Oct 17

How to Watch Halloween Movies on iPad?

Once a year of Halloween is fast approaching now! It’s rightly the time for you to get prepared for some horrible movies to enjoy at Halloween or in advance. In the previous post, I have introduced some top Halloween movies of all time. For some iPad owners, it’s also a perfect opportunity to add some horrible movies into the 9.7-inch iPad, especially the new iPad with retina display, for experiencing the scary Halloween mood quickly and leisurely. Continue reading “How to Watch Halloween Movies on iPad?” »

Oct 17

Halloween Apps for iPhone

Now with the approaching of the 2012 Halloween, related apps which can get you into the Halloween spirit in advance are also coming out. Each year, there are a bunch of Halloween-themed apps come to the App Store for users to enjoy the Halloween. This year there are also the new apps released or updated ahead of time to get you in the Halloween spirit. The post here is to share you with some different kinds of Halloween apps for iPhone in 2012. Go ahead to check if these apps can also win your favor now! Continue reading “Halloween Apps for iPhone” »

Oct 16

Top 20 Halloween Party Songs 2012

Halloween is coming now, and it is time to have fun. Maybe you’re not a child and you can’t knock on the door and ask “Trick or Treat” to every person you’ve met in this special night, but you can get together with a bunch of friends and hold a Halloween party in the Halloween night. Not a bad idea, right? Halloween 2012 on November 1, 2012, so you can begin to prepare your Halloween party from now on.

music for halloween Continue reading “Top 20 Halloween Party Songs 2012” »

Oct 16

Is iPad mini on the Way?

For many Apple fans, it is a great pity that Apple hasn’t released iPad mini in the last WWDC 2012. But now iPad mini is around the corner. More and more news claimed that iPad mini will arrive at October 23th, 2012, and they also have exposed lots of features and details of this new device. Do you want to know the latest news of this all-new iPad mini? If so, then just keep reading this article carefully. We will list several top-rumored news for your reference. Continue reading “Is iPad mini on the Way?” »

Oct 15

iPhone Apps for Heart Rate Tracking

Unlike most of the smart phones on the market nowadays, iPhone not only let you make phone calls and enjoy entertainments from movies, music, games or books. It also can help to check your physical condition by measuring and tracking your heart rate with specific Health & Fitness apps offered in iTunes app for iPhone. Continue reading “iPhone Apps for Heart Rate Tracking” »

Oct 12

Top Halloween Movies of All Time

It’s the time of year again, the season for ghosts and goblins, vampires, zombies, the dead rise from the grave and any other scary thing. Yes, the Halloween of this year is quickly approaching. Well, for the living souls, it is the time to get some little-horrible movies for a compatible watching at home in a coach with some popcorn. Continue reading “Top Halloween Movies of All Time” »