New Apple Press Conference 2012 Review

After a few months of bustle, guess, suspicious, prediction, Apple finally released iPhone 5 and iPod series products in San Francisco. All of the doubts on the new iPhone rightly meet the ultimate answers in this moments. The 4-inch screen, smaller connector, thinner body and other predicted parameters are almost coming true. If give a general survey on this new Apple Press Conference 2012, there are both surprises and regrets. Here this post rightly gives you a review on the surprises and regrets of the just past new Apple Press Conference.

Reviews on The Surprises Brought by Apple Press Conference 2012

Surprise 1: Expand screen to adapt to the trend.

tech spec of iphone 5The iPhone series from the first generation to the 4S has always been using a 3.5-in screen for the device. Jobs once also expressed that the 3.5-inch screen is the largest single hand held size. But the screen size of other brands of mobile phone has been constantly improved in these years from 2.8-inch since iPhone first released. When iPhone series insists on 3.5 inch screen, users’ acceptance for large screen increased to a high level. So, in order to adapt to the trend of large screen nowadays, Apple this time equip iPhone 5 with a 4-inch screen. This is undoubtedly a big breakthrough.

Surprise 2: Thinner iPhone with no performance sacrifice.

To be thin is almost become a new popular trend blowing over the mobile phone market. From RAZR to OPPO Finder, thin has become a selling point for the mobile devices nowadays. However, these products become thinner were on the basis of the sacrifice of the original device performance or standby time. Now, the iPhone 5 has its thickness reduced to 7.6 mm. Thanks to the use of the A6 chip, the device performance and standby time are both insured not decrease but a little increase. This is definitely a good news for most consumers.

Surprise 3: Colorful iPod series more attractive.

The upgrade of the iPod series products is also a major bright spot of this conference. iPod nano turns out to be a rectangle design rather than the former square appearance. And the screen of iPod nono is also extended to 2.5-inch multi-touch screen. What’s more, the selective seven colors makes more attractive and intimate for most people. At the same time, the iPod touch also ushers in its own upgrade. The A5 dual-core processor and 4-inch screen initially empowers the iPod touch the ability of an iPhone 4S. This is also undoubtedly a good news for the ones who have no plan to buy an iPhone.

Of course, there will be regrets except the surprises. After the conference, there are many reviews on this conference over the Internet. Among these reviews, some are not very high. For an enterprise who has already been in the peak in the industry, Apple has also left some regrets on this conference. Next, just let’s have a check of the reviews on the regrets left by this new Apple Press Conference 2012.

Regrets Left by Apple Press Conference 2012

Regret 1: Most rumored features come true.

One of Jobs’s creeds is “success comes from wariness”. So, for the previous iPhone generations, we always could not guess out what they would feature as until Jobs get down the mysterious curtain on the conference. But, this feature has almost been abandoned completely by Tim Cook. The exposured features in recent few months before the release of iPhone 5 were almost error-free. Almost each feature was known well by netizens. The result is that the conference is almost begin and end in people’s expectations without a blockbuster feel as before.

Regret 2: Almost routine hardware upgrades.

iPhone 4S is rightly a routine upgrade of the iPhone 4, which was considered to be a cheating for most people at then. The history is still repeating itself this time that the iPhone 5 is still a routine hardware upgrade from 4S. There is no change take place in the camera. And the detail of the A5 to A6 upgrade is also blurred. Apple’s minimal innovation is almost repeating on the iPhone 5. This is really not a good achievement for the revolutionary famous Apple.

Regret 3: No update on iPod Shuffle.
For the cheapest and diminutive Shuffle, Apple seems to forget it. Both iPad nano and touch series have ushered in new update, only the Shuffle does not have products updated. It seems that Apple has already this small and cheap music player.

Well, all the reviews on this new Apple Press Conference 2012 are finished here. The above reviews represent only individual opinions. Hope you will be agree with them.

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