Sep 11

iPhone 6 New Function

Apple’s iPhone 6 is obviously one of the most anticipated smartphones this year, then the iPhone 6 biggest bright spot is what are they?Count the iPhone 6 some of new functions/features:
1.The new design
IPhone series on the design and practice has been familiar to upgrade, as a result, this year’s iPhone 6 will certainly on the design and 5 s differ in some degree.At present, the industry tend to think that the appearance of a new generation of iPhone looks like the iPod Touch and the mixture of the Air.

2.A larger screen + higher resolution
Apple is a maverick company, they will not easily catch up trend.But this time, they may really want to compromise, and we will also usher in a long-expected iPhone.Larger screen size, of course, need higher resolution, if apple wants to keep his so-called Retina display screen.At present, the iPhone 6 is most likely to have resolution 1704 x960, this is a common resolution digital.
3.iOS 8
A new generation of iPhone nature also will have the latest version support system.According to what we’ve seen some reliable fact, apple may be ready to add several new core application.Specifically, Mac iWork suite – such as Pages, libraries and iMovie – will be added to the iOS 8.

In Healthbook Revelations earlier application is considered to be an ambitious, according to the exposure of the screenshot, it seems to have a very rich health functions, such as tracking blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, hydration, and even sleep.
5. More thin body, more narrow bezel
Apple like thin design, which is very obvious in their products.In fact, the whole mobile phone industry, also recognized the concept of the thinner the better
6. Higher resolution camera
Even now, the iPhone 5 s 8 million pixels iSight camera still has the industry’s leading film performance.But perhaps it is time to improve apple iPhone 6 sizes, but we also don’t expect to see how the Numbers change, almost 10 million pixels.

Aug 30

How to Add Security to PDF

As we know, PDF is a popular document format now in daily life, especially in the business world. Sometimes, it is important for us to secure PDF file with a password so as to limit access to the PDF content by others. And sometimes it is also necessary to add security to PDF for restricting certain features such as printing and editing. Well, no matter for what reason, have you ever tried to secure PDF documents? Have you ever had trouble about adding security to PDF files? Continue reading “How to Add Security to PDF” »

Aug 25

10 Relaxing Apps for Stress Relief via Android and iOS

For people living in the fast-paced modern society, the pressure is always inevitable. Although stress is not necessarily a bad thing in some cases, too much stress may also have a detrimental effect on one’s physical and mental health. So, it is really necessary to get rid of the pressure and relax yourself. For stress relief, you can take a walk in the park, go fishing, or make some crafts. But for those ones who are busy, these options are not all available. Continue reading “10 Relaxing Apps for Stress Relief via Android and iOS” »

Aug 23

How to Convert iBooks to PDF for Kindle Reading

ibooks on kindleApple iBooks are primarily released in ePub format, which can be read on most ebook readers except the Kindle. Most of ebook fans nowadays would prefer to use the Kindle Reader for leisure time reading for its eye-friendly screen. However, as the magnate in eBooks area, Kindle doesn’t support the popular ePub format. So, there are always the ones searching over the Internet to find if there is anyway to convert and transfer ePub format iBooks to Kindle device for reading. Continue reading “How to Convert iBooks to PDF for Kindle Reading” »

Aug 17

The Way to Get Photos from iTunes Backup on PC

It is really a dismayingly thing if lost iPhone, especially when there are many precious photos in. So, for someones who lost their iPhone, the first thing they tried to do is to get those photos back from the iTunes backup file which was generated on a computer when sync the device. However, it is really not an easy thing to get what you want from an iTunes backup on PC. Continue reading “The Way to Get Photos from iTunes Backup on PC” »

Aug 12

Best Document Scanning Apps for iPhone

iPhone is undoubtedly a versatile smart device for daily life using. Nowadays, one can create, edit documents on an iPhone and even print them out with AirPrint if needed. By the way, thanks to a wealth of apps, kinds of other functions will also be available on iPhone. For example, there are the document scanner apps can help to digitize paper documents directly with iPhone. In this post, I will recommend you some good document scanning apps for iPhone. If you want to scan a document with your iPhone, then why not read on to see if there is the app you would like to use now! Continue reading “Best Document Scanning Apps for iPhone” »