8 Popular Social Networking Apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod in Different Countries

popular social network apps around the worldOur life is gradually transformed in the modern life. The communication between different groups and countries is diversified and deepened. Never have we seen such a complicated social network before that “villagers” can choose their favorite ways to chat, link and share with different people on the earth. The popularity of social network in nowadays lets the “Global Village” come into its own. Meanwhile, the releases and updates of portable devices of sorts have strengthened the deep-rooted influences of social network on everyone today. For these reasons, I’d like to round up some popular social networking apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod in different countries, and let’s see how the people in different places feed their internet addiction.

facobookFacebook – As one of the most popular social networking apps in the world, Facebook has over 900 million active users around the world, and most of them come from North America, Europe, South East Asia, South America and Eurasia. The app becomes the must-have for all iPad, iPhone, Android and mobile web users today.

qzoneQzone – If you are a Chinese, it is impossible you do not know the Qzone. The app is available on iTunes store and over 90% of the Qzone users come from China. As of March 2011, its users have amounted to 480 million, and the app is ranked as one of the most active communities in the whole industry. Actually, China is not the only county loves to visit Qzone website. People in South Korea and Japan also take not a little interest in the app in daily life.

twitterTwitter – The social networking service has up to 140 million active users and over 340 million tweets daily as of this year. The website is one of the top ten most visited on the Internet, and often people in Spain, Mexico, USA, Canada, India, Brazil, Russia, etc. have the habits of posting their status or following friends on Twitter, and they’ve contributed a plenty of pageviews on Twitter dialy.

myspaceMySpace – The social networking app is all the rage in countries like the USA, Philippines, Pakistan, India, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico and so on, and it is once the most popular service that have surpassed Google in United States. But now, the declined reputation makes its users reduced to 30 million (as of December 2011). In spite of this, the MySpace app is still favored by quite a few users in the world today.

taggedTagged – The Tagged Mobile app is most popularly used in Afghanistan, Cameroon, Tanzania, Malaysia and Kenya as a social discovery service to allows members to make friends, find love, share common interests and more. It’s said Tagged has more than 100 million members today with increasing potential.

orkutOrkut – If you are people living in Brazil, India, Japan, Portugal, or Pakistan, the Orkut app could be a nice solution to connect your friends and family online with iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Over sixty percent of Orkut users come from Brazil and they have contributed 58.5% of the pageviews on the website (according to Alexa traffic data).

ningNing – Ning is the world’s largest platform for creating social websites, and you can download the app free for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The app is favored in countries like Pakistan, Mexico, Peru, USA and Colombia. With it, you can manage the Ning networks you’ve created and keep in touch with your members at everywhere.

netlogNetlog – On Netlog, members can post plogs and join groups to extend their social network. The site is claimed to have more than 94 million registered users across the world mainly spread out over Cote d Ivoire, Cameroon, Sudan, Oman and Belgium.

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