or buy the hot gadgets Apple iPad or iPhone for your mom, all of them are just OK! But your mom will love it if you have a DIY gift card to embellish these gifts. You know, it is your heart that has taken counts!

To make gift cards for Mother’s Day, you need this Photo Collage Maker to help you. The simple-to-use software allows you to edit and touch up any photos by adding background, special effects, filters, frames, doodle drawing, and more to make unique gift cards, greeting cards, calendars, photo albums, scrapbooks, posters, invitations and so on for instant printing.

Free download (for Windows, for Mac) the Photo Collage Maker and follow us to learn how to make Mother’s Day gift cards by yourselves

make mothers day gift card add template

Step 1: Install and run the Picture Collage Maker! Click Template pane on the left of collage and select a template in the pop-up window. Add the template you love to the blank area by Double-click or simply dragging and dropping. 300+ templates built in!

Step 2: Click Background button and choose one! Apply to the collage directly and press Shape button to add a shape to the collage by double-click. Then you need to fill the shape with color.

Step 3: Time for adding photos! Simply drag and drop the photos you want to make a card from your computer to the program, or click Open image button on the top menu bar to find and browse your photos and add in. Adjust the photo sizes in the program.

Step 4: In this step, you can click Mask, Frame or Clipart buttons to add cool effects and elements to the gift cards at your pleasures.

Step 5: Click Add image button on the top menu bar and then choose Add Text and write down whatever words you’d like to say.

add text to diy mothers day gift card

Step 6: Save the gift card designs and click File and then Print Preview to make sure everything is perfect. After that, choose Print to print the DIY Mother’s Day gift card. It’s that easy!

Send the heart-felt gift card for your mom and she will love it!

Apr 19

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter eBooks and Pottermore

Hither let’s talk about J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter eBooks and Pottermore! If you are a Harry Potter fan, definitely you will know J.K. Rowling, a mother of 3 kids who is famous for his Harry Potter series novels and is ranked at the top bestsellers writer of note in the word. Her books have sold an estimated 450 million physical copies in more than 70 different languages.

But now, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter eBooks are eventually available! Customers can get access to these Potter eBooks via link on bookstores shop.pottermore.com by Sony Corp and buy the seven eBooks versions of Harry Potter (Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Google also available now. However, there’s no sign that the books will appear in Apple iBookstore). Meanwhile, the first three books are priced £4.99 each and the final four books £6.99 each because of different length of chapters. Fortunately, the eBooks are compatible with all kinds of eReaders with ePub, PDF, Kindle formats and DRM-free.

j k rowlings pottermore

This time the Harry Potter eBooks are sold on the Pottermore site, which intrigues the world’s attention and has evoked millions registrants in the globe. The day of 8am, April 14, 2012 saw the “on-boarding” of J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore again (the site has been in closed beta since last year) and soon a number of Harry Potter fans flocks to the site to experience the unique online Harry Potter magic world.

The J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore is described as a “free website that builds an exciting online experience around the reading of the Harry Potter books”, and the site is a new digital venture of J.K. Rowling to hawk his fantasy eBooks. However, the interactive experience is by far only available for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone while the Harry potter and Chamber of Secrets, following next with the new content to come through in a matter of “Weeks and months”, claimed Charlie Redmayne, the chief executive of Pottermore, according to The Bookseller.

Visitors sign in the Pottermore with magic usernames and take a part in the stories by going through the Sorting hat process which is cool for Harry Potter fans and rookies. When moving through the chapters, users can read and share exclusive writing from J.K. Rowling, join Hogwarts, visit Dragon Alley, get sorted into a house, cast spells and mix potions to help their house compete for the House Cup.

Undoubtedly, the Pottermore will bring a lot of fun to Harry Potter fans and rookies, and the digital venture of Harry Potter eBooks and audio books really a success exceeding expectations. Hope there’s more good news about J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter eBooks and Pottermore.

Apr 18

7 Ways to Improve the new iPad Battery Life

easy way to improve the new ipad battery lifeAfter the release of the new iPad, the battery life continues to be criticized. Many users are concerned about how to make the battery life longer. Apparently, the battery problem of the new iPad can not be called serious, but compared with the first generation iPad, it indeed falls faster. Even so, we can do something adjustments to improve the new iPad’s battery life significantly. There are 7 ways to improve the new iPad battery life in the following.

1. Lower the screen brightness

To improve the new iPad battery life, lower the screen brightness is the simplest and most effective way. Kindly go to Settings > Brightness > Wallpaper to complete the operation. In addition, you can double click multi-task bar, then brush to the right to adjust the brightness module on the left.

2. Close 4G LTE

4G networks can load data faster, but it will reduce the battery service time, especially when it is in 4G coverage area. Just click on Settings > General > Enable LTE to turn off the 4G LET running. Furthermore, you can also close 3G network if necessary.

3. Lock your new iPad

You can let the new iPad go to sleep within the specified time. Settings > General > Auto-lock, after that, you need to set a shorter time interval such as 2 minutes is appropriate for the new iPad.

4. Forbidden push notification
although your new iPad is in the sleep mode, it will do a lot of things in the background. For example, it will automatically check the applications notice, which will consume power of your new iPad. In this case, you can change settings by Settings > Notice when you are not interested in some applications.

5. Reduce the use of location-based service

To launch the application of location-based service (such as maps) will shorten the battery usage time, especially when it is in LTE/4G. Well, just go to Settings > Location-based Service to make some changes.

6. Turn off push mail

You can go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Obtain new data and push to turn off the mail. Suppose you have multiple accounts, but you do not want check each account if there is new message, then you can just following the settings above mentioned, advanced bar provides you the time checking, particular account etc.

7. Make the new iPad in a full power and then charge for a while

Although the display is 100%, it is not full enough. Through the non-rigorous testing, there is a gap of 5% – 7%. So, just charge for a while after “100%”. And then discharge, which is also the method of other lithium maintenance.

Moreover, there are other “secret” on improving the new iPad battery life but it seems that they are not so significant effect after testing. For example:

  • Lower the volume or mute.
  • Disable diagnostic and report.
  • Close the applications not being used.
  • Overcharge (in fact, it is risky to do this.)

Apr 17

Steve Jobs Movie Hits the Way

Steve Jobs and Apple fans assemble! Steve Jobs movie hits the way! It is revealed that the Steve Jobs movie, starring Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher, is going to be filmed the next year in Los Angeles with the title: Jobs: Get Inspired (working title). The Jobs film is expected to be released in the 4th quarter of this year, which is much earlier than his competitor Sony Picture’s upcoming Steven Jobs biopic based on Steve Jobs’s biography written by Walter Isaacson, and the independent movie Jobs: Get Inspired will focus on Jobs’s early up-and-down years from 1971 to 2000 at Apple.

steve jobs movie hits the way

The actor Ashton Kutcher – It is said that Ashton Kutcher will take on the role of Jobs to portray and carry the youthfulness and psychological complexity at Job’s 20’s. Ashton Kutcher is a thirty-four-year-old American actor who once played lead roles in the Hollywood films, such as Dude, Where’s my Car?, Just Married, The Butterfly Effect, The Guardian and so on, and his physical similarities to Jobs makes him seemingly perfect for the hot movie.

The director Joshua Michael Stern – Joshua Michael Stern is known for directing the 2008 comedy-drama film Swing Vote (6 out of 10 on IMDB) and 2005 film Neverwas (6.6), and he is “an experienced writer and director Josh has a masterful understanding of the process of film making”, said Mark Hulme, the film producer of Five Star Institute.

Plot of the Jobs film – The coming-soon Steve Jobs film mainly occurs between 1971 and 2000, which is pretty similar to another 1999 film Pirates of Silicon Valley (7 out of 10 stars at IMDB) written and directed by Martyn Burke tracing a partnership development between Steven Jobs and Bill Gates in the early 1970s to 1997. (Tip: If you want to download Jobs film to iPad, Kindle Fire or other devices, please go to The Movie Downloads!)

Chief source of the Jobs movie – Unlike the Steven Jobs movie of Sony Picture who has spend $1 million against $3 million to acquire the right of biography, the movie’s script of Jobs: Get Inspired is based on widely available information rather than a book. “We also enlisted the support of primary sources who knew him personally”, said the rookie producer Mark Hulme.