Oct 24

Comparison of 6 Mainstream Small-size Tablet PC

apple's ipad miniIf you’ve always wanted to have an iPad, but feel it is too big, then the newly released iPad mini can hit all your points. With the 7.9-inches display screen, over 275,000 apps, ultrafast wireless and more, the new iPad mini arrives. We can say that everything you love about iPad, iPad mini can satisfy your demands also. Therefore, iPad mini will be one of the hottest Tablet PC on the market sooner or later.

We all know that many Tablet PC manufacturers have released their own new devices in recent months. Maybe some of them have already won your heart. But if you’re still feeling hard to make a decision, or you want to choose the best one which has the best configuration, then you’d better to check the below table. We have compared iPad mini to 5 mainstream tablet devices for your reference. Here, you’ll find the difference between iPad mini and  Nook HD, and you can compare iPad mini to Kindle Fire HD or iPad mini vs Nexus 7 as you like. Continue reading “Comparison of 6 Mainstream Small-size Tablet PC” »

Oct 22

4 Things You Are Looking Forward to Apple’s Conference

ipad miniIt is rumored that Apple is planning to hold a special product release conference in October 23, 2012. There are more and more medium reported that Apple will release its new tablet PC – iPad Mini in this conference. And this device comes with a 7.85-inch display screen and 24 different configurations for customers’ reference.

In addition to iPad mini, people don’t know what will be discussed exactly in this meeting. So in this article, we have collected and picked up the top 4 things people are looking forward to discussing in the Apple’s conference. If you’re interested in this topic, just keep reading now. Continue reading “4 Things You Are Looking Forward to Apple’s Conference” »

Oct 22

iPad Mini or iPad Air

Months ago, there were the rumors that Apple was going to announce a new iPad device with a smaller display than the traditional 9.7inch one. Recently, more and more rumors on this smaller iPad appeared over the Internet. Among these continuously rumors, one of the most rumored news expected by most people would be that this mini iPad is rumored to be released on Oct 23rd. Continue reading “iPad Mini or iPad Air” »

Oct 22

What Shall We Expect on Apple Special Media Event Oct. 23

Last Tuesday, Apple sent invitations to a special media even scheduled for October 23, 2012. at the California Theater in San Jose. It is not the first time for Apple have a conference at this theater. On 2005, the company released a new product called new iPod, so called Video iPod.

Just as previous invitation, Apple left a word also a slogan on the invitation. Usually, the word will lead to various speculations and Apple fans cling to predict what apple will show us through it as well. Such as the conference invitation for iPhone 5 which was left a big 5 under the released date. What happened later? Apple released iPhone 5 according to our expectations. So does this event invitation. What shall we expect on this Apple special media event Oct. 23? We may find some clues from the invitation as well. Continue reading “What Shall We Expect on Apple Special Media Event Oct. 23” »

Oct 18

Jailbreak iOS 6 for iPhone 4/iPhone 3GS/iPod touch 4G

iOS 6 has been released for a month. Previously, we don’t recommend you experience new things as soon as they are unveiled for there are some unstable features in the new system. So it does for you to Jailbreak your iDevice with latest system. But now, it’s the time. RedSn0w 0.9.15b version has been launched for a period, and we can enjoy this exquisite jailbreak for our iOS 6 device now. Continue reading “Jailbreak iOS 6 for iPhone 4/iPhone 3GS/iPod touch 4G” »

Oct 04

Reasons for Upgrading iOS 6

Since Apple’s iOS 6 has officially provided users with download and upgrade link, more and more people have experienced its powerful functions for the first time. But at the same time, there is also more and more bad news about this all-new system. Just like the saying goes “There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes”, so it is inevitable that there are has different influence for the release of iOS 6 systems.

Maybe you’re confused by whether upgrade your iOS’s system to the latest one, right? Therefore, we write this article to list the top 5 reasons for you to upgrade iOS system on your iPhone 4S/4, the new iPad and iPad 2. Continue reading “Reasons for Upgrading iOS 6” »