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Apr 24

How to Clean Android Mobile for Best Performance?

Maintaining the Android Devices are the most important thing that you have to periodically do. Cleaning of your Android Devices is quite essential even if you have few number of applications or limited data as the Android device slows down after a couple of days. It can be due to the junk files, application caches etc. It can cause a lot of inconvenience if the Device works slowly while you are using the phone. Device optimization relives the burden on the system which in turn causes the performance to be faster and all the operations in your device are carried out smoothly. In this article I will list some applications that will help you to manage the android devices which will give you more free space for other resources.



CCLEANER is the same tool that is used for the optimization of the pc desktop/laptop. It is a very efficient application for android devices as it reviews and clears out junk files that are no longer important for your device and slowing its performance. You don’t have to root your device in order to install this application in your device. The application is available in the Google’s Play Store and can be installed free of cost in your device.
The most important feature is the Cleaner functionality that can easily remove the cache data from your applications and delete your browser and device histories. Ccleaner also provides a user friendly interface to uninstall multiple applications. You can also check your device details like your RAM, CPU etc. by going to the system info page.
To download ccleaner for your android device… Click Here

History Eraser


History Eraser is also another important tool to manage your android device and optimize it for better performance. History eraser helps to clean up the device by erasing all the history data and files. It can delete all the web history, call logs, Google Map search history and also remove the market search history among other things. It is a one-stop management application for your android device. The user doesn’t have to root their device in order to install this application in your phone. This application is available on the Google’s Play Store in both Free and Paid format. In free mode, advertisements are present but if you want to remove the advertisements then purchase the paid application from the Google’s Play Store.
The User can select the type of data that they want to remove from their device before the clean-up process starts. The application also helps to clear the memory so that you have more available space to utilise. The History Eraser application also protects and guards your privacy. It has a clean and user friendly interface with a lot of setup options.
To download History Eraser for your android device… Click Here

Optimizing your older Android devices can really help to improvise the performance and clear a lot of free space. So it is a good practise to manage your android device periodically and have a hassle free performance.

Mar 19

Best Softwares for Android Smartphone Users

Every Android smartphone user wants to use and know the best software’s for their smartphones. I am Android lollipop user & I’ve faced many problems while using third party software’s. Recently I found few software’s for every Android smartphone. These software’s are very efficient and you will never face any problem while using them. Here I will explain which software is useful for which purpose with details.


Best Android Smartphone File Manager:
Every Android user want to explore their files on their PC/Mac to do some work. Here I am sharing my experience with this iStonsoft Android file manager software. iStonsoft Android Manager is a full-featured software for users to manage Android contents on a Windows PC and Mac OS based PC effectively. It enables all the functions one may need for Android management.


It is a One step solution to manage your Android Smartphone contents. iStonsoft Android manager software is not only a file manager but it also helps to backup & transfer your Android data on PC/Mac OS.

Features of iStonsoft Android File Manager:

  1. Backup everything from your Android device to PC/Mac OS easily.
  2. One click install/Uninstall Applications and Games without any errors
  3. You can use your PC/Mac OS like a Messanger.
  4. One click Contacts & Messages Assistant
  5. You can manage multiple devices simultaneously
  6. Unlimited Backup & Transfer
  7. Light weight software
  8. 100% Genuine Software

Freeware iStonsoft Android Device File Manager : Download
Licensed ware iStonsoft Android Device File manager : Purchase

Best Software to Recover Lost data on Android Smartphones:
Nowadays every Android user is worried about their lost data on Android smartphone. Many people don’t know how to recover their lost data of Android smartphone I’ve failed many times, because of worthless or useless software’s. Finally I found a software to recover my lost Android smartphone data.  Here I will explain about iStonsoft data Recovery software for Android smartphone.


Features of iStonsoft Android Data Recovery Software:

  1. One step process
  2. Directly retrieve your deleted SMS (Text messages), Contacts, Photos, Videos.
  3. It shows preview of your deleted Android files.
  4. Support all Android smartphones.
  5. Support SD based Smartphones.
  6. Supports Internal memory Smartphones also.
  7. Videos recovered with original format and size & quality
  8. Photos recovered with original size and resolution.
  9. Virus free software.
  10. Recover lost Android smartphone contacts as HTML format directly.

Freeware iStonsoft Android Data Recover Software : Download
Licensed ware iStonsoft Android Data Recover Software : Purchase

Best Software for Messages & Contacts Recovery of Android Smartphones:
In software market, there is no perfect software for Android smartphone Messages & Contacts recovery. I had a great experience with third party software’s but I’ve faced many problems while recovering SMS & Contacts of my Android smartphone. Finally I found a best tool to Recover Android Smartphone deleted or lost Messages & Contacts on Windows/Mac OS PC. Here I will explain how this software is helpful to every Android smartphone user.


Features of iStonsoft Android Smartphone SMS & Contacts Recovery Software:

  1. One step process
  2. 100% Genuine software
  3. 100% virus free
  4. No interruptions
  5. Sent & Received  SMS(Messages) recovery
  6. All deleted Contacts recovery
  7. Simple click to Restore
  8. Simple click to Recover
  9. Compatible with all Android devices

Freeware iStonsoft Android SMS & Contacts Recovery Software: Download
Licensed ware iStonsoft Android SMS & Contacts Recovery Software: Purchase

Mar 16

Apple Watch Amazes the entire World !

I’ve been waiting for the  past 2 years for Apple watch, finally it is released. I am amazed with the Apple watch design and features.


Few Things Everyone have to know about Apple Watch:
Here I will explain important things about Apple Watch.

Not Complicated:
I think it will be helpful or useful to few categorized people. We all have good experience with all Apple products. The Apple watch is a fashion statement. Apple watches come in 2 sizes: small size is 38mm and large size is 42mm. Different models that are available

  1. Aluminum Apple Watch Sport
  2. Stainless steel Apple Watch
  3. Gold Apple Watch Editions.

Not Water Resistant:
The main upset about Apple Watch is that it is not Water Proof. I thought the components inside the Apple Watch have been sealed to help them resist contact with water, so sweat, rain, washing your hands and similar activities aren’t a problem. The Apple Watch is not Water resistant so you can’t shower, swim, dive with it on your wrist.


Only Left Arm Perfect:
Why Apple didn’t think about this small thing? The main minor problem is that Apple Watch can be primarily used on the left Arm. Many people regardless of whether they’re right or left handed, wear watches on their left arm. If you prefer wearing your Apple Watch on your right Arm, there’ll be a way to rotate the display and switch the straps to accommodate you guys.

Secured by Skin Contact:
Many Apple lovers expected TouchID feature in Apple Watch, but there is no TouchID feature. Apple has come up with a new way to secure watch anyway. When you wear or put your Apple Watch on, you enter a code that authenticates it for things like Apple Pay. The main thing here is that when Apple Watch comes in contact with your skin, the remaining authentication is active &if the sensors in the bottom detect a break in contact, it automatically locks your watch. Again you have to enter your Lock code for unlocking Watch.

Battery Life:
In our real world every electronic device did everything what we need. The main problem is Battery Life. Every gadget lover is thinking to use the gadget with full brightness, internet, broadcasting and etc. That’s why the Apple Watch with retina display will need to be charged every night. Apple has included a magnetically aligned inductive charger which is very easy to connect.

About Accessibility:
The main attraction of Apple Watch is Taptic engine & Siri. The Apple Watch provides important accessibility options to people with visual impairments.



Continuity and Control:
The good news for all Apple and Gadget lovers is the Apple Watch comes with a version of Remote, the Application that lets you control an Apple TV or iTunes on your desktop. You’ll also be able to use it as a remote viewfinder for your iPhone’s camera. Just set your iPhone down, run for that group shot or solo stance, preview right on your watch and then tap to shoot or set a timer. Apple watch also comes with Continuity, the feature that lets you start something on one of your Apple devices and continue it on another.

Applications for Apple Watch:
Guys, Apple Watch will be able to pull actionable notifications for iOS 8 Applications on your iPhone and move them to you on your wrists. Apple Watch doesn’t have many applications yet. Developers will also be able to make widget-style glances to show important information from their Applications on the Apple Watch and eventually with WatchKit, developers will be able to make unique interfaces especially designed to bring some of their functionality to the smallest screen.

Mar 12

Apple March 2015 Special Event

Apple’s “Spring Forward” special event will take place on Monday, March 9, 2015 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco at 10am PT, 1pm ET.

While Apple hasn’t provided an agenda for the event, it’s hard not to imagine the Apple Watch will be front and center. Pricing for the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Editions, along with variances for the different size and band options, details on final hardware and software features, and much more remains to be discovered.

Rumors of a MacBook Air update keep circulating, but could just as easily keep this event focused on the Apple Watch. Therefore, two distinct items will take the order of the day; Apple New MacBook and The New Apple Watch

  1. The New MacBook

Monday’s Apple reveal of the new MacBook has some people shaking their heads. The MacBook Air is Apple’s smallest and lightest laptop. It comes in two sizes – 11 and 13 inches. The MacBook Air sports a 1.6 GHz dual core Intel Core i5 processor. The 11 inch model can work without recharging for up to nine hours at a stretch, while the 13 inch model can go an amazing 12 hours without needing to be plugged in.

Other features include Intel HD 6000 graphics, 4 GB RAM and 128 GB storage capacity, along with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Thunderbolt 2 and two USB 3.0 ports. The 13 inch model also sports an SDXC card slot for easy photo and video transfer.

Despite the diminutive size and relatively low-speed CPU, the MacBook Air works lightning fast, thanks in part to its reliance on PCIe-based flash storage instead of a traditional hard drive. Indeed, the MacBook Air was the first Mac laptop to offer SSD storage.


  1. Apple Watch

As Apple announced yesterday, the Apple Watch will go up for pre-order on April 10, with the official release date set for April 24, 2015.

Speculations has it that Apple may be gearing up for a new reserve and pickup system for the Apple Watch in its retail stores. With the new system, customers would be able to customize a watch online before trying it on and completing the purchase in-store.

The Reserve and Pickup system for the Apple Watch will differ from the existing Personal Pickup system for other products, which allows customers to fully purchase items online before picking them up at Apple retail locations. The new system will allow potential Watch customers to reserve a desired case and band combination online, then try the specific Watch in-store before completing the purchase.

If this new reserve system is indeed implemented, the ability to customize and reserve a watch combination online before trying it on in-store could help streamline the purchasing process for customers.

The New WatchStand Cost

Griffin has announced WatchStand, a charging dock for the Apple Watch, more than six weeks ahead of the device’s launch.

The first in what Griffin says will be a line of products for the Apple Watch, WatchStand features an angled cradle that will securely hold the watch’s magnetic charger. The central post holds the charger’s cable, with excess cable wrapping around the post.

The base of the WatchStand features an angled lip that holds your phone at an angle, letting it rest against the post. Your iPhone will, of course, need its own charger. The stand will be available this summer for $29.99.

Mar 09

iPhone 6 Survival Guide – What Every iPhone 6 Owner Must Know!

The new iPhone 6 comes with all of the latest technology from Apple so it’s packed with tons of sparkling new features – which turns out to be quite difficult for new users to fully take advantage of. But don’t worry because in this article we’re going to show you all of the most essential tips and tricks that you can use right now to really start dominating your iPhone! Let’s get started!

So the first and probably most important tip is about charging your phone. If you haven’t heard about it, there’s actually a “hidden” technique that can reduce the charging time of your iPhone 6 by up to 50%! Sounds awesome? The secret here actually lies in your power supplier. A lot of people don’t know that the standard 1A power supplier which comes with your device by default is not the fastest way to charge it! The ultimate way to charge your iPhone 6 is actually with an iPad charger as it supplies 2.1 A power. This will basically charge your iPhone 6 Plus in 2 hours flat – which is MUCH faster that the standard wall connector. So if you have an iPad, or maybe even invest in an iPad charger, it will prove exceptionally useful!

Next step, you want to go to “Setting”, click on “General” and then scroll down to “Usage” and tap “Battery Usage” at the top. This will show you every App that’s taking up your battery and the percentage that it’s using. If you want to save your battery even more then there’s a pretty cool trick for you. Still in “Setting” and “General”, there’s a feature called “Background App Refresh” that will tell you every App that’s refreshed in the background and taking up more of your battery, you can go ahead and turn that off to use less power and keep your device charged longer.

There’s a pretty cool and brand new trick you can use on your iPhone 6 to make shopping online easier than ever! If you go into Safari and browse to any website that you can buy stuff with, you can actually scan your credit card now, which will automatically come up with a button. Just click “Scan Credit Card”, tap “OK” for a few times then it’ll pop up with a little rectangular box that will allow you to scan a credit card and will automatically input all the information you need, making it very easy to purchase products!

Next, if you go to “Messages” and hold the camera button, it will bring up a circle which you can use to take a video or picture instantly with your iPhone, and send it to your friends! The video you just recorded will actually expire in 2 minutes and you can modify that in your settings. Just click on “Messages” in “Settings”, scroll down to the bottom where it says “Expire” and there you can freely choose if you want the videos to last forever or just after 2 minutes! Remember that videos sent as attachments will not expire.

The last trick is actually very basic, but I bet a lot of people, whether they have been using iPhone for a long time or have just purchased one, don’t know about; and that’s the multitasking feature. So when you double tap your Home button you’ll see all these Apps that are using up your battery, and you can simply swipe up to get rid of them, therefore using less battery and keep your device charged longer!

So that’s it guys, all of the most essential tips you can apply right now to start using you iPhone more efficiently and get the most out of its new technology! There are actually a lot more “advanced” tips and tricks that you can use on your iPhone, which you can find pretty easily on our blog, but in case you are brand new to this awesome phone from Apple then these tricks alone should be more than enough for you to get started!

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Jan 30

iStonsoft Free YouTube Downloader: One-step solution to Save YouTube Videos

YouTube is regarded as the biggest and most popular video sharing site in the world. People love to watch, upload and share video through this site. But there are times when it is inconvenient to capture your favorite videos when you want to save YouTube videos directly on your portable devices to watch later, especially when you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. So, iStonsoft Free YouTube Downloader just emerges at the right moment.

YouTube Downloader allows you to save videos from YouTube site and play them on your computer, iPad/iPod, PSP, Kindle Fire and other devices. Free YouTube Downloader is special for Windows users. If you are using a Mac, you can depend on Free YouTube Downloader for Mac. Continue reading “iStonsoft Free YouTube Downloader: One-step solution to Save YouTube Videos” »