Nov 17

Samsung Galaxy s5 vs iphone 6/iphone 6 plus

In today’s smartphone market, the operating system when consumers buy mobile phones has become an important factor with respect to the currently in the development stage of the Windows Phone system, Android and iOS can be said that two sub-world, occupying most of the smart phone market share. Especially with the past two years, the gradual rise of the Samsung Galaxy S series, these two flagship models Intelligent Platforms is often used to compare, this intense competition for the healthy development of the smart phone market has played a catalytic role.
Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 Reviews Compare
Samsung s5 description:

1. Hardware Configuration
Surprisingly, GALAXY S5 does not use speculation of 2K screen, but equipped with a 5.1 inches 1080P Super AMOLED screen material, 2.5GHz Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 16 / 32GB body storage, expandable up to 128GB storage space, 2800 mA battery, supports IP67 dust and water level. Judging from the parameters, only the big screen than S4 some other parameters and S4 flat. In addition, IP67 waterproof and dustproof grade is added for the first time the phone is Samsung GALAXY. The network standard, it supports full LTE network standard and 802.11ac WiFi standard.
2.UI and function
Including the conference’s notice exposure UI images imply GALAXY S5 will be equipped with flat UI interface, flat, circular icons are the key words of this UI, is still based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat system TouchWiz UI. S5 built-in fingerprint scanner, integrated on the Home button, then sliding down from the bottom of the screen to the Home button to scan fingerprints.
GALAXY S5 also has a super power-saving mode, the display can be set to black and white, private mode, child mode, a fast network to activate other functions.
3. The camera features
Samsung GALAXY S5 equipped with a 16 million pixel camera, support for fast focusing, 4K video recording, sensor larger than the S4, simultaneous HDR mode is also more effective. Its front camera 2 million pixels.
Iphone 6 /iphone description:

1. Shape
iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus difference in appearance is that the screen size, iPhone6 screen size of 4.7 inches, the screen resolution of 1334×750, the pixel density of 326ppi. And iPhone6 Plus the screen size to 5.5 inches, has reached the current level of large-screen Android smartphone, iPhone6 Plus screen with a resolution of 1920×1080, pixel density of 401ppi.
2. Camera
iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus are using a 800-megapixel camera, but the two are not the same as the phone’s specifications, compared iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus better performance, support OIS optical image stabilization technology that allows you to take pictures when a piece rate later, the picture is more clear.
3. Hardware / Processor

On the hardware core processors, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is equipped with a more powerful processing performance, 64-bit desktop-level architecture A8 processing chip. Meanwhile, as an enhanced gaming and video effects, performance, added two new iPhone M8 motion coprocessor. Learned from this conference, a new generation A8 processor and coprocessor than before M8 A7 chip is not a small improvement.
4. System
The conference, described the new system iOS 8, not too much. New content, ios 8 added a new health and fitness App, providing application software for Apple Smart Watch, content support.
5. Payment
In addition to the two new iPhone, support for Near Field Communication NFC technology and mobile payment function can be realized, but also the highlight of a conference on Daxin. Cook said at the press conference, adding the new iPhone mobile payment functionality will replace the iPhone users wallet.
Easy way to regain data from iphone6 /iphone 6 plus
Easy way to regain text messages from samsung galaxy s5

Dec 12

Printable Christmas Cards for Kids

For many people, Christmas Card means a lot. We can send best wishes to old friends, new friends, colleagues, families and more. This little card becomes the media to link the relationship between us and all people we concern. Of course, there are many things we need to concern when we send Christmas cards. The first thing is to choose a proper card for different people: cute for kid, romantic for lover, etc.  We know that a card with proper background sounds a lot. This page will focus on printable Christmas Cards for Kids.

holiday-photo-cards Continue reading “Printable Christmas Cards for Kids” »

Nov 21

Special Offer for Thanksgiving

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Jul 11

Ready to Watch London 2012 Olympic Games?

Are you excited about the coming of London 2012 Olympic Games? London’s games is a mere ten days and it will be kicked off on 27 July and last to 12 August 2012.

London has held two Olympic Games before, the 4th Olympic Games in 1908 and the 14th Olympic Games in 1948. And this time, the 30th Olympic Games consists of 21 sports, restoring the shooting, water polo, sailing, etc., projects. And it’s the first time that women’s boxing will be included in the Olympic programmer. What’s more, this London 2012 is also the first Paralympic Games for London. Continue reading “Ready to Watch London 2012 Olympic Games?” »

Mar 31

Top10 Potential Search Engines Released by Forbes

The internationally-known financial magazine Forbes has released a list of top 10 potential search engines in America recently. It says that those new-style search engine service providers will challenge to the magnate Google in different business scopes. The internet latecomers keep on sharpening their abilities in technology developments although the superiority of the Google is obvious. The total of fifty search engine venture firms in America amounted to $USD 330 millions in 2008, according to the MoneyTree report that published by NVDB (National Venture Capital Association) before.

As a matter of fact, those new search engines like, Powerset, Wolfram Alpha, etc. already have been known in public gradually. Now, let’s take a look at the top 10 potential search engines released by Forbes. (Note: they are listed by the initial letter)

1. Aardvark
Market Positioning: Social and daily life information search
Headquarter: San Francisco, California

2. Chacha
Market Positioning: Mobile phone internet search
Headquarter & Website: Carmel, Indiana

3. Cuil
Market Positioning: Data search

4. Gist
Market Positioning: Email inbox search
Headquarter: Seattle, Washington

5. Kosmix
Market Positioning: App search
Headquarter: Mountain View, California

Market Positioning: Visual search
Headquarter: San Mateo, California

7. Powerset
Market Positioning: Natural language search
Headquarter: San Francisco, California

8. Twitter
Market Positioning: Idea search
Headquarter: San Francisco, California

9. Wolfram Alpha
Market Positioning: Computational knowledge search
Headquarter: Champaign, Illinois

10. Zillow
Market Positioning: Real estate search
Headquarter: Seattle, Washington