Apr 16

How to Deal with a Mac When Not Being Used

Dear Mac users, how do you deal with your favorite Mac when you don’t use it? Shutdown, sleeps, or always keeps it turned on? Have you ever though of which is the best and why? Here is solution on how to deal with a Mac when not being used. Continue reading this passage to learn more information about how to manage your ac when not being used.

how to deal with a mac when not being used

1. Sleeping

When you are not using your Mac, you can put it to sleep in order to save energy. When your Mac is in sleep state, it is still open, but consumes very little power. It takes less time to wake your Mac up from sleeping than to reboot after powering off. As soon as your Mac is wake up from sleep, applications, presentations, and computer settings will be consistent with the state before you leave.

Advantages: When you launch the Mac from sleeping, it will access to working state soon; Sleep and wake can be both set by regular or remotely.
Disadvantages: A small amount of electricity consumption; the temporary, exchange and cache file of the system will not be cleared during the boot process; system updates can not be installed automatically unless the user restart it manually; It’s better for a Mac with 4GB memory.

The feature enables a Mac to sleep state in a second! So, it is a good choice for Apple fans who wish to make the Mac to work after launching it. If you use a Mac every day, it is better for you to put it to sleep when you leave for a while or early morning rest time. But one thing you should remember: Reboot the system on a regular basis in order to complete the installation of system updates, which can be considered as a part of routine maintenance.

2. Shutting a Mac Down

When you are turning off a Mac, Mac OS X will close all open applications and its presentation; cancel the active user accounts, disconnect the power between the network and Internet services. It will take some minutes to close the Mac. During the shutdown process, the sleep indicator light will light up briefly.

Advantages: energy saving, not consume hardware; all the temporary, memory, swap and cache files will be cleared during the boot process. Major system updates can be installed directly.
Disadvantages: boot and return to the previous state requires a lot of time.

I believe that most of Mac users know that shutting down a Mac takes a bit long time. That is because when you want to close a Mac, the system needs to quit all open applications and documents. While you have to open applications and documents again in order to return to the previous working state. Although the Resume feature of OS X Lion can help you return the task you were dealing with as you wish, there is still “too slow” feeling, right? For those who cherish the hardware, attempts to extend the Mac life, it seems a best choice to shutdown. If you don’t use MacBook Pro in two days or longer, it’s better for you to shut down it.

3. Keeping a Mac on

Advantages: No need to wait to use at any time; Recover the working state immediately; To keep the server maintain a constant trouble-free operation; scheduled backups or perform system maintenance tasks during your leaving.
Disadvantages: Continuous energy consumption; Heat generated due to the machine running is harmful for the hard drive, fans, and the physical hardware.

Always keep a Mac on is another viable option, but it seems more suitable for server-based Mac computers. Of course, as described above, its advantages and disadvantages are particularly evident. If you are running a server or some kind of Media Center, it is inevitable to keep the Mac turned on, however, it is not the best choice for the average Mac users.

Apr 13

Top 10 Best iPhone Apps for Mother’s Day

best iphone apps for mothers dayDear friends, as the Mother’s Day is round the corner ( on May 13rd, 2012 ), what gifts would you like to get ready for your mother? So far as I know, the reason why Mother’s Day comes in May is because May is a month of love and beauty. Celebrating a special Mother’s Day needs creativity and imagination. We can see there are so many ways to bring surprise for mothers on that day. Well, except for a “Happy Mother’s Day”, there are also top 10 best iPhone Apps for Mother’s Day. In other words, an iPhone or iPad is a good gift idea if possible. Here are ten best Mother’s Day iPhone Apps for you to choose.

1. LAZ Reader – Kindergarten and first grade readers can be learned through this application, how does a boy prepare breakfast for his mother with the help of his father. Cultivate interest and sentiment of Mother’s Day. Experience your mother’s hard work of preparing for breakfast for you every morning.

2. Momisms – Sometimes, mom is very severe, however, listen to mother’s advice is always wise. Shaking or tapping iPhone or iPod touch to get mother’s urge everywhere. We feel troubel for mother’s nagging when we was a child, while now, we have grown up, we find how precious mother’s nagging is.

3. HungryGoWhere – Mother’s Day dinner has entered the final decision stage, still not sure where to go? HungryGoWhere can be able to provide information on how to control calorie diet. Search for different types of restaurants, take a look at the diner reviews of past, then you will know what you should order.

4. Postagram – To give your mother a surprise, Postagram is the best application for iPhone on Mother’s Day. This app allows you to share beloved memories in spite of the distance between you and your mother. This great app for iPhone is designed by Sincerely Inc. You can send a printable photo, writing a message in a email to your beloved mother.

5. Clocks for Moms – Clocks for Moms is a best Time tracking app for iPhone which specially designed for our beloved moms. It offers many different kinds of features such as Analog and digital clocks etc. In addition, there are Date, month, year and year information completely. It’s so convenient for your mother to control the time everywhere. Just get on from iTunes as a gift for mother!

6. BuUuk – Not sure where to bring your mother to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? BuUuk is indispensable free dining guide. You can get the route information through checking the hotel lacation from the augmented reality mode. With this app, you can easily navigate to the perfect place for mothers. As we all know, it’s not good to get lost when we bring mother to have dinner.

7. Epicurious – You can learn some professional recipes from Bon Appetit, Gourmet and well-known cookbook to cook breakfast for your mother.

8. Mums Movie Quiz -This is a game app designed for iPhone & iPad users. For movie lover mothers, it’s a very good app. There are also many other small games in this app, it costs only $0.99 and you can easily get it from iTunes.

9. Someecards – There is only once a year for Mother’s Day, so, why not send her a typical e-card with this Someecards application? I believe you will give your mother a big surprise! Try your best to choose a special card and send it to your mother to let her feel your love to mom!

10. Mother’s Day Surprise – Want to make some joyful thing on Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day Surprise app will help you do the rest. Just install this app on your iPhone, you can make various kinds of gifts for your mother, which will sure give your mother a great surprise!

However, in my opinion, no matter in what way you are going to celebrate that day for your mother, there are something that we must do: Say “I love you” to her, give her a big hug, wash foot for her etc. Just try to express your love to her and forget about your face!

Apr 11

How to Download 3D Titanic Movie to iPad

Where did you watch the Titanic movie about 14 years ago? With whom? Whose hand will you hold to watch the 3D Titanic movie this month? Right after the release of 3D Titanic movie, so many Titanic fans went to cinema for watching it again so that they can experience the 3D effect. Of course, there are also many people watch Titanic again not only for the 3D effect, but also for reliving the youthful memories. Nowadays, iPad has become a trend, so, do you want to download 3D Titanic movie to iPad? Is it possible for you to achieve this goal?

In order to download movies to iPad, here we would like to recommend you three best movie download website. You can feel free to download Titanic movie from any of these sites.

1. Hulu
Hulu offers a good deal of movies & TV shows as you like. From this site, you can search and download unrestricted movies to your iPad with ease. Actually, there are many free movies for you to download including Titanic movie. If you want to download this movie with 2D to your iPad, there is no problem, just try it.

2. The Movie Center
There are unlimited movie downloads for members as well as numerous music, videos, ebooks, images etc. Your favorite movie Titanic movie can be downloaded to your iPad without any problem for free. In addition, there are other high quality definition movies such as action movies, comedy movies for iPad, you can feel free to download them from here.

3. The Movie Downloads
Any Movies, TV shows, music movies etc. are available in this site. As a member of this site, you can enjoy unrestricted access to it and downloads. Whenever you want to download movies for your iPad or just enjoy them online, you can realize your dream.

Since we know that iPad doesn’t support 3D video download, however, there is another way to download Titanic movie to iPad with 3D effect. However, what you’ve downloaded are 2D movies, perhaps they are not with iPad format at all, so it’s not so perfect.

If you want to watch movies in 3D format such as Titanic movie on your iPad instead of watching it at a cinema, then you can consider converting 2D to 3D with Video Converter Ultimate, following are the step details:

Firstly, free download & install Video Converter Ultimate on your PC and launch the program.

Secondly, import your 2D Titanic movie to the converter by clicking “File” from your computer hard drive.

Thirdly, kindly choose MP4 format as the 3D output format. One thing you need to pay attention to: in order to obtain the best 3D experience, here you need to choose the MP4 format according to your 3D glasses. ( There are two different kinds of MP4 format )

Finally, click Start to start the conversion.

Done! Now please connect your iPad with your PC and sync the movie files to your iPad via iTunes directly. You’ve got the 3D Titanic movie for your iPad, congratulations and have fun!

Apr 10

Instantly Change Your iPad to a Sketch Book

Having been surrounded by so many electronics today, you may also have been kept separated from your paper books for a time. If you are a drawing enthusiast, how could you find a way to inspire you nature? As an iPad owner, you need an app to change your iPad to a sketch book. That’s the Paper! To simplify your happiness and to be unfettered! Start here!

When you fellows are scribbling on paper, you are simultaneously logging your inspirations and ideas. You need the Paper app for your iPad to capture the fascinating but fleeting ideas. The App is developed by team named “Fifty-Three” and it is free.

It is well known that there’re considerable writing & drawing apps for iPad. However, it may be not that flexible and natural than the Paper. Yes, the app cannot be simpler, but his production team can seize the demands of customers and create an outgiving experience that next to none.

There’s not much difference between a real paper and using this Paper app on iPad. When you click into the app, three initial notebooks will be displayed on the screen with their names: Making Paper, Ideas, and Sketches.

The production philosophy of the team will be given inside the Making Paper, also the “Production Manual” for users, to let you know more about the superiorities of the app. The 21-paged booklet has distinctly informed you everything about the app’s good jobs in note-taking, sketching, logo design, color assortment and so on as well as the origin of the team name “Fifty-Three” (fifty-three centimeters are the maximum radius that human’s arm can reach).

You can create more notebooks on the homepage and change their titles or covers with relaxation. Open the notebook, a semi-open “real” notebook within allowing flicking and browsing rapidly and freely as well as addition and deletion functions. Certainly, you can share to social websites like Facebook if you like.

Again when you click to open a page, you can pull out some pens, an erase and a lot of colors from the bottom and begin your graffiti. The default pen of the app is free. You need to purchase other pens. In spite of this, if you have used it, you’ll know that the free pen has been wonderful for you.

Of course, with the flexible handwriting app, users are enabled to zoom in/out the pages or notebooks with dual-touch., or flick, close and open them freely. The operations of anticlockwise and clockwise rotations will activate the Rewind and Repetition functions respectively and let you recover or repeat previous operations. However, the memory ability of this function needs to be upgraded so as to accurately control the pen.

The almost perfect experience of the Paper app for iPad really a comfortable and entertaining one for you to fly your pens and aspirations.

Apr 09

How to Protect Your Mac from Flashback Malware

According to the TechMediaNetwork a few days ago, a malware called “Mac Flashback” has infected nearly 60 million Apple Mac. So, what should we do in this case? How to protect your Mac from Flashback malware? It is reported that Mac users need to do three things to protect themselves against such malicious software. Following are three things you need to do:

Firstly, check your Mac to know if it has been infected by the Flashback. Social networking news site Mashable has created a script to help users do this, users can visit the Mashable website to check the according to those instructions.

If the script finds the Mac has been infected (one or two places in Mac OS X file system may be infected), then it is a little complicated to clear this malware, you must enter the Terminal application, and then clear this Flashback malware in accordance with the detailed steps from F-Secure of Finnish security company.

Secondly, you can update your OS X by using latest security patches that Apple provides. Recently, Apple has released OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and OS X Lion patch. In addition, it has upgraded OS X Lion patch. on April 5th. However, if you are using the OS X 10.5 Leopard Mac version which based on the PowerPC chip, then Apple will no longer care about you.

Thirdly, take a deep breath, and then say to yourself: “Steve Jobs has passed away, my Mac is not infected with the virus.” And then install a reliable anti-virus product. You have to take action immediately without any delay.

Both the antivirus program bundled in OS X 10.7 Lion and the upcoming Gatekeeper from OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion cannot protect your Mac at all.

For Mac users, you can not only visit TopTenReviews to view the products with evaluation, but also log in the Sophos from British Security Company to download the free Mac antivirus software.

In addition, there are two things you must do:

1. Close the Java runtime engine, if you do not use it.

As the tool to run the network applications and perform other tasks, Java has too many flaws. Due to this reason, it’s unnecessary for you to open Java runtime engine unless you really need to use it. You can open Java parameters from Mac OS X and don’t check all the options, then restart.

Unfortunately, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign in Adobe Creative Suite applications require the Java environment to run. In this case, you have to trust Apple again, although Apple is obvious on slow-moving in helping Mac users. Two months ago, Windows and Linux version patches had been introduced to repair the Java flaws that Mac Flashback used.

2. If you are still using PowerPC Mac, it is time to make a change.

There are still millions of PowerPC Mac still in use and well-run, the latest production date is in 2006. However, Apple no longer provides support or security patches. Thus, Apple hopes you to upgrade your Mac OS so that you can find the way to protect your Mac from all kinds of virus.

Apr 06

31 Most Frequently Used Safari Keyboard Shortcuts

Safari is the default web browser of Mac OS X, which is fast and concise. As we all know, it will improve our experience browsing the web if we can use as many shortcuts in Safari as we can. Here are 31 most frequently used Safari shortcuts for your reference. We’ve classified them according to their different roles. Hope these shortcuts can be helpful to you!

For reading & viewing web pages

1. Command + Shift + R – Remove style and view in reader
2. Command + Plus – Enlarge text size
3. Command + Minus – Decrease text size
4. Command + 0 – Default text size
5. Command + Escape – Enter or exit the full screen
6. Command + Shift + H – Launch the home page
7. Command + Shift + I – Mail link to current page

For toolbars, reading list and history

1. Command + I – Hide or show toolbar
2. Command + Shift + B – Hide or show bookmarks bar
3. Command + / – Hide or show status bar
4. Command + Shift + T – Hide or show tab bar
5. Command+Option+1 – Show top sites
6. Command+Option+2 – Show history
7. Command + Shift + L – Show reading list
8. Command + Option + L – Show downloads

For finding & navigating found items

1. Command + F – Find text from the page
2. Return – Navigate forward the found items
3. Command + F – Navigate backward to the found items

For navigating web pages & tabs

1. Control + Tab – Switch to the next tab
2. Control + Shift + Tab – Switch to previous tab
3. Spacebar – Scroll by full screen down
4. Shift + Spacebar – Scroll by full screen up
5. Command + L – Move to address bar
6. Command + Click a link – Open a link in new tab
7. Command + Click a link – Add new tab
8. Shift + Click link – Add the link to reading list

For loading pages, caches, source & pop up windows

1. Command + Option + E – Clear your browser cache
2. Command + R – Reload the page
3. Command + – Stop loading the page
4. Command + Option + U – View Page Source
5. Command + Shift + K – Block pop-up window