Aug 21

Make A Personalized Photo Slideshow for Backing to School

When 2012 summer holidays are going to an end, it’s time for all students and teachers back to school. This summer vacation is destined to be unusual because of the London Olympic Games 2012. For lots of students, this sport game has played an important role in your vocation, right? In addition, most teacher will ask their students to make a video or powerpoint slideshow to share their excellent summer vacation with classmates at the first day when you’re backing to school. So do you know how to make a personalized photo slideshow for back to school? If you don’t know, then just read this article carefully. We will show you two different ways for you to create back to school photo slideshow easily and quickly. Continue reading “Make A Personalized Photo Slideshow for Backing to School” »

Aug 17

Back to School 2012: iPhone Apps for School Management

iphone apps for back to schoolWhen the summer is going to end, it is time for you to do some preparation for backing to school. Maybe you have a post-trip hangover, or you still have lots of summer plans not implemented, you have to put them down and begin to make a detailed plan for the new semester. “Back to School” means a new beginning, a fresh start with a whole world of possibility on the scholastic road ahead. So what is your study plan in the coming semester? How to manage your school-time effectively? In this article, we could like to share several educational iPhone apps which you should know. Continue reading “Back to School 2012: iPhone Apps for School Management” »

Aug 13

Preparing for Back to School

A new semester is around the corner. No matter you are dread it or love it, you have to back to school. It is no doubt that the first day of school can be crazy. Freshmen are running in all directions, looking for their classrooms, friends, and so on. If you’re a senior, maybe you are talking with your friends about the whole summer, right? So how can you combat first-day chaos? In this article, we could like to give you some tips for preparing for back to school. Continue reading “Preparing for Back to School” »