Jun 30

How to Extract iOS Backup on Mac

Are you an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch owner? If yes, then you must know that when you connect your iPhone to a Mac, a backup archive of your iOS device would be generated by the iTunes on the Mac. Have you ever tried to browse or extract any databases from the backup of your iPhone, iPad or iTouch? If you once tried, you may know that the iDevice backup archive generated by iTunes on your Mac can’t be viewed in normal ways. Continue reading “How to Extract iOS Backup on Mac” »

Jun 21

iOS 7 Enabled Some Nifty New Security Features

iOS 7, which was announced days ago on the WWDC by Apple, brings a lot of changes. In the last post, I’ve introduced some new features of the iOS 7. These features made the iOS 7 attractive. Actually, in addition to these main changes, a number of security-related enhancements also made the iOS 7 an operating system worth using. Today, let’s have a look at the newly added security features in the iOS 7.
ios-7-security-features Continue reading “iOS 7 Enabled Some Nifty New Security Features” »

Jun 14

New Features Roundup of iOS 7

Even there was not the news of the long-awaited new iPhone and new iPad at the WWDC 2013, the announcement of iOS 7 is undoubtedly a good news for most people. As a new version with the biggest changes since the advent of iOS, iOS 7 is now branded with the new CEO label. And it seems to indicate that Apple Corp has finally entered the age of Tim Cook.

ios7 Continue reading “New Features Roundup of iOS 7” »

Jun 08

Quick Way to Create Password Protect PDF Files

As a matter of fact, it is really not a difficult thing to create a simple PDF document in Windows. There are several ways for you to create a simple PDF file. For example, you can create the document with Word 2007 and then save it as PDF directly without any other tools. You can also make use of Google Docs to download as PDF. But if you once need to create a PDF file with password protection to prevent functions like copy/paste, print of the file, then you will need another tool for helping. Continue reading “Quick Way to Create Password Protect PDF Files” »

Jun 03

How to Protect PDF Files with Password on Mac

Have you ever got or created some PDF files that you don’t to share the inside contents with the ones without permissions? In order to protect privacy or copyright of any PDF document, the best way would be that setting a string of passwords to the files to prevent them from opening or printing, editing, coping, and changing. Once with password protection, a PDF file will not be available to others unless you shared the password with them. Continue reading “How to Protect PDF Files with Password on Mac” »