Oct 18

Jailbreak iOS 6 for iPhone 4/iPhone 3GS/iPod touch 4G

iOS 6 has been released for a month. Previously, we don’t recommend you experience new things as soon as they are unveiled for there are some unstable features in the new system. So it does for you to Jailbreak your iDevice with latest system. But now, it’s the time. RedSn0w 0.9.15b version has been launched for a period, and we can enjoy this exquisite jailbreak for our iOS 6 device now. Continue reading “Jailbreak iOS 6 for iPhone 4/iPhone 3GS/iPod touch 4G” »

Aug 02

Best 3D Movies for 2012

With the success and popularity of Avatar, more and more 3D movies appearing in the cinema. Undoubtedly, these 3D movies are welcomed by most people and it has become the top seller in a specific period. And it really gives us a special way to enjoy movies. Therefore, there are an increasing number of people like to watch 3D movies in the cinema, maybe you are one of them, right? So if you want to find the best 3D movies for 2012, you’ve been the right place. Continue reading “Best 3D Movies for 2012” »

Jun 13

Passbook Alternatives for Android Phone – Android Apps like Passbook

After seeing the coverage of WWDC, we are intrigued by the new iOS 6 app called Passbook, which is an all in one solution for movie tickets, event tickets, gift cards and memberships. I am been racking my brain for an Android app with the same functions in one application but am drawing a blank. So are there any Android apps like Passbook? The answer is definitely YES! Following are top 5 Passbook alternatives for Android smartphone. Continue reading “Passbook Alternatives for Android Phone – Android Apps like Passbook” »

Jun 05

Top 6 Free Word Processors for Mac Recommended to You

mac word processor Barring accidents, you should think of Microsoft Word software to process your Word documents. Indeed, Microsoft Corporation has developed Word processing program for Mac since 1995.The latest version to run on Mac OS X is Microsoft Word 2011. However, as proprietary software, the Microsoft Word ($120-$500, depending on the license you choose) may be too expensive to some users. Then it’s required to round up some free Word processors for Mac and pick up your favorite one for daily use. They are free and equivalent to Microsoft Word processor. Continue reading “Top 6 Free Word Processors for Mac Recommended to You” »

Apr 30

5 Simple Tools Help You to Add Stamp to PDF

Are you still using the manual method to change the page order in PDF? Never waste your time and energy. There are five simple third-party PDF Stamp tools help you to add stamp to PDF in a relaxing way.

stamped pdf

Tool 1: A-PDF Watermark

PDF Watermark is a great PDF Stamp tool that can batch add text, stamps and watermarks to PDF files at custom position, such as file name, company name, signature and product pictures so as to protect the PDF files. It also supports to add marking information as: date and time, the page number, author, etc.

Tool 2: PDF Batch Stamp Tool

It is a sensitive PDF Stamp tool which can easily manage PDF order and add label to PDF in a professional way. You can free download the demo version of this tool to check the features. Please note that PDF Batch Stamp Tool will also add “SysTools Demo”watermark when you stamp PDF files. If you want to remove these demo watermark, you have to buy the full version with nominal prices.  http://www.pdfbates.com/

Tool 3: PDF Watermark Creator

With this tool, you can quickly and easily stamp on your PDF files, including draft, confidential, or even your company’s name. Also you can number the pages of your PDF files or add your company text logo or your copyright message and much more.

Tool 4: Adobe Acrobat

You are unnecessary to try above options if you have licensed version of Adobe Acrobat. You can create custom stamps from a number of different formats, such as PDF, JPEG, bitmap, AI, PSD, DWT, DWG, etc. Only PDF, JPEG, and BMP images can be used as watermarks.

Tool 5: Star PDF Watermark for Mac

We also recommend a PDF Stamp Tool for Mac to you. You can add text watermark for your PDF files with the PDF watermarking software free version. And with the purchased version, you can add not only text watermark, but also image watermark.

Nov 29

Best Free Apps for Android User

There are a lot of great apps on Android Market. When you navigate from the website, it is pretty hard to find the desired apps you want to install, sometimes it is really boring. Here is a short list of free apps that gain population among Android Users.


Springpad sounds great: It’s a free, Web-based productivity service that lets you clip Web pages and create multimedia notes, shopping lists, to-do reminders, and more. It includes social sharing–you can follow other users and share notes with them–and also integrates with Twitter and Facebook.

IMO Chat Instant Messenger

If you have friends that use a variety of different IM services and you don’t want to have to switch between individual apps, IMO Chat will feel like a godsend. It connects to AIM, Facebook Chat, GTalk, and Yahoo (and a few others); it also permits you to be signed in to multiple accounts at once. IMO Chat is great for chatting with coworkers on GTalk, while saying hello to friends on Facebook.

Tweetcaster For Twitter

Tweetcaster is a colorful and cartoony app that lets you update and view your Twitter and Facebook accounts. If one of your friends likes to blast several hundred tweets at once, you can temporarily hide those tweets until you see fit. The app can also show you tweets for local happenings.


Free Perfect for anyone who can’t stand spelling errors, this app can help you make sure that you never misspell another word. It can also read words back to you aloud (in case you don’t know how to pronounce them), and it has a thesaurus mode, as well.


Hipmunk Finding the perfect (and most affordable) flight for your vacation can be tedious, but Hipmunk alleviates some of the pain. The app presents flights on a timeline and cleverly sorts them by agony level, taking into account how long you’ll be traveling and how many stops you’ll make.