Easy Way to Restore Deleted App on Your iPad

Have you ever met this case: Deleted an app on your iPad accidentally? How to deal with it if you still want it on your iPad? Take it easy, it’s easy to restore deleted app on your iPad. There is a quick and useful iPad tutorial on how to get your deleted app back on your iPad.

Firstly, Use the Purchased label in the iPad App Store

a. Launch the App Store application on your iPad.

b. Click on the Purchased button in the bottom navigation bar.

c. From the top of the screen, please click on “Not On This iPad”, subsequently, it will show you a list of all the apps that you’ve purchased, the free apps also included. These apps are not installed on your iPad at present.

d. Click on the download sign beside the app that you want to retrieve – the sign is next to the app name, a cloud with a download arrow in it.

Secondly, Check and reinstall the app in the iPad App Store

a. Launch the App Store app on your iPad.

b. At the top right, there is a search box, you can find out the app you need to reinstall. After that, the App Store will identify that you have purchased the app previously, instead, there will pop up a Price listing/Buy button beside the app name, meanwhile, you will see an Install button.

c. Click the Install button.

Thirdly, Sync the app with iTunes

With the iTunes sync, you can reinstall any lost or deleted apps once you have selected to sync all apps. If your iPad is in iOS 5 system, you can sync the apps via WiFi in addition to sync via a PC. You’d better use a PC connected with your iPad to sync an app when it is with the big size.

Hope the quick tutorial is useful for you to recover lost apps on your iPad.

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