Apr 17

Free PDF Editor for Mac

Preview (http://www.apple.com/osx/apps/all.html#preview), a free program included in every Mac OS X installation, has powerful ability to edit, annotate, merge and even add images to a PDF file. It makes it easy to view and work with PDF files and you are allowed to quickly select text or images from PDF and copy & paste them into other applications for other purposes. You are able to find the target content easily and quickly thanks to the Spotlight technology. With the sidebar, you can read the text, learn the number of matches per page and see a thumbnail of the page.

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Aug 30

How to Add Security to PDF

As we know, PDF is a popular document format now in daily life, especially in the business world. Sometimes, it is important for us to secure PDF file with a password so as to limit access to the PDF content by others. And sometimes it is also necessary to add security to PDF for restricting certain features such as printing and editing. Well, no matter for what reason, have you ever tried to secure PDF documents? Have you ever had trouble about adding security to PDF files? Continue reading “How to Add Security to PDF” »

Aug 23

How to Convert iBooks to PDF for Kindle Reading

ibooks on kindleApple iBooks are primarily released in ePub format, which can be read on most ebook readers except the Kindle. Most of ebook fans nowadays would prefer to use the Kindle Reader for leisure time reading for its eye-friendly screen. However, as the magnate in eBooks area, Kindle doesn’t support the popular ePub format. So, there are always the ones searching over the Internet to find if there is anyway to convert and transfer ePub format iBooks to Kindle device for reading. Continue reading “How to Convert iBooks to PDF for Kindle Reading” »

Aug 09

How to Make ePub Work on Kindle

Among those famous ebook reader devices, Amazon Kindle is the most well-known one by most people. However, as it knew for most ebook fans, Kindle series devices are the only ones that not support ePub files. This means that ePub files can’t work on any Amazon Kindle device as they do on most other ebook readers. This is really a pity for the ones who have collected many ePub books for reading. Continue reading “How to Make ePub Work on Kindle” »

Jul 31

Tips to View ePub on Kindle

Have you ever tried to view ePub files on your Amazon Kindle device? If you once tried to put and view ePub files directly on a Kindle device, then you must know that the ePub files are not accessible on Kindle. So, if you are trying to open and view ePub on Kindle, the best choice for you would be turning ePub files into another format. Continue reading “Tips to View ePub on Kindle” »

Jul 26

How to Change ePub to Kindle Supported Format

As it was known by most Kindle users, ePub format ebooks are not supported by any Amazon Kindle series device. So, for the Kindle users who want to import the collected ePub books to Kindle for leisure time reading, it would be necessary to change ePub to Kindle device supported format. But, how to change ePub files to a Kindle compatible format? This is really a question. Continue reading “How to Change ePub to Kindle Supported Format” »