Jun 18

Share your happiness after the Father’s day Celebrations

daddy and sonYesterday was Father’s Day. How did you celebrate this big day with your dad? I think you definitely had an unforgettable day with your father.

In honor of that special day, you definitely have taken a lot of photos in celebration of all he means or meant to you. Why not share your photos with others on the web to express your love between you and your dear daddy? Here are some tips you can follow: Continue reading “Share your happiness after the Father’s day Celebrations” »

Jun 12

Convert 2012 Euro Championship Recordings to iPad for Playing Back Freely

2012 UEFA Euro championship games has been going on for half a week now. You are eager to watch the games, but the time zones, work hours, and weekend plans tend to interfere with your ability to sit down and watch them. Why not record the UEFA Euro Championship games with TiVo DVR box and enjoy them at your leisure? Nice idea, isn’t it? We know iPad is a great portable video player. Just imagine of enjoying your favorite 2012 Euro football matches freely on iPad no matter where you are and whenever it is. Here in this guide, we will teach you how to transfer European Cup recordings from TiVo to iPad for playing back with ease.

euro cup

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Jun 11

Which is the Good Team to Bet on in European Cup 2012?

The European Cup 2012 will be a soccer feast for all fans this season. You may be hooked to the TV or PC since the opening of the tournament. Well, it’s better to know something additional while you are enjoying the live broadcast at home or on the go. Being high on chatting with your friends and sharing opinions about your favorite teams? Here let’s give an overview of the teams that play in this tournament. Which is the good team to bet on in European Cup 2012? Keep on seeing!

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May 25

Top 10 Games of 2012 – So Far

During the game year 2012, numerous sequels to well-reviewed predecessors will be released. Let’s continue to set foot on the journey and roll into the game world. Lock and Load! The opponents are in place, but it’s up to you, the players, to decide who will be the winner. Make sure your combat voice is heard and your glory credited in game history. Here are top 10 games from the first half of the year 2012, all are by far the best for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Go to Amazon.com and enter Video Games channel to find these bestselling video games of 2012 right now! Continue reading “Top 10 Games of 2012 – So Far” »

May 21

How to Watch Streaming Movies on Xbox

As a popular video game console at home competing with Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Wii, Microsoft’s Xbox also is a non PC device belonging to your home theater system. It provides 3-rd party media streaming applications such as Netflix, ESPN, Telus and Sky Go to allow you watch online videos on TV. According to data from online-video ad company Freewheel, Xbox 360 took 28.2 percent of all viewership, beating out iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod/iPod touch) and Android handhelds. The popularity of Xbox 360 makes it a compelling device in nowadays. Continue reading “How to Watch Streaming Movies on Xbox” »