Top 10 Recommended Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2012

Father’s Day is just a week away. Have you thought out what to do to honor the hero of your family? Send him the health care product, high-tech gift or just hang out with him? Your Dad will be very pleased if you pay particular attention to that day. If you haven’t prepared the gift or have no idea what to prepare, here, we list top 10 Father’s Day gift ideas to make your dear Dad feel even prouder of being your father.

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1. Create Father’s Day Poems

If you like creative writing, you can write a Father’s Day poem for Dad. Integrate your emotions on this poem and get it framed. It will be a special and memorable gift for Father’s Day.

2. Homemade Father’s Day Greeting Cards

Tell your father in words how important he means for you. No matter you choose to make printable cards or e-cards, just reflect your real feeling for that greatest man in your life.

3. Make Father’s Day Photo collage

Use Photo Collage Maker to create photo collage with the photos of you and your dad doing fun things together. Share it with your family and friends to let them know you have a great father.

4. Watch a movie with your Dad

Choose a movie to watch with your dear Papa. Never worry about the format compatibility since there is Video Converter Ultimate can help you out. We got some of the best movies referring to the theme of father: Father and Son, Father of the Bride and The Godfather.

5. Give Dad a big hug

No need any materials for this gift. Just say “Happy Father’s Day” to your Dad on Father’s Day morning, give him a big smash hug and tell him how great he is! It will become a memorable morning in his heart forever.

6. Sing father’s day songs

Singing a Father’s Day song to his Dad and show your love and gratitude in the Lyrics and melodies. Refer to the article about Father’s Day songs to select a song that suitable for you and your father.

7. Make your Own Father’s Day DVD slideshow

It is the most gorgeous and significant gift among the 10 ideas. Making a Father’s Day DVD slideshow with DVD Slideshow Builder and give it to your Dad, and he can watch back on it whenever he wants and remember how much you love him.

8. Send Father’s Day messages

If you feel embarrassed to speak out “I love you Dad”, then sending a Father’s Day message is a good choice. Edit your deepest thoughts and love into the message, and we are sure you father will be smiling inside even though he says nothing.

9. Give dad a Father’s Day promise

Give your father a promise that day, such as “I promise to clean the house this weekend…wash the car tomorrow.” Of course, you can’t promise some impossible things like never grab the TV remote or get full mark in every exam from now on…

10. Take father to dinner

How long has it been since you last had dinner with your Dad? Anyway, taking him to dinner on Father’s Day, or making a dinner for him by your own. It is also a rare opportunity to talk to your father, for any topics, showing how you care about him.

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