Jun 13

Passbook Alternatives for Android Phone – Android Apps like Passbook

After seeing the coverage of WWDC, we are intrigued by the new iOS 6 app called Passbook, which is an all in one solution for movie tickets, event tickets, gift cards and memberships. I am been racking my brain for an Android app with the same functions in one application but am drawing a blank. So are there any Android apps like Passbook? The answer is definitely YES! Following are top 5 Passbook alternatives for Android smartphone. Continue reading “Passbook Alternatives for Android Phone – Android Apps like Passbook” »

Apr 27

Send to Kindle for Mac Makes Files Transfer Easier

Summary: Since Amazon launched “Send to Kindle” application for Windows users three months ago, the company was always providing service actively for Apple users. Well, there was an officially announcement from Amazon: Send to Kindle for Mac has been released! Mac users can send files from Mac to Kindle Fire wirelessly via Dock interface connection or built-in program.

send to kindle for mac has been released

This is a great personal file moving tool and its Windows version is also very popular among Windows users. To our joy, now, Mac version has been released already! Kindle Send to Kindle for Mac makes your files transfer easier! With the help of this tool, Mac users can feel free to upload files/documents to personal online storage space of Kindle.

Note: It’s known to all that Kindle Fire supports only a few video & audio formats. Due to this reason, if you want to transfer files or documents to Kindle Fire, but the format is Non-Kindle Fire format, then you can try this Kindle Fire Video Converter for Mac.

This desktop software claims not only to make it easier to send files, but also avoid the trouble of requiring mail client. Users can send documents directly to Kindle, besides once this app has been installed on your Mac, you can send files anytime, anywhere.

After installation, the user can upload local computer files to the Kindle storage space that Amazon offers.

The slogan of the software is “send once, anywhere access”. This means that a variety of Kindle device (the Kindle Fire, Kindle touch) users can access personal Kindle repository online and download files anytime, anywhere.
In addition, users can send documents to Kindle through printing from any Mac application.

As it was informed in the Windows version Send to Kindle application released in January this year, each Kindle has its own e-mail address, so users can send documents. However, this desktop software is designed to make the files sending easier, it’s no need for users to send files via email. Especially when you want to print a file as PDF document, and then send PDF document to Kindle. Furthermore, users do not have to send the file to the Kindle hardware, they can send them to the Kindle application on the Apple iPad tablet or Android phone, even other mobile devices.

Amazon revealed that later they will provide the Kindle library file for downloading, which means that everything will be stored in the cloud, you don’t need to save any files in your Kindle.

Amazon published a statement: ” Bookmarks, notes or highlights marked the last read a page from Kindle application from Kindle, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android can be automatically synchronization with the file (PDF, except).”

If users prefer not to allow some files to occupy the space of mobile devices, you can also use this Mac software to file in the Kindle library, and then choose another time to download, Amazon said.

Well, just download Send to Kindle for Mac right now and enjoy the convenience it brings!

Mar 30

Amazon Will Release 2-4 New Tablet PC in 2012

Until now, when we talking about the hero of tablets, perhaps you would unhesitatingly say its Apple iPad! Of course, it’s no doubt that iPad is the King! It’s absolutely the result of the first reaction. However, please don’t forget there is another competitor, called Kindle Fire.

At the end of the year 2011, Amazon Kindle Fire not only won everyone’s attention with its low price, perfect service and innovative UI, but also become the second product in the tablet market share. Well, knowledge torch is passing! it is inevitable thing to release new tablets again in future!

According to the news from Digitimes in Taiwan, Amazon will release 2-4 new Tablets PC in 2012, and the type of 10.1 inch is expected to be released in July this year. It is reported that: As to the 10.1 inch tablet, Amazon would recognize HansTouch as the new touch sensor supplier, instead, they would have  remove the name J Touch from the suppliers list.

The New 10.1 Inch Screen Tablet PC Price May Be $249-299

However, the sources speculated that due to the vendors concerned more about the price, it’s very likely to produce an 8.9 inch tablet pc for Amazon. Besides, Amazon will release a tablet pc with the size screen 7 inch, price $199 or so. In addition, it seems that Amazon is asking for sale price from all parties for another tablet with the size screen 7 inch, whose preliminary price is $ 169. To make things worse, manufactures are not willing to quote for the low-margin hardware products.

At present, with the lineup of Amazon Kindle Fire is gradually increasing, the shipments are likely to reach 20 million units, which is a fairly large proportion compared with 5-6 million units in 2011.

P.S. – If you are Kindle Fire users, you may have many videos with different formats and want to share them on your Kindle Fire device with your friends, in this case, you can Convert Video to Kindle Fire Free and have fun!

Nov 16

How to Convert AVI/WMV/FLV/YouTube Video to Kindle Fire for Free

Kindle is the most popular Ebook reader developed by online shopping giant –Amazon. When someone talks about e-reader, the first though came into mind was Kindle. As digital industry shifts it focus from pc to tablets, Amazon is also seeking opportunities to this area. Recently, Amazon released a Android Based tablet computer-Amazon Kindle, the potential competitor of iPad, but it is priced just a third of iPad, which is really attractive.

The most different from Kindle to Kindle Fire is that Kindle Fire can play videos. According to official specification, Kindle supports limited video formats, MP4 and VP8 only. So if you want to watch your favorite movies on Kind Fire but it is not format supported, what’s to do at this case?

iStonsoft Free Video Converter is an excellent Video Converter freeware for you to convert all popular video files from one format to another with great output quality and high conversion speed.

Guide: How to Convert Video to Kindle Fire

Step1: Install the program, launches it after installation.


Step2: Add your video to the program by clicking add button.

Step3: Choose MP4 as its output video format, click start to begin the conversion.