How to Choose The new iPad for Yourself

The new iPad has been released by Apple official yesterday and it will be launched on March 16th. It has two colors: White and Black. It is reported that the new iPad has similar appearance with iPad 2, but there are many new features, including the stunning Retina display, 5MP iSight camera and ultrafast 4G LTE network etc.

With the launch date is on the corner, how to choose the new iPad is the question that we need to discuss. Here we are going to list some skills about how to choose /purchase a right the new iPad for you.

Firstly, choose the proper storage space, 32GB or 64 GB?
So far as I know, the most important thing you should take into account is the amount of storage space that you need. It depends on what you plan to do with the new iPad. If you are going to save many files, eBooks or movies on your iPad, then you should choose a bigger space such as 32GB, while it is better for you to choose a smaller space if you don’t need so many files, pictures, or eBooks saved in your new iPad. All that depends on yourself.

Secondly, select a suitable version
There are two versions for the new iPad: WiFi version and WiFi+4G version. You can choose according to your network status. If you plan to use your iPad at home only, then the WiFi version is enough for you. However, if you want to experience the ultrafast network,  WiFi+4G version is a good choice for you.

Thirdly, choose your favorite color
There are two colors for the new iPad: White and Black. Please feel free to choose your favorite color.

Fourthly, choose an optimal price
There are various kinds of price according to the version and the storage, you can choose an optimal price that you can accepted from them, the following price is for your reference:

WiFi only 16GB = $499
WiFi only 32GB = $599
WiFi only 64GB = $699
WiFi and 4G 16GB =$629
WiFi and 4G 32GB = $729
WiFi and 3G 64GB = $829

Lastly, get a right the new iPad
Please kindly take the four main factors into consideration to make sure that you have purchased the right iPad for you, good luck!

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