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Nov 09

How to Enjoy Thanksgiving Movies on iPad, Kindle Fire, Surface

The fourth Thursday in November is coming. What will you do on that specific day? If you have not made up your decision, then why not let your DVD Player, iPad or any other device works for you on Thanksgiving Day? There are many occasional movies are worth watching at this Thanksgiving season. Continue reading “How to Enjoy Thanksgiving Movies on iPad, Kindle Fire, Surface” »

Oct 30

Is iPad Mini Worth Buying

apple's ipad miniiPad mini was released as no surprise. Except the slight deviation in size, all the possible configuration and price are almost exposed in advance. Now, this 7.9-inch mini iPad is available on from Apple since Oct 26th. This also comes with the question – is iPad mini worth buying? Once you are hesitant if should buy iPad mini, then you can first go through this post to check the respective reasons for buying and not buying. After that, you can then decide to purchase it or not by yourself. Continue reading “Is iPad Mini Worth Buying” »

Oct 25

iPad mini vs iPad 4 vs iPad 3

Apple held a new conference on the past October 23rd. Not a surprise, the conference come along with the arrival of the long-awaited iPad mini. Besides, as a surprise, iPad 4 was also released in a rush. Many people are curious about what the difference lie in among the iPad mini, iPad 4 and the previous iPad 2 and the new iPad. This post is here to give a detailed comparison of the iPad series devices from their configurations. Continue reading “iPad mini vs iPad 4 vs iPad 3” »

Oct 22

iPad Mini or iPad Air

Months ago, there were the rumors that Apple was going to announce a new iPad device with a smaller display than the traditional 9.7inch one. Recently, more and more rumors on this smaller iPad appeared over the Internet. Among these continuously rumors, one of the most rumored news expected by most people would be that this mini iPad is rumored to be released on Oct 23rd. Continue reading “iPad Mini or iPad Air” »

Oct 17

How to Watch Halloween Movies on iPad?

Once a year of Halloween is fast approaching now! It’s rightly the time for you to get prepared for some horrible movies to enjoy at Halloween or in advance. In the previous post, I have introduced some top Halloween movies of all time. For some iPad owners, it’s also a perfect opportunity to add some horrible movies into the 9.7-inch iPad, especially the new iPad with retina display, for experiencing the scary Halloween mood quickly and leisurely. Continue reading “How to Watch Halloween Movies on iPad?” »

Oct 17

Halloween Apps for iPhone

Now with the approaching of the 2012 Halloween, related apps which can get you into the Halloween spirit in advance are also coming out. Each year, there are a bunch of Halloween-themed apps come to the App Store for users to enjoy the Halloween. This year there are also the new apps released or updated ahead of time to get you in the Halloween spirit. The post here is to share you with some different kinds of Halloween apps for iPhone in 2012. Go ahead to check if these apps can also win your favor now! Continue reading “Halloween Apps for iPhone” »