Aug 09

How to Make ePub Work on Kindle

Among those famous ebook reader devices, Amazon Kindle is the most well-known one by most people. However, as it knew for most ebook fans, Kindle series devices are the only ones that not support ePub files. This means that ePub files can’t work on any Amazon Kindle device as they do on most other ebook readers. This is really a pity for the ones who have collected many ePub books for reading. Continue reading “How to Make ePub Work on Kindle” »

Jul 31

Tips to View ePub on Kindle

Have you ever tried to view ePub files on your Amazon Kindle device? If you once tried to put and view ePub files directly on a Kindle device, then you must know that the ePub files are not accessible on Kindle. So, if you are trying to open and view ePub on Kindle, the best choice for you would be turning ePub files into another format. Continue reading “Tips to View ePub on Kindle” »

Jul 28

10 Video Editing Apps for Smartphones

As we know, it is not a difficult thing to find a video editing application from the app stores on the vast mobile platforms. But, it is also not such an easy thing to find an appropriate video editing app to be suitable for your smart phone. In this regard, a well-known technology media recently selected top ten outstanding video editing applications for smart phones. Here just let focus on these apps now! Continue reading “10 Video Editing Apps for Smartphones” »

Jul 26

How to Change ePub to Kindle Supported Format

As it was known by most Kindle users, ePub format ebooks are not supported by any Amazon Kindle series device. So, for the Kindle users who want to import the collected ePub books to Kindle for leisure time reading, it would be necessary to change ePub to Kindle device supported format. But, how to change ePub files to a Kindle compatible format? This is really a question. Continue reading “How to Change ePub to Kindle Supported Format” »

Jul 12

An Efficient Way to Save ePub as PDF for Better Reading

If you are an ebook fan, then you must be very familiar with the ePub format. As we know, this is a very usual format to see when searching or downloading ebooks. Most of the mainstream ebook reading devices nowadays are compatible with this format of ebooks. However, among the numerous eReaders, there is an exception. That’s the Amazon Kindle series. Continue reading “An Efficient Way to Save ePub as PDF for Better Reading” »