Oct 11

How to Convert Video to iPhone 5 Compatible Format

Apple’s iPhone 5 is the hottest topic in recent days, and we also have written several articles about this all-new iPhone and its new operation system iOS6 in our blog. Although many iPhone 5 users have exposed lots of defects about this new iPhone, but it can’t prevent people to buy it, especially Apple fans. So no matter whether you’ve got the iPhone 5 already or are planning on it, you should know how to make all videos compatible with iPhone 5 for better enjoyment.

Obviously, to convert video to iPhone 5 compatible formats, you need a high-powered video conversion software like iStonsoft Video Converter or Video Converter Ultimate. With them, you can convert videos like AVI, MP4, MPG, WMV, 3GP, FLV, etc. and DVD movies to iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS within a few simple clicks. Now, let’s us to see how to finish the conversion with iStonsoft Video Converter step by step. If you want to try Video Converter Ultimate, please go here. Continue reading “How to Convert Video to iPhone 5 Compatible Format” »

Oct 09

Top 6 Apps for iPhone 5

best iphone appsAlthough there are lots of bad news about the new iPhone 5, but it still becomes one of the best-seller on the smartphone market. Have you gotten a new iPhone 5? Or are you planning to purchase one in the future? It is no doubt that one of the greatest highlights of iPhone is its various apps. Therefore, in order to have been better using experience, we could like to recommend several the best iPhone 5 applications for all iPhone users’ reference. We are sure that you can enjoy your digital life with these different iPhone 5 apps in a new way. Continue reading “Top 6 Apps for iPhone 5” »

Oct 06

Two Methods to Convert PowerPoint to Kindle Fire HD

kindle fire hdLast year, Amazon released its own Tablet PC Kindle Fire to compete with Apple’s iPad. And last month, it finally released the second generation of Kindle Fire, named “Kindle Fire HD”. This time Amazon provides two different versions for users’ reference: 7-inches and 8.9-inches. Undoubtedly, the Kindle Fire HD will have a great improvement compare to the Kindle Fire, it comes with a 1280*800 high resolution screens, 1.2GHz dual-core OMAP 4460 processor,1Gbuilt-in memory card, 16GB storage capacity, etc. And it provides WiFi and4G-LTE version for users’ choice.

Here, we have compared Kindle Fire to Kindle Fire HD from different angles in the below pictures, you can go through them to get more information about these new-released Amazon Tabelt PC. Continue reading “Two Methods to Convert PowerPoint to Kindle Fire HD” »

Oct 04

Reasons for Upgrading iOS 6

Since Apple’s iOS 6 has officially provided users with download and upgrade link, more and more people have experienced its powerful functions for the first time. But at the same time, there is also more and more bad news about this all-new system. Just like the saying goes “There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes”, so it is inevitable that there are has different influence for the release of iOS 6 systems.

Maybe you’re confused by whether upgrade your iOS’s system to the latest one, right? Therefore, we write this article to list the top 5 reasons for you to upgrade iOS system on your iPhone 4S/4, the new iPad and iPad 2. Continue reading “Reasons for Upgrading iOS 6” »

Oct 02

How to Get Google Maps Back on iOS 6 Devices

The hottest Apple topic on the market is its new-released iPhone 5 and iOS 6 systems. It is no doubt that the new iOS 6 system has taken so many new functions to people’s life, but many people are not used to use Apple’s own map for replacing Google Maps, right? Then there are more and more iOS 6 users want to get Google Maps back on their iPhone, iPad. However, the problem is how to achieve it?

We know that Apple’s 3D Map looks great, but compare to Google Maps, the Apple Map has some distinctive defects, such as lack of public transport information, Street View and so on. So many iOS users want to get back Google Maps on iOS 6 devices for enjoying these personalized features. Under this situation, we write this article to show you the simple steps for getting back Google Maps on iPhone and iPad quickly. Continue reading “How to Get Google Maps Back on iOS 6 Devices” »