May 31

Google+ for iOS Updated with Photo Capabilities Enhanced

Days ago, Google has announced the new version of Google+ for iOS. Now, the app has been updated to version 4.4.0. Receiving the most attention in this update is the Google+ Photos, whose capacities have been mainly strengthened. For example, this new Google+ update offers a brand new Auto Enhance function. With this newly added feature, you can fix images with just a simple tap.
google-plus-ios-update Continue reading “Google+ for iOS Updated with Photo Capabilities Enhanced” »

May 27

Solution of How to Edit PDF in Google Docs

For most people, Google is only a search engine. Do you also just use Google as a search engine? If yes, then you must have missed some extra functions provided by Google. As a matter of fact, there are many assistant tools can be used for different purposes if you once signed up a Google account. For example, with a Google account, you are able to use Google Docs to view files in HTML format. Besides, if you want, you can also edit PDF files with the Google Docs easily. Continue reading “Solution of How to Edit PDF in Google Docs” »

May 25

iPad mini Delivers The Best User Experience of All the 7-inch Tablets

User experience is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of the overall perceived value of a tablet or smartphone. While the overall user experience mainly includes the following key components, namely the hardware user experience, cognitive load, user experience friction and even the app store sophistication. Continue reading “iPad mini Delivers The Best User Experience of All the 7-inch Tablets” »

May 22

How to Save TIFF Images as PDF on Mac

Once you have tried to digitize some of the important paper files, then you must have scanned the paper documents as TIFF images, right? Then, have you ever felt that it is rather troublesome to have controlled or make use of the TIFF format digitalise documents? If you once have been troubled by the TIFF images, then why not save them as PDF files for better using or management? Continue reading “How to Save TIFF Images as PDF on Mac” »

May 14

Counterattack from Apple Fans: 10 Reasons to Love Apple

A few days ago, the well-known Apple blog writer – Philip Elmer-DeWitt uncharacteristically published an article on a website. The article was entitled as “10 Reasons To Hate Apple”, which contained many irrational complaint inside. For example, Apple is arrogant, Apple is greedy, etc. In the article, there are also some contents with personal emotional factors, such as, Apple’s stuff is overpriced, etc. All these can be said to be unreasonable complaint, which provoke the war of words from many Apple fans.

Hours later, another Apple blog writer – Ernie Varitimos countered the former by publishing an article which entitled “10 Reasons To Love Apple“. Continue reading “Counterattack from Apple Fans: 10 Reasons to Love Apple” »

May 10

The Way to Format ePub for Kindle Reading

Got a new Kindle device? Want to put your ePub ebook collections on this newly got Kindle for leisure time reading? As we know, Amazon Kindle series devices are the most notable portable devices which are not compatible with ePub format files. So, once you want to import and read ePub files on a Kindle device, then it would be necessary to format ePub books to a format that Kindle can recognize. Continue reading “The Way to Format ePub for Kindle Reading” »