May 31

Technology Gift Ideas for Children’s Day 2012 – Techie Kids will Love

children dayThe date of Children’s Day is various in different places around the world. Universal Children’s Day is on November 20th according to United Nations recommendation. In United States of America, Children’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in June, while most countries prefer to celebrate it on June 1st. Any way, Children’s Day 2012 is coming!

Except the celebrations, parents also peruse store shelves to choose the perfect present that will delight their little darlings. With the development of modern technology, tech gift becomes the glow of the commodity market. After investigation, we make a list of the five hottest tech gifts for kids in 2012. Continue reading “Technology Gift Ideas for Children’s Day 2012 – Techie Kids will Love” »

May 30

8 Popular Social Networking Apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod in Different Countries

popular social network apps around the worldOur life is gradually transformed in the modern life. The communication between different groups and countries is diversified and deepened. Never have we seen such a complicated social network before that “villagers” can choose their favorite ways to chat, link and share with different people on the earth. The popularity of social network in nowadays lets the “Global Village” come into its own. Meanwhile, the releases and updates of portable devices of sorts have strengthened the deep-rooted influences of social network on everyone today. For these reasons, I’d like to round up some popular social networking apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod in different countries, and let’s see how the people in different places feed their internet addiction. Continue reading “8 Popular Social Networking Apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod in Different Countries” »

May 26

iStonsoft PDF to Text Converter Released the Command Line Function

iStonsoft PDF to Text Converter is a standalone PDF tool that allows you to convert PDF to editable and easy-to-use TXT format with tons of stunning features to ensure fast and high performance. The highlights of the PDF tool are: Continue reading “iStonsoft PDF to Text Converter Released the Command Line Function” »

May 25

Top 10 Games of 2012 – So Far

During the game year 2012, numerous sequels to well-reviewed predecessors will be released. Let’s continue to set foot on the journey and roll into the game world. Lock and Load! The opponents are in place, but it’s up to you, the players, to decide who will be the winner. Make sure your combat voice is heard and your glory credited in game history. Here are top 10 games from the first half of the year 2012, all are by far the best for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Go to and enter Video Games channel to find these bestselling video games of 2012 right now! Continue reading “Top 10 Games of 2012 – So Far” »

May 21

How to Watch Streaming Movies on Xbox

As a popular video game console at home competing with Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Wii, Microsoft’s Xbox also is a non PC device belonging to your home theater system. It provides 3-rd party media streaming applications such as Netflix, ESPN, Telus and Sky Go to allow you watch online videos on TV. According to data from online-video ad company Freewheel, Xbox 360 took 28.2 percent of all viewership, beating out iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod/iPod touch) and Android handhelds. The popularity of Xbox 360 makes it a compelling device in nowadays. Continue reading “How to Watch Streaming Movies on Xbox” »

May 18

EBook News: Download Who Was Steve Jobs to iPad

who was steve jobs ebookChildren’s book Who Was Steve Jobs hits store shelves recently! With price tag $4.99, the book is being sold on Amazon and Nook bookstores in both physical and electronic editions; Meanwhile, all Jobs fans can download Who Was Steve Jobs to iPad from iBook store directly! If your kids love to read on iPad, it’s a pulse-quickening opportunity to let them learn more about the legendary co-founder and former CEO of Apple Inc.

Please note, if you want to read or backup the eBooks on your computer or Mac, you can employ the iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer or iPad/iPhone/iPod to Mac Transfer to help you. All eBooks and other media can be transferred from iDevice to computer fast without a hitch.

Unlike the biography Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson, the paperback features abundant caricatures (illustrated by John O’Brien) with totally 112 pages to describe Jobs’ lifetime spanning from his birth, career and fatal illness. Kids will be delivered with gracious and easy-to-understand writings to know how the Jobs has brought personal computer to their life and created a fabulous stir around the whole world.

The kids’ Jobs book is co-written by Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso, productive writers who have penned dozens of books such as Bear Cub, Chickens on the Move, Dr. Dee Dee and Dexter Hyde, House of Bloo’s, as well as Disney novels Web Sight and more, in straightforward and concise words to tell a story about a great man in nowadays, which is expecting to set an example and inspire all future tech giants.

Only when there’s a children’s book about Steve Jobs coming out, can we say our admiration and remembrance to the great master is complete. Therefore, Who Was Steven Jobs eBook for iPad is the one every parents should not kick out of their children’s iPad booklist this summer.