Nov 04

Free Music Player for Android

The internet is growing up so dramatically in recent years that it is hard to catch up its steps. I still remembered the days I used computer in the early days. There are not many funny and useful staff in that age, when I looked back, I still had some good memories as it witnessed the grown up of me and the online community.

I do not know how many people still had a impression about Winamp music player, one the best at that time and it was a must-have app on each computer. The interface was much simple, easy to operate. As the day pass by, many good alternatives came out and beat it hard, it seems there was no room for this classic music player. It seems no reason to give up these good ones, iTunes, Windows Media Player.

Today is the day for mobile devices. iPhone and Android are the hottest devices now and will be continued in the future. A few days before, Winamp Team released its Music player for Android, I am going to give it a try, go back to the old days. Download it at Android Market

Nov 03

Free Game Download Software

If you look at the PC you will find that freeware games or games developed by independent developers are on the rise in last years. While most games cannot be compared visually with full priced computer games, some reach the same level of quality in areas like gameplay or story. Especially flash based games have made a huge leap forward in terms of quality.

You can download games over the internet and in most cases we download games individually. As a game lover, there is a strong need to find a tool which integrates as many as possible games in one place, and then we find the latest games in much a short time. And if it were a free tool, then it was a big plus.

Game Downloader is a small open source download client with a server side library of games that are open source, indie or freeware. The portable application displays a listing of popular free games in various categories that can be downloaded directly from within the program’s interface. Many great free Windows games are listed here, from Battle of Wesnoth and Freeciv in the turn-based strategy game section .

Oct 31

Best Free Halloween Games

The 2011 Halloween holiday is coming. Halloween is a traditional celebration held on October 31st. Today, Halloween is an excuse for Halloween theme costume parties, and entertainment with horror films, haunted houses and other activities around the popular themes of ghosts, witches, Dracula, werewolves and the supernatural. Children love to dress up in Halloween costumes and go from door-to-door in their neighborhood following the old tradition of trick-or-treating, collecting sweets and gifts, sometimes money.

After a long day celebration, what’s gone to do next? I’d prefer to play some games for fun and I think is one of my favorite activities on Halloween day. Here are two funny games specifically designed for Halloween.

Halloween Bowling

Halloween Bowling is also one of the best Halloween game to be played in this Halloween festival. This game is a bowling game in which you need to bowl the Pumpkin and it should hit those skittles looking like spirits in such a way that maximum number of skittle falls down.

halloween bowling

Trick for treats

Trick for Treats is another amazing Halloween game which you can play online absolutely free. In this game you need to trick and scare Halloween visitors into giving up their candy, and don’t forget to catch those candies and energy squares as they fall.

Halloween Dress Up 10

Halloween Dress Up 10 is another Halloween game in which you can dress up a sweet, cute, and charming  girl for a Halloween party. Initially when you launch this game you can see a girl in the game window standing straight waiting for you to dress her up. You need to dress her up with stuffs (like Jackets, boots, other footwear, leggings, hair style, mask, etc.) available at the left side and right side of the that gorgeous girl.

Oct 27

iStonsoft Free iPad Video Converter

Actually there are good free ipad video converters on the market, including well-known Handbrake. I have tested several of the so-called best ones, but none of them satisfied me. Some of them function well but have a bad and complicated user interface. Some of them are with decent interface but suck at of the main function- conversion time and quality..

iStonsoft, a startup which specializes in developing multimedia and iOS related software, recently released an free iPad Video Converter, and it is totally free of charge as we believe that you should give something before you gain something. Why does this freeware stand out? Here are the features which take advantage of similar programs and we believe every iPad user will benefit from these.

*100% Free, No hidden fee or Upgrade fee.

*100% Clean. No spyware, No adware, No Trojan.

*Supports both iPad and iPad 2.

*Low hardware requirement.

*Simple user interface. Three clicks to finish the task.

*Decent video playback on iPad.