Jul 04

Reviews: The Advantages & Disadvantages of Google Nexus 7

Amazon Kindle Fire, launched in 2011, has set the standard for the low-priced tablet, but the pricing of Google Nexus 7 is directed to Kindle Fire’s. The 8GB and 16GB version costs &199 and $249. Such a price still has strong competitive even in the day of the price of tablets becoming lower and lower. The superior performance and the low price have inflamed people’s purchasing desire. You may be one of those who really want to know theĀ  advantages and disadvantages of Nexus 7. Here’s an overview of it.

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Jul 02

How to Print Web Pages as PDF File in Firefox

print pdf filesAdobe PDF is one of the most widely used file all over the world. It has taken unlimited convenience to people’s daily life and work, and we will still benefit from this file type in the future. Because its high stability and compatibility, lots of users like to preserve some indispensable technical data, study research, contract, etc. in PDF format, and then share them with related workers on the Internet freely. Continue reading “How to Print Web Pages as PDF File in Firefox” »