May 30

8 Popular Social Networking Apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod in Different Countries

popular social network apps around the worldOur life is gradually transformed in the modern life. The communication between different groups and countries is diversified and deepened. Never have we seen such a complicated social network before that “villagers” can choose their favorite ways to chat, link and share with different people on the earth. The popularity of social network in nowadays lets the “Global Village” come into its own. Meanwhile, the releases and updates of portable devices of sorts have strengthened the deep-rooted influences of social network on everyone today. For these reasons, I’d like to round up some popular social networking apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod in different countries, and let’s see how the people in different places feed their internet addiction. Continue reading “8 Popular Social Networking Apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod in Different Countries” »

May 16

Put Indestructible Armour on Your iOS Devices with Anti-Virus Apps

Last month, almost 700,000 Apple’s Mac OS X computers were infected with the Flashfake/Flashback malware. Although Apple released the corresponding patch to help Mac users to solve the problem, there are still around 140,000 Macs haven’t got out of stuck. Computer security company Kaspersky said publicly that Apple is ten years behind Microsoft at least in terms of security.

bad apple

We know Apple had already invited Kaspersky to evaluate the security and vulnerability of the Mac OS X. Today, Kaspersky’s CTO Nikolay Grebennikov indicates that “Mac OS is really vulnerable.” According to Kaspersky Lab, this is the largest Mac-based infection to this day, with the largest number of victims targeting developed countries – 700,000 infected computers around the world, with more than 98% of the computers most likely running Mac OS X.

Grebennikov said, after a short observation and understanding, he found Apple didn’t pay enough attention to the security of Mac OS X. This was because Apple refused to use patches from Oracle who released relevant patch as early as three months ago and turned to create its own patches to close Java vulnerabilities. Apple’s operation on patching on Java is quite slow, some repair work is even two or three months later than the Oracle officially release of the patch, this is too long. Apple’s slow response to Flashfake Trojan is the main cause of mass infection on Mac OS X worldwide.

In addition, Grebennikov also revealed that iOS system is relatively safe and there is no specific malware can be determined by now. Nonetheless, it can be predicted that in the near future, there will be a lot of malware will invade iOS terminal. Kaspersky believes that perhaps in a year or so, the first malware will aim at iOS devices.

Nip in the bud! iOS users should deal with issues before they happen. Prepare in advance with Anti-Virus Software for iOS Devices. Kaspersky released a Flashfake Removal Tool last month but had been temporarily suspended since a bug in the software was discovered. Before the updated version come out, users who have no shield on your iOS devices should install them immediately to prevent infection from spreading. Below we will list some great Anti-Virus Software for you to avoid iOS devices being affected by virus.

Top 1: VirusBarrier

Top 2: Sophos Security Threat Monitor

Top 3: McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Mobile

Top 4: VirusRemover

(Above 4 are all from Apple Store)

Top 5: ISafeGuard

Tips: Here are top 3 Anti-Virus Software for Mac are ready for Mac users to struggle with the virus, adware, malware, etc.

May 11

Download & Upgrade to Latest Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 – Recommend to All Lion Users

Apple official site has pushed out the newest version Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 on May 9, 2012, which is the fourth time to update the Mac OS X Lion since the debut of Lion in July of last year. This time the compatibility, reliability and security of Lion have been upgraded and are expecting to bring you better internet experience than ever before.

mac os x lion update

The latest Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 comes with many new features and real benefits for clients including improvements in File Sharing, Profile Manager, Web Server, Mail Server and more. The most significant changes come bundled with the update are a fix to a restoring windows bug and a patch for a potential security issue with FileVault passwords to bring a substantial update for Safari browsers on Mac at the same time.

All improvements for 10.7 clients are included in this update as below:

  • Resolve an issue in which the “Reopen windows when logging back in” setting is always enabled.
  • Improve compatibility with certain British third-party USB keyboards.
  • Addresses permission issues that may be caused if you use the Get Info inspector function “Apply to enclosed items…” on your home directory.
  • Improve Internet sharing of PPPoE connections.
  • Improve using a proxy auto-configuration (PAC) file.
  • Address an issue that may prevent files from being saved to an SMB server.
  • Improve printing to an SMB print queue.
  • Improve performance when connecting to a WebDAV server.
  • Enable automatic login for NIS accounts.
  • Include RAW image compatibility for additional digital cameras.
  • Improve the reliability of binding and logging into Active Directory accounts.
  • The OS X Lion v10.7.4 Update includes Safari 5.1.6, which contains stability improvements.

If you are OS X Lion users, you can download and upgrade to latest Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 directly via Software Update from the Apple menu. To eliminate any potential problems, you are generally proposed to update any supported systems using the standalone Combo installer and rather than the built-in Software Update. Before upgrading your Mac OS X Lion, do not forget to backup your precious data.

Download Latest Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 now! Links are offered below to get the free download and installation immediately.

If you are running OS X Lion, version 10.7.3 or earlier, it’s time for you to upgrade the system. Slide your mouse right now!

Apr 25

Cargo-Bot: The First Game App Created on iPad Completely

An unfamous application development studio called Two Lives Left released a new iPad game app Cargo-Bot.What is the difference between this iPad app and the numerous game apps from App Store? That is: Cargo-Bot is the first game app created on iPad completely!

the first game app created on ipad completely

Two Lives Left adopted a coding application for iPad to create Cargo-Bot, to our surprise, all of the procedures are completed on the 9.7-inch screen of the iPad, including designing and coding of the new game.

Codea is an iPad app with $10 that allows you to code apps. It was based on the Lua programming language and can be run and tested in the Codea environment directly. After the design and development for several months, they decided to use an unreleased Xcode template program to make this app get out of Codea and enter the App Store. All the music engine and score were made with the help of Codea’s Sound API on iPad.

When Two Lives Left releases the library source code of Codea runtime, other iOS developers can also use Codea to create apps and then publish to App Store!

To some extent, as a game app that was made on a tablet, Cargo-Bot is perfect. Meticulous graphics make it a very popular game app. So far as I know, there are many game players like this app. Furthermore, such an app may help iPad to be an independent development platform and perhaps it won’t reliable to the traditional desktop computer. As long as the tools and features are more and more perfect, we believe that iOS will be the ultimate content creation tool.

Comment of Cargo-Bot

An industry commented that I write a long article with the iPad, and manage e-mail, sketches, etc., iPad can indeed be used as the creation tool. I think it has great significance for the release of Cargo-Bot. Well, we know that writing code need to use a lot of symbols and to re-enter the complex string, this is one of the reason why they choose Lua language, as Lua language doesn’t have so many symbols.

Although there are limitations by using Codea, it still needs a computer to do some art and design work. Anyway, Cargo-Bot is a remarkable achievement. We can consider it as a watershed in the content creation on the iPad(or tablet PC).

Apr 23

10 Basic Instagram Tips And Tricks

Nowadays, the world’s attention are focused on Instagram since the biggest social networking site Facebook announced that they will acquisit Instagram and the team behind with $ 1 billion. There are 33 million users for Instagram now, do you know why does the Instagram have such a magic power? Anyway, there must be many differences from the other social applications. Considering there are many people haven’t use the Instagram, here, we would like to talk about some basic Instagram tips and tricks as following. (Note: If you want to print Instagram photos or export Instagram photos to computer, this iPhone to Computer Transfer will help you a lot. For Mac users, you can try iPhone to Mac Transfer.)

10 basic instagram tips and tricks review

Instagram is actually a free application designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It allows users to share their photos through Facebook, Flickr, Posterous, Tumblr and Twitter. Following are 10 basic Instagram tips and tricks, hope they are helpful to you.

Part 1. Tips on How to Take a Good Photo

It is said that cell phone photography in the future will be more entertainment, fun and social. Instagram has perfect manifestation for that. Well, if you want to take a beautiful photo, it’s necessary for you to master some skills about it.

1. Composition

For the simple composition of cell phone photography is required, the rule of thirds, golden rule, diagonal rules should be understand simply, only in this way, you can find a correct view to take a photo instead of put the screen on the middile whenever you are taking a photo. Of course, it is unnecessary for you to adhere to those conventions at any time.

2. Find a view

Framing is not related to the screen horizontal line. You need to learn how to shot from different angles, for example, looking down, looking up, or to the subject’s point of view finder are worth trying (not recommended 45 degrees). Thus, it is more likely that you will take a good photo.

3. “Shift” effect

The camera phone does not have the same ability to control depth of field of professional cameras, however, using lines, overlap, the foreground and background space can realize this. So you can use the “shift” effect in the Instagram to make the photo has “depth” feeling.

4. Lighting

To some extent, the quality of the light determines the quality of photos you shoot. For example, you need to avoid the front of the top light and light shooting, and try to use the edge-lit or backlit, especially silhouette under backlighting will make your photos layering and beautiful.

5. Filter

To shoot a perfect photo, you need to use the filter of Instagram properly. The rich filter is always an important feature of Instagram app. Adding the filter effect on an original photo will hide out some small flaws in the camera phone. So it need you to try repeatedly and then choose the best one.

6. Borders

When you are using Instagram to take photos, you should remember cutting issues. Try your best to adjust it to 1 × 1 aspect ratio.

Part 2. How to make your photos gain attention

7. Create high-quality photos

8. Create popularity photos

9. Make full use of label promotion

10. Attention to other users

These are 10 basic tips and tricks of Instagram! Dear numerous iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, hope these tips can be helpful to you. Take your time and have fun with Instagram application!

Apr 18

7 Ways to Improve the new iPad Battery Life

easy way to improve the new ipad battery lifeAfter the release of the new iPad, the battery life continues to be criticized. Many users are concerned about how to make the battery life longer. Apparently, the battery problem of the new iPad can not be called serious, but compared with the first generation iPad, it indeed falls faster. Even so, we can do something adjustments to improve the new iPad’s battery life significantly. There are 7 ways to improve the new iPad battery life in the following.

1. Lower the screen brightness

To improve the new iPad battery life, lower the screen brightness is the simplest and most effective way. Kindly go to Settings > Brightness > Wallpaper to complete the operation. In addition, you can double click multi-task bar, then brush to the right to adjust the brightness module on the left.

2. Close 4G LTE

4G networks can load data faster, but it will reduce the battery service time, especially when it is in 4G coverage area. Just click on Settings > General > Enable LTE to turn off the 4G LET running. Furthermore, you can also close 3G network if necessary.

3. Lock your new iPad

You can let the new iPad go to sleep within the specified time. Settings > General > Auto-lock, after that, you need to set a shorter time interval such as 2 minutes is appropriate for the new iPad.

4. Forbidden push notification
although your new iPad is in the sleep mode, it will do a lot of things in the background. For example, it will automatically check the applications notice, which will consume power of your new iPad. In this case, you can change settings by Settings > Notice when you are not interested in some applications.

5. Reduce the use of location-based service

To launch the application of location-based service (such as maps) will shorten the battery usage time, especially when it is in LTE/4G. Well, just go to Settings > Location-based Service to make some changes.

6. Turn off push mail

You can go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Obtain new data and push to turn off the mail. Suppose you have multiple accounts, but you do not want check each account if there is new message, then you can just following the settings above mentioned, advanced bar provides you the time checking, particular account etc.

7. Make the new iPad in a full power and then charge for a while

Although the display is 100%, it is not full enough. Through the non-rigorous testing, there is a gap of 5% – 7%. So, just charge for a while after “100%”. And then discharge, which is also the method of other lithium maintenance.

Moreover, there are other “secret” on improving the new iPad battery life but it seems that they are not so significant effect after testing. For example:

  • Lower the volume or mute.
  • Disable diagnostic and report.
  • Close the applications not being used.
  • Overcharge (in fact, it is risky to do this.)