5 Reasons for Purchasing iPad 4

all-new ipad 4Last week, Apple has released its 7.9-inches tablet PC and now you can purchase this device on Apple’s official site directly. If you want to say that the iPad mini has no special features compare to iPad 2 and the new iPad, then the new rumored iPad 4 will hit all your points.

Maybe many people think that Apple’s product conference hadn’t taken lots of surprises for all Apple’s fans, but iPad 4 will be an exception. Apple has shown their fourth generation of the iPad tablet PC in the conference on October 23. The fact has proved that this product has become the biggest surprise in the conference. No matter to ordinary consumers or enterprise users, this large size of the iPad 4 should be a must-have products. Maybe you’ll ask why? In the following content, we will analyze the reasons for purchasing iPad 4 for your reference.

Top 5 Reasons for Purchasing the Upcoming iPad 4

Reason One: A6X Processor
The new A6X processor plays a crucial role in helping iPad 4 to attract ordinary consumers and business users. According to Apple’s official claims, the running performance of this CPU is strongly better than Apple’s previous processor. And drawing ability of the iPad 4 will be also better than the previous version of the tablet PC. All in all, A6X processor is a nice tool.

Reason Two: New Lightning Interface
In the past times, Apple has been criticized by people because of its Lightning has been failing to compatible with 30-pin interface. So in the upcoming Apple’s iPad 4, Apple adds the port and shows that the Lightning is the future.

Reason Three: iOS 6 Operating System
It is no doubt that iOS 6 systems will be used in the new tablet PC – iPad 4. Therefore, if you have used this new system, you will handle the new iPad 4 at the shortest time. The Apple’s iOS 6 operating systems are the best version so far, and it will give users a more efficient user experience in the future.

Reason Four: Will not be Updated in the Near Feature
Maybe you are worried about the updated time for the iPad 4, right? Don’t worry, we sure that Apple will not release a new Tablet PC in short terms after releasing iPad 4. Maybe you’ll ask “why”, right? This year, Apple has launched two versions of iPad, so we can predict that Apple is trying to adjust the timetable to ensure that the company is able to take full advantage of the opportunity of the holiday shopping season. Therefore, from the comprehensive aspects, we say that Apple will not launch iPad5 infast time.

Reason Five: Large Display Screen
Just like Apple proved on the October 23, the screen size plays a very important role in improving the user experience. Suddenly jumped from 7-inch to 9.7-inch display screen, which means a 35% increase in display space. You can imagine that watch movies on a display screen which is more largely than the device you have now, cool, right?

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