Jun 11

Which is the Good Team to Bet on in European Cup 2012?

The European Cup 2012 will be a soccer feast for all fans this season. You may be hooked to the TV or PC since the opening of the tournament. Well, it’s better to know something additional while you are enjoying the live broadcast at home or on the go. Being high on chatting with your friends and sharing opinions about your favorite teams? Here let’s give an overview of the teams that play in this tournament. Which is the good team to bet on in European Cup 2012? Keep on seeing!

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Jun 08

8 Essential iPad Apps for Business Users

ipad business appsBefore we mainly focused on numerous entertainment apps of iPad, but actually there are also a wealth of business apps for the business people who want to keep their production status on the go. iPad applications always closely follow customer demands, that’s why this gadget can quickly occupy the market since its first releasing in 2010. In this article, we list 8 of the most hot-selling business apps on iPad, from Dropbox to word processor. These essential iPad business apps will keep you connected, stay productive, on schedule, and informed no matter you’re in your office, at home, at dinner, across town, or across the world. Continue reading “8 Essential iPad Apps for Business Users” »

Jun 07

Popular Article Bookmarking App Instapaper for Android Arrives!

instapaper logoInstapaper, the popular iOS app finally landing on the Android devices. This critically acclaimed app can preserve your web pages and let you read them later on your Android-based mobile phones or tablets anytime and anywhere. Instapaper also can help you to capture the text of the article so as to create plain text to ease your e-reading. There are many more excellent functions of this app and we will introduce in detail below. The author of Instapaper – Marco Armet said Android tablets market can not be ignored since the hot-selling of Kindle Fire and Nook. That is why he has the intent to release the Instapaper for Android. He authorizes the exploitation of this app to the team of Mobelux. Now Instapaper for Android don’t support all of the iOS app features, but Mobelux team indicates that they will speed up to add more additional functions. Continue reading “Popular Article Bookmarking App Instapaper for Android Arrives!” »

Jun 06

TinyTap: An App Allows Kids to Create Their Own Games on iPad

tinytap logoRecently, an application named TinyTap from iTunes App Store has attracted much attention. This is a free new iPad game app which is designed for kids to create playable book or game with photos, music and their own voices on iPad. The finished works can be shared with families and friends. Furthermore, TinyTap also provides children with some ready-made but can be modified games. Children can customize these games according to their own opinions and ideas, adding their own voice and actions for example. Let’s take a look at more features of this kids’ app. Continue reading “TinyTap: An App Allows Kids to Create Their Own Games on iPad” »

Jun 05

Top 6 Free Word Processors for Mac Recommended to You

mac word processor Barring accidents, you should think of Microsoft Word software to process your Word documents. Indeed, Microsoft Corporation has developed Word processing program for Mac since 1995.The latest version to run on Mac OS X is Microsoft Word 2011. However, as proprietary software, the Microsoft Word ($120-$500, depending on the license you choose) may be too expensive to some users. Then it’s required to round up some free Word processors for Mac and pick up your favorite one for daily use. They are free and equivalent to Microsoft Word processor. Continue reading “Top 6 Free Word Processors for Mac Recommended to You” »