How to Format PDF for iPad Reading

As we know, iPad is now a very popular portable device for entertainment. With it, users can play games, watch movies, listen to music and more. Besides, iPad is also able to handle PDF with ease. But, unlike ePub format files, PDF sometimes looks rather crappy on this pop device. As a matter of fact, the crappy display of PDF files on iPad is mainly caused by the improper page dimension. So, in this case, it is undoubtedly a necessity to figure out how to format PDF for iPad so as to enhance the reading experience.

In this post, we’re talking about this issue. If you once have interest in how to format PDF files to have better reading on iPad, then just read on to check the details now!

The Way to Format PDF Files for iPad

First of all, knowing the iPad display dimension is rightly necessary for formatting PDF for better display on iPad. Except the retina display HD iPad has 2048×1536-pixel dimensions, other models of iPad have 1024×768 pixels dimensions. This means, PDF images should be close to the corresponding dimension if you want to enjoy better reading on iPad. Otherwise, PDF files will be blurry.

Second, to format PDF for iPad, you should also take page dimensions into consideration. That’s to say, the height and width of the PDF pages should also be close to fit on the display. The PDF files would be rather difficult to fit on the display if the pages are extremely wide and tall. Only the proper PDF page dimension could work out perfectly. Of course, you should also ensure that the PDF text is clear enough for the display when the page dimensions are right.

In sum, you should take the iPad resolution and PDF page dimensions into account if you once want to format PDF for iPad reading.

Of course, it is not an easy thing to format PDF for perfectly displaying on iPad. So, you can try to read PDF files on iPad perfectly by trying other ways. For example, you can switch PDF to ePub format files to let them fit to iPad display automatically. To turn PDF files into ePub for better display on iPad, you can try iStonsoft PDF to ePub Converter. This is a specially developed program which is able to convert PDF files to ePub format in an ultra easy and effective way. Below are the simple instruction to do the conversion.

Step 1: Click the Add File or Add Folder button to select and import your target PDF files.

Step 2 (Optional): Go to the lower section of the program to customize the output destination as need.

best way to convert pdf to epub

Step 3: Click the Start button at the lower right corner of the main interface to start PDF to ePub conversion.

Ok. After the conversion, you can put the output ePub files on your iPad to check the formatted files with perfect display. Voila! Just several clicks, you will have no longer to worry about whether the PDF files are in proper size, width, or length. You can feel easy to read the detail content rightly with well display. Try it for yourself now!

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