Father’s Day Messages – Tell Your Dad How Much You Love and Respect Him

fathers day shirt cardPaternal love is the deepest love in the world. If you feel embarrassed or have no opportunities to say a few soulful words to your father at ordinary times, then, you need to make it up on Father’s Day. Sending your Father’s Day messages to your dear Dad and let him know how much you love and care for him. Say sorry for all the troubles you gave him as a kid or just go ahead and say I love you Dad. The following are the 10 Father’s Day messages we elaborate for your choice. We believe there is always a right for you.

writeYou help me through the tough times
You have been there when I needed you
Father’s Day is a time to remember all the good things that you do for me
I want to say I am glad you are my Dad.

writeI owe all of my skills of fatherhood to you, my dear Dad
I didn’t realize that being a father would be so difficult
Now that I am a father, I can see what a good job you did in raising us
I didn’t see what a good father you were to us before, but I do now.

writeOn this special day, I want to say I’m proud of you
Appreciate all you have done for me.
Over the years we have had our differences, but,
I always love you!

writeYou have been father, friend, adviser, all of these and more
Word can’t tell how much you mean to me
I wish you happy on this special day!

writeThanks for holding my hand when I needed it
I hope you know how proud I am of you
Happy Father’s Day to an extraordinary father, happy forever!

writeDad, is you who let me have broader sky
Is you who give me infinite spiritual power
Is you who make me see higher and further
Dad, I love you so much!

writeYou are the tower in the sea guiding me home
You are the mountain holding up a piece of sky
You are the cotton warming both the body and heart
Although you are always saying nothing
Silent love will be with me forever.

writeYou are the eagle and I am a bird
You are the big tree and I am grass
You are my Dad and I am your naughty son
Wish you a happy Father’s Day!

writeI wish I could tell you Daddy
That how much you mean to me
You have been a great hero in my life with the greatest strength
I have no words to say about how much I thank you for everything you have done
But I want to tell you: I love you so much Daddy!

writeHi Dad, you are the best even though I never speak it out
I don’t think I can find anyone else who is as caring, thoughtful, hardworking as you
I really love you
Happy Father’s Day, my dear Dad!

Send your favorite messages to your Dad by mobile text message. Or make a DVD and video photo albums for Father’s Day with these messages. All the ways are great!

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