Nov 06

How to Make A Personalized Thanksgiving Invitation?

Thanksgiving Day is a great festival in western countries, especially in America. Families across the nation gather on this special day to enjoy each other, the season and delicious food. It is no doubt that Thanksgiving Day is the great time for family reunion, the happiest time for sharing love, so what is your plan for the coming 2012 Thanksgiving Day?

create thanksgiving dinner invitation

In this special day, many people like to hold a party with their families and friends. So if you are planning to hold a party, how to make your Thanksgiving invitations stand out among others? It is no doubt that your friends may receive various invitations, so how to make your invitation conspicuous could be a problem haunts you, right? Don’t worry, here we will give you some suggestions for making a personalized Thanksgiving invitations. Continue reading “How to Make A Personalized Thanksgiving Invitation?” »

Oct 18

2012 Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s that time of the year again! Halloween can be one of the most enjoyable and ridiculous time for both adults and children. Have you prepared the costume for this special day? If not, then we think it is time to think about Halloween costume ideas. No matter you’re going to a Halloween party with friends or staying at home with your family. Halloween could be more fun when you’re dressed up as a group.

Therefore, we write this article to show you several costume ideas for Halloween 2012. You can go through these ideas and select one of them to make up yourself and your friends or family for the coming 2012 Halloween. Continue reading “2012 Halloween Costume Ideas” »

Oct 17

Halloween Apps for iPhone

Now with the approaching of the 2012 Halloween, related apps which can get you into the Halloween spirit in advance are also coming out. Each year, there are a bunch of Halloween-themed apps come to the App Store for users to enjoy the Halloween. This year there are also the new apps released or updated ahead of time to get you in the Halloween spirit. The post here is to share you with some different kinds of Halloween apps for iPhone in 2012. Go ahead to check if these apps can also win your favor now! Continue reading “Halloween Apps for iPhone” »

Oct 16

Top 20 Halloween Party Songs 2012

Halloween is coming now, and it is time to have fun. Maybe you’re not a child and you can’t knock on the door and ask “Trick or Treat” to every person you’ve met in this special night, but you can get together with a bunch of friends and hold a Halloween party in the Halloween night. Not a bad idea, right? Halloween 2012 on November 1, 2012, so you can begin to prepare your Halloween party from now on.

music for halloween Continue reading “Top 20 Halloween Party Songs 2012” »

Oct 12

Top Halloween Movies of All Time

It’s the time of year again, the season for ghosts and goblins, vampires, zombies, the dead rise from the grave and any other scary thing. Yes, the Halloween of this year is quickly approaching. Well, for the living souls, it is the time to get some little-horrible movies for a compatible watching at home in a coach with some popcorn. Continue reading “Top Halloween Movies of All Time” »

Jul 20

Apps for 2012 London Olympics

2012 London Olympic Games will be held in the next Saturday, have you prepared to enjoy this global sport game?For all sport fan, they’re unwilling to miss any competition during this period, but sometimes we have no chance to enjoy the exciting, nervous atmosphere in the game site, and we also have no time to watch the broadcast live in front of a computer or TV for some reasons. So is there any way to enjoy London 2012 Olympics without losing any exciting moment? Continue reading “Apps for 2012 London Olympics” »