Apr 26

Slideshow Songs Suggestions for Mother’s Day 2012

mothers day slideshow songs: vintage, country, primary...With Mother’s Day being such a special time to celebrate motherhood, have you got any idea how to make the Mother’s Day 2012 the unique and personal to make your mom know how special and important she is? You can make personalized gifts for your mom and let her feel your heart, or make gift cards to delight her. If you want to go simple, a rose or carnation bouquet with your heartfelt blessings or a participation of your mom’s chores will please your mom too. Believe that everything about your love and appreciation that you convey to your mom will be worthwhile.

If you don’t want to get stuck in a rut and want to change to something new, you can make photo slideshow for Mother’s Day. Collect all your dear mother’s photos and pick out the most beautiful ones to make photo slideshow for mom. Do not forget to add slideshow songs for mother’s Day so as to make the works affecting and perfect. There’re some slideshow songs suggestions for Mother’s Day 2012.

Top 10 Vintage Songs for Mother’s Day
My Mammy – Al Jolson
Silver-Haired Sweetheart – James Lewis
To Mother – With Love – Arthur Tracy
Little Mother of Mine – John MaCormack
I Want My Mama – The Andrews Sisters
A Bedtime Story – Layton & Johnstone
My Mother’s Eyes – George Jessel
My Mother’s Waltz – Bing Crosby
Goodnight, Mother – Dick Todd
I’ll Always Be Mother’s Boy – Morton Downey

Top 10 Christian Songs for Mother’s Day
One Day At A Time – The Singing Gospelaires
Count Your Blessings – The Joslin Grove Choral Society
In The Garden – The Joslin Grove Choral Society
Softly And Tenderly – The Joslin Grove Choral Society
Just A Closer Walk With Thee – The New Messengers of Happiness
I Love To Tell The Story – The Joslin Grive Choral Society
Oh Happy Day – The California Poppy Pickers
Gartan Mother’s Lullaby – The Countdown Singers
Abide With Me – The Joslin Grove Choral Society
Will The Circle Be Unbroken – The Singing Gospelaires

Top 10 Primary Songs for Mother’s Day
I Often Go Walking – Marvin Goldstein
My Mother Dear – Pierre Thigpen
Mother Dear – Diana Ross & The Supremes
Mother, Tell Me The Story – Janice Kapp Perry & Ann Kapp Andersen
Grandmother – Spiral Rhythm
When We’re Helping
Teacher, Do You Love Me?
The Family is of God
Love is Spoken Here – Janice Kapp Perry & Irene Peery
We’ll Bring The World His Truth – Janice Kapp Perry

Top 10 Country Songs for Mother’s Day
Mama’s Song – Carrie Underwood
The Hand That Rocks The Cradle – Glen Campbell with Steve Wariner
Mama Don’t Forget To Pray For Me – Diamond Rio
The Sweetest Gift – Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris
I.O.U. – Jimmy Dean
Don’t Take Your Guns To Town – Johnny Cash
I’m The Only Hell (Mama Ever Raised) – Johnny Paycheck
Roses For Mama – C.W. McCall
Hot Mama – Trace Adkins
Don’t Forget To Remember Me – Carrie Underwood

Combine these Mother’s Day songs to your slideshows and make a unique gift for your mom. You can use the DVD Slideshow Builder to craft your slideshows and burn to DVDs or share on TV or iPhone for your mom. It’s an ingenious gift for Mother’s Day!

Apr 20

Personalized Gifts for Mother’s Day to Let Her Feel Your Heart

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Do you have any ideas to show your gratitude to your mom? A bunch of blue carnation? A bottle of perfume? A new iPad or anything else? Maybe not bad! However, if you would like to spend a little thinking and use creative mind, the Mother’s Day could be perfect. Mother’s Day gift could be simple and not expensive, but it should have a heart behind it. Those personalized gifts for Mother’s Day must be fresh and impressive for your dear mothers!

Heart Stepping Stone
Imagine that you put some stepping stones with letters of “Mom” and your name plus your siblings’ names on in your garden, and every morning or afternoon you dear mother can take a walk on the path or water greeneries in the garden getting a glimpse of the sweet stones with a smile. The heart-shaped stepping stones are made of durable resin for years outdoors uses. You can put them on your mother’s favorite path, parterre, garden sanctuary and even mount on the wall to decorate your backyards. Any names and simple cutouts are available for you to make a personalized gift for Mother’s Day.

heart stepping stone for mom

Personalized Afghan, Linen Pillow, Canvas Tote, as You Like
All of the personalized gifts are specially prepared for your Mom! The handicrafts of first names and lavender thread that embroidered as well as some greens and pinks embellishments will make the soft tapestry afghan a perfect keepsake for your mom.

best gifts for mother's day

Hearts are overflowing with this back cushion! The refreshing, exquisite, and comfortable pillow is exclusively designed with heart graphics and your Mom’s special title adding your first name in the end to make your mom keep near with her sweetheart everyday.

best mother's day gifts - personized pillow

Also, this canvas tote can be a perfect shopping bag for your Mom! With your blessings for your mom and your families’ names embroidered on, the durable canvas bag could be a nice daily necessity, and your mom will have many chances to feel your heart every time when she takes the bag out for shopping. The bset gift for Mother’s Day!

best gifts for mom to let her feel your heart

Make Photo Frame, Gift Cards & Card Certificates for Mother’s Day
Select a beautiful or pleasant photo or two and make them into a photo frame by yourself. You can have some pretty color papers, woods, glues or some other materials at hand to make a cute or gracious photo frame for your Mom with her title and your names on. Besides, whatever gifts you’ll present, you need an exclusive gift card or card certificate to make an addition to the Mother’s Day. It would be the icing on the cake if you personalize your gift card on your own. (See: how to make gift cards for Mother’s Day with Picture Collage Maker)

make photo frame gift card for mom

Inspirational Heart Bookmark for Mom
If your Mom loves to read books, you can give this interesting bookmark for her to make things easy. Every time when she reads books, she can have the bookmark to indicate which page she’d begin the next time. The silver and sleek bookmark has a heart shaped embellishment allowing your first name to be engraved on.

best idea for mother's day gifts - bookmark

There can be more ideas for best Mother’s Day gifts. Whatever gifts is not that important as long as your mother has felt your heart and know that she is the most blissful mother in the world.

Apr 20

Make Gift Cards for Mother’s Day to Delight Your Mom

Mother’s Day is in the air and you haven’t any good idea about it? Well, take it easy! You may want to follow suit and show your grateful heart with a bunch of flowers or chocolates to your mom, or buy the hot gadgets Apple iPad or iPhone for your mom, all of them are just OK! But your mom will love it if you have a DIY gift card to embellish these gifts. You know, it is your heart that has taken counts!

To make gift cards for Mother’s Day, you need this Photo Collage Maker to help you. The simple-to-use software allows you to edit and touch up any photos by adding background, special effects, filters, frames, doodle drawing, and more to make unique gift cards, greeting cards, calendars, photo albums, scrapbooks, posters, invitations and so on for instant printing.

Free download (for Windows, for Mac) the Photo Collage Maker and follow us to learn how to make Mother’s Day gift cards by yourselves

make mothers day gift card add template

Step 1: Install and run the Picture Collage Maker! Click Template pane on the left of collage and select a template in the pop-up window. Add the template you love to the blank area by Double-click or simply dragging and dropping. 300+ templates built in!

Step 2: Click Background button and choose one! Apply to the collage directly and press Shape button to add a shape to the collage by double-click. Then you need to fill the shape with color.

Step 3: Time for adding photos! Simply drag and drop the photos you want to make a card from your computer to the program, or click Open image button on the top menu bar to find and browse your photos and add in. Adjust the photo sizes in the program.

Step 4: In this step, you can click Mask, Frame or Clipart buttons to add cool effects and elements to the gift cards at your pleasures.

Step 5: Click Add image button on the top menu bar and then choose Add Text and write down whatever words you’d like to say.

add text to diy mothers day gift card

Step 6: Save the gift card designs and click File and then Print Preview to make sure everything is perfect. After that, choose Print to print the DIY Mother’s Day gift card. It’s that easy!

Send the heart-felt gift card for your mom and she will love it!

Mar 27

Top 10 April Fool’s Day No-Nos

Since the April Fool’s day is around the corner, have you gotten ready to welcome the special day? All Fools’ Day is favored by numerous folks worldwide, although it is not a national holiday. The good-humored pranks and airy atmosphere must be a nice reliever and balance for plain hectic days. So, come on, guys and gals! It’s your day!

However, when you are preparing jokes for the April 1, you have to take cautions. There’re some no-nos for the April Fool’s Day you should not overlook. Otherwise, you will be a reeeeeal “April Fool”!

1. Do not play jokes after noon
All games have rules! The April hoaxes only last until noon. So, one should not play tricks after April Fool’s Day past and gone. However, in some other countries, such as America, Japan, France, Italy, they can trick for all day long.

2. Do not carry jokes too far
You should weigh the consequences before playing jokes on others. Do not cod others that his friend has an accident and is sent to hospital. If that, you are so unmerciful.

3. Say No to any political or scary jokes
Certainly these kinds of jokes possibly will cause crisis among the public.

4. Do not make any wishes
Whatever and wherever you want to make wishes, propose you do not choose this day.

5. No presents
Do not present gifts to others. It is worse that if you want to present valuables this day.

6. No birthday parties
If someone’s birthday is April 1, you’d better change to the next day or the day before.

7. Be careful of business negotiations
It is an evil day. You should avoid these issues in case of misfortunes.

8. No confession affairs
Just image when you confess to your beloved one, she most probably will take is as an April Fool joke and not believe you.

9. Do not move house
It is not advisable to make a move on April 1. You’d better change to another day. It is easy!

10. Do not change your purse
Do not change or purchase purse at this day. Accordingly, company should better not to change their CFO or supervisor.

Dec 22

Drive Your Christmas Trips with iPad

During Christmas, you cannot deny spending this delicious time to enjoy Christmas  trips with family members, but you also find it tried and boring towards so much time on the road when you are driving your car? So why not to bring your fashionable iPad or iPad 2 to add relaxation and happiness to your long and a little troublesome journey.

iPad music, light or gentle, radical and refreshing, can relieve your tention and flourish your high spirit in the air; With your kids in your car? iPad games can allow them to be in total indulgence so that they will not distract your attention; iPad videos and movies can keep your spouse or parents immersing in fantastic visual appreciation. By the way, iPad Video Converter can be also brought together to further enhance visual enjoyments for you beloved ones. Furthermore, don’t forget that, iPad can be intelligent to be GPS to navigate the right direction in case of being lost as well.

However, you just don’t to want to hold iPad over your palm or place it on your leg? Take is easy, car mount for iPad can relieve you from such a embarrassing situation perfectly. On the other hand, when you are to choose one car mount for iPad, you should attach the following things into attention: 1. Mounting units should be solid and sturdy, and can also be installed into you car firmly. 2. Car mount should be suitable your iPad or iPad 2 perfectly. 3. Most importantly, it would be better to be equipped with power charging function for your long journey. 4, A multifunctional car mount can be your best option to apply it not only in your car but also at home or workplaces.

Dec 20

Best Christmas Gift to Win Her Heart

During Christmas, your girlfriend would be natural to seek to be surprised your elaborately prepared Christmas gifts. So, seize this premium time to demonstrate your deep affection and love towards her with best Christmas. Here we have chosen three best Christmas gift to help you to win her heart, please read it to make sure whether she will like it or not.

1. Most creative Christmas gifts for her – Google Gmail Merry Christmas Calls trough Santa Clause

With the help of Google Gmail, your authentic and personalized Christmas blessings and greetings can be transmitted to your beloved girlfriend in the voice of Santa Clause during those days. So, go ahead to invite Santa Clause to make your genuine and creative Christmas callings via SendaCallFromSanta.com for your sweetheart, which will add magical and surprising atmosphere for Christmas Day between you and her.

2. Best Tablet for her – Nook Tablet

During this modern digital society, iPad has been the priority of Christmas gift for majority number of us without any reason. Therefore, you will take it for granted that your girlfriend will prefer iPad too. As a matter of fact, modern digital females have their own decisions – According to investigation from Meltwater Group, 59.6% of males want iPad, iPad 2 for Christmas gifts, but only 40.4 % of their counterparts do. Surprisingly, 64.43% females favor Nook Tablet more then iPad and iPad 2 indeed.

3. Most romantic gift for her – Engagement Ring

If you have ascertained that your girlfriend is the very person that you want to walk with throughout the rest life journey, engagement ring on Christmas Day will be one of the most unforgettable and romantic for her. And you should bear in mind that the engagement ring should be in conformity with her personality and inclination as well as her size perfectly.

By the way, if your girlfriend are eBooks followers, eBook Converter can be the best Christmas gift to enable her to enjoy all the digital files on the go at any place and at any place. And there is a surprising piece of news for you that iStonsoft promotion has provided a serial of eBook Converter on discount for your option during this Christmas season.