Classic Christmas Movies for 2012

For many people, watching movies at home is a great enjoyment in the daily life, right? So in the Christmas month, why don’t you select several classic Christmas movies and watch them at home to experience the atmosphere of Christmas before it really coming? Not a bad idea, right? Maybe you have seen some similar films before, but you must have not found a list of movies are all about Christmas Day, right? Not only the most classic Christmas movies, but also includes the most popular movies for Christmas Day. Interested it? Now, let’s us to check the best Chrsitmas movie list together.

best movies for christmas day

Top 10 Classic Movies for 2012 Christmas Day

1. It’s a Wonderful Life – 1946
2. Miracle on 34th Street – 1947
3. Holiday Inn – 1942
4. A Christmas Carol – 1984
5. A Christmas without Snow 1980
6. Home Alone – 1990
7. A Christmas Visitor 2002
8. The Year without a Santa Claus – 1974
9. All I Want for Christmas – 1991
10. The Angel Doll – 2000

Popular Christmas Movies in the Latest Decades

1. The Christmas Cottage – 2008
2. The Christmas Card – 2007
3. Christmas with a Capital C – 2010
4. Mrs Miracle 2: Miracle in Mahattan – 2010
5. Mrs. Miracle – 2009
6. Naughty or Nice – 2012
7. Recipe for a Perfect Christmas – 2005
8. Road to Christmas – 2006
9. Santa Buddies – 2009
10. The Santa Suit – 2010

Where to Download Free Christmas Videos?

After viewing so many wonderful Christmas movie list, where to download them to your iPad, iPhone or other portable devices could be a headache which is frustrated by many users. Here, we could like to recommend you three top sites for downloading Christmas videos for free.

YouTube – The biggest online video sharing sites on the Internet. It enables users to upload, share and enjoy videos online easily and quickly. Of course, you can download YouTube videos to your local hard disk as you like with a simple tool – Video Converter Ultimate.

Isatellitelink – No matter what kinds of movies you are looking for, you can find it in this site easily. Download movies from it are also extremely easy. Just find the movie and click the link to get it.

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