Must-have Apps for The new iPad – You Should Not Miss Out

Dear numerous iPad fans, the new iPad has been released yesterday in US! I guess you must be eager to purchase one right now, take it easy! Since we have to wait for some days until March 16th. Anyway, we can do something to prepare for owing the new iPad, right? In this page, we are going to list 5 must-have apps for the new iPad, after all, if an iPad without apps, it is hard to meet our requirements. Following are the 5 best apps for the new iPad for your reference.

1. iPhoto for iPad – Price: $4.99

With the release of the new iPad in San Francisco, Apple has also announced an all-new version of iPhoto for iPad, which gives users a totally new way to organize and browse photos they’ve taken. There are many new features for the new iPhoto including new effects, new gestures, multi-touch editing.

2. iBooks – Price: Free

Using the new iPad, you need an app which helps you to read e-Books on it freely, right? There is no doubt that iBooks is your best choice and you can’t do without it, especially for users who are book lovers. It is specially designed for iPad users and you can make e-book reading feel like reading a real book, the experience will be better than you are reading a real book.

3. Netflix – Price: Free

Owning a new iPad, you can’t do without an app like Netflix which allows you to browse the expansive library of on-demand TV shows and videos available through the Netflix, also you can play them in seconds. This app is totally free, you can download it from App Store.

4. NBA Game Time Courtside – Price: Free

If you are a sport lover or you want to follow the NBA and you favorite team on the official the new iPad, I think this NBA Game Time Courtside is your best choice. It is totally free and you can watch your favorite TV Shows on it with your new iPad. This stunning app is really a great tool for the new iPad and it is a must-have for the new iPad users who love sporting!

5. Sketcher HD – Price: $2.99

This is one of the must-have apps for the new iPad which is specially designed for Apple iPad users. There are sketches, doodles and endless fun for users, you can enjoy the fun together with your family and friends, and so cool it is!

All these apps can be downloaded from App Store, hope you can enjoy using the new iPad when you got one in future!

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