Best 3D Movies for 2012

With the success and popularity of Avatar, more and more 3D movies appearing in the cinema. Undoubtedly, these 3D movies are welcomed by most people and it has become the top seller in a specific period. And it really gives us a special way to enjoy movies. Therefore, there are an increasing number of people like to watch 3D movies in the cinema, maybe you are one of them, right? So if you want to find the best 3D movies for 2012, you’ve been the right place.

In this page, we are going to recommend several the latest and best 2012 3D movies for your reference. You can select some of them and view these 3D movies on your iPad, iPhone or go to cinema to enjoy them as you like.

Top 5 Must-See 3D Movies for 2012


This film is released on 17th June and directed by Mark Andrews. It is a computer-animated fantasy adventure film produced by Pixar. This film mainly revolves around a reckless Princess Merida. She has a skilled archer knowledges and in order to leave a unique mark in her life, she  impulsive blatant challenge to the ancient and sacred custom of three disturbed sub-Lord. But this action has led her country into chaos and turmoil, so she asks help for the Wise Woman but fails to find a solution. Therefore in order to save their homes and make life to return to a better, Merida began to write her own “Legend of Brave”.

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Ice Age 4: Continental Drift

Now, Ice Age 4 is coming here. Maybe you have seen the first three versions of the Ice Age and you can’t wait to see what has happened between Manny, Diego and Sid, right? This time, the life of our hero has turned into an ocean. They create an iceberg ship and encounter sea creatures and battle pirates as they explore a new world. With the all-new 3D technology, you must have all-new experience in watching this movie.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Are you remembering the exciting plots in the first two sections? This time, Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman begin their journey in Europe where they find the perfect cover. This film is released on 8th June and all our familiar roles are still fighting to get home to their beloved Big Apple.


This film is told the tale of Norman – a misunderstood boy who can talk to the dead. So when his town is threatened with an invasion of ghosts, zombies and grown-ups, it’s up to Norman to stop them all. This film will be released on 17th Auguest. So if you are interested in it, you can invite several friends and go to the cinema to enjoy it in the future.

Finding Nemo

Almost ten years after its initial release in 2003, Disney have once again decided to re-release their classic tales – Finding Nemo into the 3D world. This year, we’ve seen lots of classic movie once again propelled onto our cinema screens with the new 3D technologies and they all gave us a new watching experience. So this time, if you are indulged in 3D movies, then you can’t miss this classic film any more.

List of the 2012 Top 3D Movies

Here is a list of all 3D movies for 2012. You can go through them and choose the one which you are interested in and enjoy it as you like.

1. Dr Seuss’ The Lorax
2. The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists
3. Prometheus
4. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
5. Frankenweenie
6. Rise of the Guardians
7. Dredd
8. The Great Gatsby
9. Men in Black III
10. The Amazing Spider-man

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