Dec 21

Classic New Year Movies: Excellent Movie Suitable for 2013 New Year Eve

2013 is coming. What will you do on new year eve? Maybe you have decided to go out for a drink with friends, or have a party to welcome new year following a 10-second countdown. But if you do not want to go out for a crazy new year eve, to stay at home alone or with families is also very great. But if you choose the latter way for your new year eve, you’d better have fun for yourself. Maybe a wonderful new year movie is a nice mate for your comfortable new year eve. This page will introduce you several movies which are suitable for new year. If you don’t know what movie should be got on the eve, why not take what we recommended into consideration?

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Dec 18

Funny New Year Quotes 2013

Although Mayans predicted that the whole world will end at the December 21st, 2012, things may not happen as that. Whether it is true or a joke, life happens, stuff comes up with sports, with student groups, with elements and other things. There is no doubt that the new year is coming following Santa’s sleigh. New year means new hopes, new plans, new starts, etc. Many people would like to reflect on 2012 and look forward to new year.

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Nov 30

Apple iTunes 11 Review: Be Available Now

After a long while waiting, iTunes 11 finally come to see us finally. It was considered that iTunes 11 would be released with iPhone 5 but the launch was then delayed because of “engineering difficulties”. Apple users cannot wait but downloading the newest version of iTunes to experience new features of it. This page will make a iTunes review for you. Let’s view the distinctive features of iTunes 11.

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Nov 09

How to Enjoy Thanksgiving Movies on iPad, Kindle Fire, Surface

The fourth Thursday in November is coming. What will you do on that specific day? If you have not made up your decision, then why not let your DVD Player, iPad or any other device works for you on Thanksgiving Day? There are many occasional movies are worth watching at this Thanksgiving season. Continue reading “How to Enjoy Thanksgiving Movies on iPad, Kindle Fire, Surface” »

Nov 01

Most Popular iPhone 5 Accessories

So happy that you’ve had the brand new iPhone 5? Don’t you want to make it cool than other’s? Yeah, I’m sure you cannot wait to get various accessories to arm your new Apple mobile device. Since iPhone 5 is larger than previous iPhones, you cannot get similar accessories as your previous phone. Fortunately, manufacturers are starting to offer iPhone 5 accessories to accommodate the taller, thinner iPhone 5. Here we share a number of iPhone 5 accessories which are popular among Apple fans. Most of these accessories are already shipping from Amazon or other retailers. Continue reading “Most Popular iPhone 5 Accessories” »

Oct 30

Is iPad Mini Worth Buying

apple's ipad miniiPad mini was released as no surprise. Except the slight deviation in size, all the possible configuration and price are almost exposed in advance. Now, this 7.9-inch mini iPad is available on from Apple since Oct 26th. This also comes with the question – is iPad mini worth buying? Once you are hesitant if should buy iPad mini, then you can first go through this post to check the respective reasons for buying and not buying. After that, you can then decide to purchase it or not by yourself. Continue reading “Is iPad Mini Worth Buying” »