7 Distinctive Features of Microsoft’s Surface Tablet

After a long time waiting for just the Microsoft’s Surface, and it comes to us finally. This nice piece will be on sale after Windows 8 is released. People say that this nice piece is not really a tablet or a laptop for it combines distinctive features of both a tablet and a laptop. This page will analyse 7 distinctive features of Microsoft Surface tablet for you.

The Windows 8 interface

We all know that Microsoft has unveiled different version Windows system for PC and tablet.  Thus, you can experience the famous Live Tiles on your Surface. and you can resize and move it around the screen. The semantic zoom feature will satisfy you a lot.

Different versions to cater your taste

There are two optional Surfaces packing with various OS: Windows RT and The Surface Pro. The former version, with an ARM processor, is ready for people who aren’t obsessive about performance and just need  a device for basic work and entertainment. While the later is equipped with Windows 8 Pro operating system and an Intel processor. It works as a fulfully-functional laptop.

Portable, compatible 

Windows RT is 676g with 9.3mm and Windows 8 Pro is 903g with 13.5mm. Both of them is very convenient for us to take wherever we go.  Also, there are a variety of formats that can be housed in Surface from Adobe Acrobat PDF to MPEG Audio. In case you get a uncommon file format for it, you may use Video Converter Ultimate or PDF Converter to convert the file into the most suitable format for your Microsoft Surface.

 Terrific Display

Both two versions of Surface are equipped with 10.6-inch widescreen displays. The RT has an HD-quality display and the Pro has a Full HD display.It is impressive to enjoy various movies or photos on Microsoft Surface.

128 GB storage option

Microsoft revolutionarily unveils 128 GB SSDs in its tablet, superior to Apple’s 64GB iPad.  This is a big deal for media junkies who like to load their devices up with music and movies.

USB port and microSD

If 128 GB storage is still not enough for you, you can move your files to removable device. Surface offers a USB port and microSD for you through which your are able to store extra files and extend the device’s capabilities in a way which Apple mobile device cannot give us.

The screen Protector is also a Keyboard

One of the most reason that why this tablet is also considered as a laptop is because of its screen protector. It not only features in protecting the screen of your Surface but also a keyboard. The Surface will offer two different types of keyboards — the Touch Cover and the Type Cover. The first one it a touch-sensitive keyboard with 3 mm thin and the latter is thicker and will be a normal tactile keyboard. These two screen protector can turn your Surface to be  laptop visually.

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