Apr 05

How Have e-Readers Reduced Our Reading Experience?

Recently, we’ve been informed that e-readers may slow down reading speed and less helpful for human’s memory than paper books.

The suspect is based on experiment of observation results and research about memory and recognition abilities. It turns out that the situational clues of the text documents can leave deeper impression for reading, and the design of physical books will speed up readers’ info extraction. Three-dimensional space and multi-layered sensibility contribute to establishment of a story background. However, e-Readers have stripped the experience of using three dimensions related contextual information thus make the human’s reading discounted.

Cover – to a paper book, one may be not able to tear himself from a beloved book and look at the cover repeatedly, and generally they will see the front cover and then back cover time and again, which is absolutely an important part of reading a really good book. You see the specially textured covers, with either knurling prints of titles or photographs of authors on or other impressive features, and feel the style of the books and grasp the designers’ intentions which have been knitted the contents together. However, one can hardly memorize the scanned covers of eBooks. Often you may take a quick glance at the cover then forget it soon later on.

Tactility – Paper books have different weights and appearances. Your reading experience certainly will be varied according to different book design. Are they made from laid paper or light paper? Have they been cut into square or rectangle? Thick or thin? All of these elements lead to unique reading experience of each book. However, e-Readers make all of the books the same texture and tactility.

Fonts – Seldom have we seen the e-Readers will adopt other fonts except for their default fonts. However, font design is a slight and subtle method to express designers’ opinions about the pages, words and stories. Fonts can form a brilliant characteristic of a book in spirit and provide a realistic contextual situation, whilst eBook has surrendered the function.

Layout – Paper books are made by specific layouts and their chapters often go from left to right. When reading, the contextual situation can be well established with folio, and undoubtedly, readers can decide whether they will read continuously or not when their eyes move from left to right. They can pause for a while on the right page and spare more time for reflection. However, without the cooperation of folio, the mono screen of the e-Readers makes it impossible, and the page-turning of each layout have decreased your reading speed as well as right of memory suspension.

Paper – To choose a kind of paper is an important part of book design. Want to use rough edge paper or acid-free paper, or any other cheap paper? Whichever papers you may choose will be expressions of which types of the books belong to or where the books will appear of sorts. Also paper can create background of the stories. The Bible has adopted a kind of paper like onion skin and it wrinkles and laps over in an extraordinary style, which of course will bring entirely different experience comparing with exquisite novels that made from heavy and silky rough edge paper. Different papers deliver different info to affect your feelings about the book. Nevertheless, the same sleek and hard enclosure of the e-Readers plus their uniform screen color let your reading experience not much difference among different contents.

Flavor – It is well known that paper books have flavors, and most of them smell really good. If you come into a second-hand bookstore, a special scents seemingly gave out from slow fire under acid environment will be smelt. Some books emit adhesives smell, some books have coating chemicals flavors, and some books bring you air breath from island. Whereas, e-Readers cannot send out smells.

To those bibliophiles who have physical shelves with tons of paper books, spatiality is significant. Although the popularity of eBooks and their loaders like iPad or Kindle Fire all convey a signal that we relay on papers no more. However, we still need traditional paper books to contribute more on our recognition and learning from books.

Mar 29

Cool Stuff: Top 10 eBook Readers for Mobiles

Round up the cool stuff for you! Recommend you top 10 eBook readers to read digital books on your handheld mobile phones. As an eBook enthusiast, you must eager to find a perfect tool to help you read on the go without hassles and enhance your reading experience on mobiles. Do not miss out today!

The free eBook reader is written by JAVA and can compatible with all JAVA-based and JSR-75 supported cell phones. That’s not all! Once you put your favorite novels into the cell phone and install&run the Anyview, it will automatically work for you. To date, more than hundreds mobiles including SONYERICSSON, MOTO, NOKIA can read with the app.

The all-in-one eBook Reader supports HTML format and compressed documents with hyperlink, bookmark, paste & copy functions. Readers can put existing books, create their own HTML doc or download from websites to/via iSilo to read books on Palm OS, Pocket PC, and Windows CE Handheld PC handhelds as well as Windows system docs on PC.

The eBook Reader allows users to read TXT, PDF, HTM and other formatted eBooks, and it is the only one eBook reader that supports EBX format which is compressed with high efficient algorithm and hugely reduced capacity. Users can conveniently download EBX eBooks online and store them on mobiles.

As a fairy powerful eBook reader app, HaaliReader supports TXT, TCR, PDB, PRC, HTM, HTML, ZIP, CHM, PDF eBook formats as well as images like JPG, BMP, GIF, etc. with full screen reading. Customized fonts types, font sizes, row pitches, page margins and formats, encoding, intelligent divisioning, traditional-to-simplified conversion are available flexibly. Of course, the superb app even allows changing background, mapping hardware button, decrypting locked compression archives automatically together with features of dictionary, auto scrolling & rotating and latest doc memory. Really a magnificent tool!

Adobe Reader LE
Now that PDF is so popular in market, why not put on mobile and read anywhere? Although it is not ideal to read PDF on mobile phones and the non-reflow feature make it flawed for small screen reading, go ahead to install this app and read on Windows Mobile. It would be a good solution!

AlReader 2+
The eBook reader is able to let view TXT, HTML, RTF, FB2, PDB/PRC (PalmDOC, zTXT mode 1), CHM, image and TCR formats and supports landscape and portrait display as well as 90, 180, 270 degrees rotation. Users can create bookmark, save excerpt, add&set façade and change between Day and Night modes to facilitate their reading experience.

The first intelligent online reading app for PPC/SP! GGBook supports Windows CE 3.0 version and above as well as Windows mobile 2003/5.0/6.0, and it can be adopted for SP/PPC models of Dopod series and other brands for general use.

Recommend you the miscellaneous RepliGo! All the printable documents, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat electronic documents, Project document, Visio flow sheet, WordPerfect document, CAD drafting and all kinds of formatted images, webs, Access databases and so on can be viewed on mobiles with this tool with same reading effect on PC.

The excellent eBook reader is an easy-to-use tool with beautiful user interface and quick response. It supports UMD format and TXT format with ANSI (normal mode), UTF8, Unicode 16L, Unicode 16B encodings. Users can read with freely clicking, dragging, sliding and flipping in a landscape, portrait, and G-sensor display screen., and search, input, locate the docs accurately with multi-file bookmarking features.

The small app is very practical. User can read TXT and HTM eBooks with full screen, auto page-turning and so on, and the location of your books are unlimited.

Feb 13

Get Free Giveaway of iStonsoft PDF to Word Converter on App Store Now

Want to reuse, extract or modify the contents of PDF on editable Word with a breeze for your personalized inclinations on Mac computer? But you find it not that easy to convert PDF on editable word documents on your Mac computer. Take it easy, you just need a handy but powerful assistance utility of PDF to Word Converter to figure you out as a matter of fact. And iStonsoft PDF to Word Converter costed $39.99, the newly innovated revolutionary software to convert PDF to Word on Mac available in App store can make it for you in perfect and professional mode.

With the help of this PDF to Word Converter, PDF to Word Formats conversion can be achieved with superb efficiency as well as excellent quality maintenance. Moreover, partial and batch conversion can opt PDF document for converting to Word file with more convenience. And after you have specified conversion contents, you can tap “Preview” button to ascertain before converting. Furthermore, you can also experience its user-friendly and easy interface to convert PDF to Word easily. All in all, this is the best PDF to Word Converter choice for you indeed.

More delightedly and excitedly, the developers of PDF to Word Converter are now giving away a free license for this product for  its positive users that who want to embrace it to benefit their eBook life eagerly. And what you just need to do it to tap “Buy now” link, find coupon code option and type “EEKKJY3EE9N6”, you will be lucky to get such a powerful PDF to Word Converter on App Store without even opening your pocket purse.

So be prompt to get iStonsoft PDF to Word Converter free giveaway with coupon code of EEKKJY3EE9N6, otherwise it will be expired on 17th February 2012!

Feb 06

iStonsoft PDF Converter Serial Has Been Updated to 2.8.0 Version with More Enhancements

Recently, the intelligent and powerful iStonsoft PDF Converter has been updated into 2.8.0 Version, which can not only convert PDF to ePub, Image, HTML, Text in one place restrictedly, but also be capable enough to convert PDF to Word and PDF to Word Mac in impeccable quality right now.

New functionalities of iStonsoft PDF Converter of 2.8.0 version:
1. PDF to Word Conversion
It is widely recognized that PDF as universal standard for communication and exchange has made a conspicuous contribution to our multimedia life. Nevertheless, to extract or modify PDF contents further for personalized needs and requirements is extraordinarily difficult to be achieved. To our delight, this PDF Converter can now allow eBooks users to convert PDF to Word and PDF to Word Mac as well.

2. More powerful and amazing performances of PDF to HTML

Previously, when PDF to HTML conversion of this PDF Converter is run, users will find it extremely frustrated to see that background pictures involved in this conversion process have been generated with blanks ones instead. Worse still, customizedly selected pdf pages will be converted to whole ranges of pages with those pages visible in respective html.file. Delightedly, this PDF Converter has been updated into 2.8.0 version recently, all the PDF contents can be converted to HTML in standard formats in perfect mode now.

All in all, with this 5-in-one PDF Converter of 2,8.0 version, your eBook life can be optimized with so many unprecedentedly amazing advantages with ease. And please keep track of iStonsoft PDF Converter, much more revolutionary enhancements will be dynamically updated in the future for sake of more flexible and enjoyable eBook life for its users worldwide.

Dec 29

Embrace iStonsoft PDF Converter to Convert PDF to Image / ePub / Text / HTML in One Place

Two days ago, iStonsoft has announced the debut of its newly developed eBook software of iStonsoft PDF Converter, which can realize such an ideal digital dream to convert PDF to ePub, PDF to Image, PDF to HTML, and PDF to Text in one place for both Windows and Mac operating system users fantastically. In other words, iStonsoft PDF Converter is so multifunctional and versatile that can be act as PDF to ePub Converter, PDF to Image Converter, PDF to HTML Converter, and PDF to Text Converter powerfully.

Highlights of this 4-in-one PDF Converter

1. Convert PDF to ePub

With iStonsoft PDF Converter, defaulted text or image output mode can allow you to convert PDF to ePub for your favor. And after it has performed conversion process from PDF to ePub in direct and straightforward manner, you can read your PDF files on Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Sony Reader, Barnes & Noble Nook as the like using eBook Readers on the go.

2. Convert PDF to Image

With iStonsoft PDF Converter, your PDF files can be transcoded to JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF formats images at your option. And you multimedia life will be more enjoyable and convenient due to it utterly. For example, if you are eager to insert PDF file files into PowerPoint or Word documents which are more friendly towards images rather than PDF itself, iStonsoft PDF Converter can make it for you with ease with this user-friendly feature of PDF to Image.

3. Convert PDF to HTML

Are you also penchant for viewing your PDF content in IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera and many other browsers as you will? Please add collections of PDF file or single one at a time to iStonsoft PDF Converter firstly, and then click browser icon to convert. Right now, just two direct mouse clicks can satisfy your requirement to search and enjoy PDF files online with outstanding conversion speed amazingly.

4. Convert PDF to Text

Free from yourself of Adobe Acrobat Reader to convert PDF to Text in direct way can also be achieved here by such a magical PDF Converter. To be specific, iStonsoft PDF Converter can also enable you to enjoy and edit your PDF files on text compatible eBook Readers over your palm at any place and at any time freely and flexibly as well.

Surprising and fabulous, this iStonsoft PDF Converter is! So please be prompt to attain and obtain this powerful Converter to enrich your eBook life. Meanwhile,  if you are Windows users you can resort to  iStonsoft PDF Converter, and  iStonsoft PDF Converter for Mac for Mac users instead.

Nov 09

iStonsoft Mobi to Epub Converter Released

Mobipocket (Mobi) is one of the popular ebook format on the market. The Mobi e-book format is based on the Open eBook standard using XHTML and can include JavaScript and frames and it was developed for Personal Digital Assistant initially. It also supports native SQL queries to be used with embedded databases.

With the release of Amazon Kindle Series ebook reader, the Mobi ebook format is more popular due to the large user base of Kindle and Mobi is one the main ebook format supported by Kindle. However, other ebook readers such as iPad do not support Mobi ebooks in its official announcement. If you want to put Mobi books to iPad, you need to convert it to Epub, which is a native ebook format for iOS devices.

iStonsoft Mobi to ePub Converter is professional for converting MOBI to ePub files for reading on NOOK, Mobipocket, iriver Story HD, iPad, Sony Reader, Android phones, and so on. Moreover, iStonsoft MOBI to ePub Converter is very easy-to-handle and barely three simple steps can finish all the conversion job: import MOBI files(s) to the program, customize settings and do the conversion. Finally, what you need is transfer output ePub eBooks to your devices. Enjoy reading your eBooks. A screen shot of this program: