Jun 03

DVD and Video Photo Albums for Father’s Day 2012

gift for dadThere are different races with different skins and different countries with different languages on the earth. However, all the fathers throughout the world are the same. Father is the one who helps you when you have difficulties, gives you the power when you are depressed, guides you when you are on the wrong way, and whips you when you do something bad. He is the bread earner of your family. If we say mother’s love is profound like water, then, father’s love is massive like the mountain. Father’s love just likes the air, neither can be seen nor touched, but you can feel it all the time. Continue reading “DVD and Video Photo Albums for Father’s Day 2012” »

Jun 02

Top 10 Father’s Day Songs to Honor that Special Man – Dad!

fathers dayIt is a god-given opportunity to express your love, respect and appreciation to your dear Papa and there is no better way to say “I love you” or “thank you” than with a song! In this article, we list top heartfelt Father’s Day songs to honor that special man in your life.

With these Father’s Day songs, you can make a PPT presentation, E-cards, short movie or DVD slideshow to surprise your father greatly. I hope you enjoy the best Father’s Day songs and make the third Sunday of June a wonderful and unforgettable Father’s Day. Continue reading “Top 10 Father’s Day Songs to Honor that Special Man – Dad!” »