Apr 29

Quick Tip of How to Send Large PDF Files via Email

Have you ever met the situation that you are ready to send a PDF file via email but the file turns out to be too large to send over the email service? If you often suffered from such cases, then you may follow the quick tip here to split the large PDF file into two or three smaller ones to send via email easily and effectively. Continue reading “Quick Tip of How to Send Large PDF Files via Email” »

Apr 26

Samsung Galaxy S4 VS IPhone 5


Samsung-the Korean electronics giant is about to sell its Galaxy S4 compared to the most serious rival iPhone 5 . Will it become the best-selling smartphone in 2013? Let’s analyze the vital features for Galaxy S4 and IPhone 5 depending on statistical data.

Samsung Galaxy S4 VS IPhone 5 in Hardware

Samsung loaded the Galaxy S4 with a handful of specialized programs kept its most of functionalities. According to the hardware analysis, the US version of Galaxy S4 appeal to be smarter by having the excellent device supported by more powerful system.

Making a comparison between both of the superior cell phones, iPhone 5 uses the Apple A6 chip with dual-core 1.2GHz model sounded less attractive than Galaxy S4. The latter uses qualcomn Snapdragon 600 1.6GHz CPU with 2GB RAM recognized to be simpler.

 Samsung Galaxy S4 VS IPhone 5 in Design

Simplicity is one of the most competitive advantages of Apple regard to its less creativity in new phones’ appearance in recent years but iPhone 5s is still looking better than Samsung’s galaxy phones.

The huge 5-inch screen of the new Galaxy S4 makes handling the phone more inconvenient though its wonderful experience while watching movies. Insisting to the design of its consistency ‘s’ shape, Samsung Galaxy S4, at 7.7 mm thick, just 0.1 thicker than iPhone 5.

Samsung Galaxy S4 VS IPhone 5 in Camera

With great photographic technology in dedicated cameras, Galaxy S4 makes shooting photos so nice that you can try to turn camera mode to Eraser, removing unwanted background objects, or use a Drama shot, taking photos for moving subject in sequence and then exhibiting a whole


Using iPhone 5’s camera to take photos is not better choice like every generation of Apple phones ever before according to the substantial improvement of screen and camera of Galaxy S4. The latter can even take photos and shoot videos from both the front and back cameras simultaneously.

Samsung Galaxy S4 VS IPhone 5 in Software

Galaxy S4 offers simpler panel setting with one-touch icon kept its advanced technology enough to be excited. Galaxy S4 holds all the software features as abundant as Samsung Note and last-gen Galaxy S III, and with a handful of options, you can hide or even choose the apps you set as quick-launch apps in the lock screen.

New iPhone integrate most used apps, and contained over 200 new features applied a lot of tips. Apple practically combines both the hardware and software system effect by each other making the interface more intuitive.

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Apr 22

How to Format PDF for iPad Reading

As we know, iPad is now a very popular portable device for entertainment. With it, users can play games, watch movies, listen to music and more. Besides, iPad is also able to handle PDF with ease. But, unlike ePub format files, PDF sometimes looks rather crappy on this pop device. As a matter of fact, the crappy display of PDF files on iPad is mainly caused by the improper page dimension. So, in this case, it is undoubtedly a necessity to figure out how to format PDF for iPad so as to enhance the reading experience. Continue reading “How to Format PDF for iPad Reading” »

Apr 12

Top Mac Alternatives to Foxit Reader

For most Window users, Foxit PDF Reader is really a smart and helpful free tool to open and view PDF documents. It is a free and light-weight PDF file viewer which is specially for Windows only. So, for Mac users who’d like to view PDF files on a Mac, you may need to get a Mac alternative to it. In this post, we introduce you some Mac alternatives to Foxit Reader. Hope this will be helpful for you to select a suitable PDF reading tool to enhance your reading experience. Continue reading “Top Mac Alternatives to Foxit Reader” »

Apr 08

What Features will iPad 5 Include

ipad-5In addition to the various news from the vendors and analysts this year, we have not obtained any conclusive evidence about the iPad update yet at present. Because of this pending issue, we can continue to look forward to more hope for the next generation of iPad. What features are you expecting to see with the fifth generation of iPad? Here we just list some possible features of the new iPad 5. Perhaps you can have a look below to see if these are your desired features. Continue reading “What Features will iPad 5 Include” »