Sep 29

Kingsoft Antivirus: What Makes A Good Antivirus Software?

Since virus and other malware threats are on the rise more than ever, you might be wondering about which antivirus software to use to keep your system healthy and infection, right? If you have typed “antivirus software” in the Google searching engine, then you may get thousands of different results. But  what makes a good security program? How to find the best antivirus software among so many similar programs?Here, we will give you a satisfactory answer. Continue reading “Kingsoft Antivirus: What Makes A Good Antivirus Software?” »

Sep 26

How to Get YouTube Back on iOS 6

If you have upgraded your iDevices to iOS 6, then you must have noticed that YouTube app is not installed. Undoubtedly, iOS 6 has taken many new functions to iDevices users, but it has given up two excellent apps: Google Maps and YouTube. Feel pity, right? Especially for YouTube fans, this action could be a great disaster. Luckily, we have found a simple way to help you get back YouTube app in iOS 6 for your reference. Continue reading “How to Get YouTube Back on iOS 6” »

Sep 21

Review of Kingsoft WPS

review kingsoft wpsFor all computer users, you may have installed Office suit on your PC, right? What kind of office suite are you using now? Microsoft Office or Kingsoft Office? Obviously, different people have different answers. It is no doubt that every Windows user has heard the name of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but have you ever known of Kingsoft WPS?

Kingsoft WPS is a word processor that is part of the Kingsoft Office suite. The function of WPS is similar to Microsoft Word document (.doc and .docx). And it supports formatted text, images, and advanced page formatting very well. Now, Kingsoft WPS also refers to WPS Office suite and more and more people like to use Kingsoft WPS to replace Microsoft Office files because it has fast installation/uninstallation speed, small size, high compatibility, and supports PDF reading functions. With this tool, you’ll have an all-new experience in dealing with all kinds of files on your Windows or Linux system. Continue reading “Review of Kingsoft WPS” »

Sep 21

iOS 6: An All-new Review of Calling Features

As the most basic function of iPhone, receiving or making calls has never changed since the first generation iPhone was released in 2007. But now iOS 6 is coming, and you can find that Apple has made a rapid improvement in its calling features after you upgrading your iPhone to iOS 6.  With it, you can instantly reply with a text message or set a callback reminder. And you can turn on Do Not Disturb mode when things are just too hectic. Under this situation, you also can receive some calls which you can’t miss. Want to know these new points in details? Just read this article carefully and you’ll get the information systematically. Continue reading “iOS 6: An All-new Review of Calling Features” »

Sep 20

Kingsoft Antivirus 2012 Reviews

In the daily life and work, we may come across lots of problems while running computers, right? That is mainly because your computer is attacked by viruses. So it is essential for all computer users to find a professional antivirus to help you solve these problems.

Kingsoft Antivirus 2012 is a completely free antivirus solution for detecting and cleaning trojans/viruses. It is dedicated to protecting your computer with system defense K+ and boundary defense. With this tool, you can easily scan all your computer disks within minutes with its Smart Scan functions. And it perfectly works with other antivirus, so you can have an outstanding protection performance with it. You can free download this tool from its official site: Continue reading “Kingsoft Antivirus 2012 Reviews” »

Sep 19

Top 4 Tips for Upgrading iOS 6

ios 6 is coming nowSince the iOS 6 is taken to people’s eyes by Apple in the latest WWDC, more and more people want to experience this all-new iOS system for the first time. Today, the iOS 6 will be officially released by Apple, and it is no doubt that there will be a large number of users to grab the upgrade for the first time. So, how to upgrade iOS 6 successfully once it released? Here, we will list 4 tips for upgrading iOS 6 on your devices at the shortest time. Continue reading “Top 4 Tips for Upgrading iOS 6” »