Oct 30

Is iPad Mini Worth Buying

apple's ipad miniiPad mini was released as no surprise. Except the slight deviation in size, all the possible configuration and price are almost exposed in advance. Now, this 7.9-inch mini iPad is available on from Apple since Oct 26th. This also comes with the question – is iPad mini worth buying? Once you are hesitant if should buy iPad mini, then you can first go through this post to check the respective reasons for buying and not buying. After that, you can then decide to purchase it or not by yourself. Continue reading “Is iPad Mini Worth Buying” »

Oct 30

Windows 8 Review: Microsoft’s Way to Rejuvenate

Microsoft has finally unveiled its game-changing operating system, Windows 8. Many people view it is a rebirth, a way of rejuvenation for enter Microsoft brand. Its innovative “tiles” approach brings users brand new experience and it is considered as a huge leap forward. How does Windows 8 play for us? Does it has important implications for Microsoft? This page will make a Windows 8 review. Please come with us to explore this new Windows operating system together.

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Oct 29

5 Reasons for Purchasing iPad 4

all-new ipad 4Last week, Apple has released its 7.9-inches tablet PC and now you can purchase this device on Apple’s official site directly. If you want to say that the iPad mini has no special features compare to iPad 2 and the new iPad, then the new rumored iPad 4 will hit all your points.

Maybe many people think that Apple’s product conference hadn’t taken lots of surprises for all Apple’s fans, but iPad 4 will be an exception. Apple has shown their fourth generation of the iPad tablet PC in the conference on October 23. The fact has proved that this product has become the biggest surprise in the conference. No matter to ordinary consumers or enterprise users, this large size of the iPad 4 should be a must-have products. Maybe you’ll ask why? In the following content, we will analyze the reasons for purchasing iPad 4 for your reference. Continue reading “5 Reasons for Purchasing iPad 4” »

Oct 29

7 Distinctive Features of Microsoft’s Surface Tablet

After a long time waiting for just the Microsoft’s Surface, and it comes to us finally. This nice piece will be on sale after Windows 8 is released. People say that this nice piece is not really a tablet or a laptop for it combines distinctive features of both a tablet and a laptop. This page will analyse 7 distinctive features of Microsoft Surface tablet for you.

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Oct 25

iPad mini vs iPad 4 vs iPad 3

Apple held a new conference on the past October 23rd. Not a surprise, the conference come along with the arrival of the long-awaited iPad mini. Besides, as a surprise, iPad 4 was also released in a rush. Many people are curious about what the difference lie in among the iPad mini, iPad 4 and the previous iPad 2 and the new iPad. This post is here to give a detailed comparison of the iPad series devices from their configurations. Continue reading “iPad mini vs iPad 4 vs iPad 3” »

Oct 24

Comparison of 6 Mainstream Small-size Tablet PC

apple's ipad miniIf you’ve always wanted to have an iPad, but feel it is too big, then the newly released iPad mini can hit all your points. With the 7.9-inches display screen, over 275,000 apps, ultrafast wireless and more, the new iPad mini arrives. We can say that everything you love about iPad, iPad mini can satisfy your demands also. Therefore, iPad mini will be one of the hottest Tablet PC on the market sooner or later.

We all know that many Tablet PC manufacturers have released their own new devices in recent months. Maybe some of them have already won your heart. But if you’re still feeling hard to make a decision, or you want to choose the best one which has the best configuration, then you’d better to check the below table. We have compared iPad mini to 5 mainstream tablet devices for your reference. Here, you’ll find the difference between iPad mini and  Nook HD, and you can compare iPad mini to Kindle Fire HD or iPad mini vs Nexus 7 as you like. Continue reading “Comparison of 6 Mainstream Small-size Tablet PC” »