The Way to Format ePub for Kindle Reading

Got a new Kindle device? Want to put your ePub ebook collections on this newly got Kindle for leisure time reading? As we know, Amazon Kindle series devices are the most notable portable devices which are not compatible with ePub format files. So, once you want to import and read ePub files on a Kindle device, then it would be necessary to format ePub books to a format that Kindle can recognize.

To format ePub for Kindle reading, you can try to make use of ePub to MOBI Converter. This software works well in converting ePub files to Kindle friendly MOBI format. Besides, you are also able to convert ePub to PDF or text format for leisure reading on Kindle with the help of this tool. The following is how to use this software to format ePub for Kindle reading. Keep on reading to learn the details for yourself now!

Quick Start of How to Format ePub Books for Kindle

To get started, please first download and install the software offered below on your Windows computer. And then you can refer to the coming up detail instructions to format ePub for Kindle reading at leisure.

Free Download ePub to MOBI Converter

Step 1: Launch the program, and click the “Add File” option from the right side of the interface to load the ePub books you want to read on Kindle.
create mobi ebooks from epub

Step 2: Turn to the left part of the interface to choose “To eBook” option listed under the “Output Format” section. And then select “Mobi” from the lower “File Type” section.

Step 3: Move to the lower portion of the software interface to set the Output Directory as you want. And you can then start conversion by clicking the “Convert Now!” button.

Well, in just a few seconds, the program will finish the conversion for you. After that, you will be able to put the output MOBI files on your Kindle freely without any restriction. So, what are you still waiting for? Just follow the above steps to format ePub to MOBI for leisure reading on Kindle right now!

Free Download ePub to MOBI Converter to Try It Now!

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