Mar 10

Should You Buy an Apple Watch? – A Complete Review

As you’ve probably known the Apple Watch has recently become one of the most talked about topics on the Internet as Apple’s release date for the watch is coming closer. As much as we can tell, the watch will be available to purchase on 24 April and the price should be anywhere from $349 to $17,000. So many people are wondering whether to purchase this smart watch from Apple or not, and thus today we will give you a hands-on review of the up-coming Apple Watch and offer you some insights into some of the most fundamental features of this watch so that you decide for yourself whether this new Apple product is actually worth the price.

Apple Watch – The Next Big Hit From Apple
The first special feature of the Apple Watch is wireless charging. If you have been familiar with any Macbook in the past, it usually comes with a Magsafe charger and this will be the exact charger that the new watch will use. Apple has brought the Magsafe technology into the watch, so all you have to do is put the Magsafe charger on the back of the Apple watch and then it will magnetically attached together and starts charging. So there’s definitely no type of lighting cables – which turns out to be quite convenient.

The Convenient Magsafe Charger for Apple Watch
The next feature is actually very innovative – it’s the fitness monitor that you can find behind the watch. So in the back of the Apple track there are 4 sensors that will track your heart rate, your motion and it also has GPS so it can track where the motion has taken you, so that you can clearly see how active you were in your exercise. You can even see how long you have been sitting, and how long it takes for you to get up and be active again since the last time you sat down. These are all very useful and innovative features from Apple and you’d expect the “Tech Giant” to be the next big competitor for other fitness bands out there, as the Apple Watch not only focuses much of its attention on fitness, but it also comes with a ton of other apps.

The Innovative Health App for the Apple Watch
Want to pay only by using your watch? Apple has made that come true by introducing Apple Pay for their new watch. This is not a brand new feature as it has been introduced on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus before, however using it on your watch would be a totally new experience. There are some concerns about security as Apple hasn’t touched on how it’s going to work without Touch ID, however we believe Apple should be able to deliver a proper solution as the way they described Apple Pay seems to be very secured so far. We bet everyone loves the idea of being able to just swipe your watch and make a transaction. Just imagine you don’t even have to pull anything out of your pocket, you don’t have to go for your credit card, your wallet, your phone,… it would be very convenient! Even though we still have a lot to see on how seamlessly it’s going to work, the idea of Apple Pay on this smart watch looks very promising.

Apple Pay on Apple Watch – A Very Promising Combination
There are a lot more useful features on the Apple Watch but these 3 are the most out-standing. We still have a lot to see until the release date but rest assured the Apple Watch will be the next big hit for the Tech Giant. And you, have you decided for yourself yet? Will these amazing features actually be worth the price?

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Mar 09

iPhone 6 Survival Guide – What Every iPhone 6 Owner Must Know!

The new iPhone 6 comes with all of the latest technology from Apple so it’s packed with tons of sparkling new features – which turns out to be quite difficult for new users to fully take advantage of. But don’t worry because in this article we’re going to show you all of the most essential tips and tricks that you can use right now to really start dominating your iPhone! Let’s get started!

So the first and probably most important tip is about charging your phone. If you haven’t heard about it, there’s actually a “hidden” technique that can reduce the charging time of your iPhone 6 by up to 50%! Sounds awesome? The secret here actually lies in your power supplier. A lot of people don’t know that the standard 1A power supplier which comes with your device by default is not the fastest way to charge it! The ultimate way to charge your iPhone 6 is actually with an iPad charger as it supplies 2.1 A power. This will basically charge your iPhone 6 Plus in 2 hours flat – which is MUCH faster that the standard wall connector. So if you have an iPad, or maybe even invest in an iPad charger, it will prove exceptionally useful!

Next step, you want to go to “Setting”, click on “General” and then scroll down to “Usage” and tap “Battery Usage” at the top. This will show you every App that’s taking up your battery and the percentage that it’s using. If you want to save your battery even more then there’s a pretty cool trick for you. Still in “Setting” and “General”, there’s a feature called “Background App Refresh” that will tell you every App that’s refreshed in the background and taking up more of your battery, you can go ahead and turn that off to use less power and keep your device charged longer.

There’s a pretty cool and brand new trick you can use on your iPhone 6 to make shopping online easier than ever! If you go into Safari and browse to any website that you can buy stuff with, you can actually scan your credit card now, which will automatically come up with a button. Just click “Scan Credit Card”, tap “OK” for a few times then it’ll pop up with a little rectangular box that will allow you to scan a credit card and will automatically input all the information you need, making it very easy to purchase products!

Next, if you go to “Messages” and hold the camera button, it will bring up a circle which you can use to take a video or picture instantly with your iPhone, and send it to your friends! The video you just recorded will actually expire in 2 minutes and you can modify that in your settings. Just click on “Messages” in “Settings”, scroll down to the bottom where it says “Expire” and there you can freely choose if you want the videos to last forever or just after 2 minutes! Remember that videos sent as attachments will not expire.

The last trick is actually very basic, but I bet a lot of people, whether they have been using iPhone for a long time or have just purchased one, don’t know about; and that’s the multitasking feature. So when you double tap your Home button you’ll see all these Apps that are using up your battery, and you can simply swipe up to get rid of them, therefore using less battery and keep your device charged longer!

So that’s it guys, all of the most essential tips you can apply right now to start using you iPhone more efficiently and get the most out of its new technology! There are actually a lot more “advanced” tips and tricks that you can use on your iPhone, which you can find pretty easily on our blog, but in case you are brand new to this awesome phone from Apple then these tricks alone should be more than enough for you to get started!

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Jun 21

iOS 7 Enabled Some Nifty New Security Features

iOS 7, which was announced days ago on the WWDC by Apple, brings a lot of changes. In the last post, I’ve introduced some new features of the iOS 7. These features made the iOS 7 attractive. Actually, in addition to these main changes, a number of security-related enhancements also made the iOS 7 an operating system worth using. Today, let’s have a look at the newly added security features in the iOS 7.
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Jun 14

New Features Roundup of iOS 7

Even there was not the news of the long-awaited new iPhone and new iPad at the WWDC 2013, the announcement of iOS 7 is undoubtedly a good news for most people. As a new version with the biggest changes since the advent of iOS, iOS 7 is now branded with the new CEO label. And it seems to indicate that Apple Corp has finally entered the age of Tim Cook.

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May 14

Counterattack from Apple Fans: 10 Reasons to Love Apple

A few days ago, the well-known Apple blog writer – Philip Elmer-DeWitt uncharacteristically published an article on a website. The article was entitled as “10 Reasons To Hate Apple”, which contained many irrational complaint inside. For example, Apple is arrogant, Apple is greedy, etc. In the article, there are also some contents with personal emotional factors, such as, Apple’s stuff is overpriced, etc. All these can be said to be unreasonable complaint, which provoke the war of words from many Apple fans.

Hours later, another Apple blog writer – Ernie Varitimos countered the former by publishing an article which entitled “10 Reasons To Love Apple“. Continue reading “Counterattack from Apple Fans: 10 Reasons to Love Apple” »